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Sedona vs. Odyssey

ajweeksajweeks Posts: 5
edited March 2014 in Kia
I'm currently shopping for a minivan, but I really can't afford what I want--the safety AND the power doors. With that said, maybe power doors aren't a necessity, my 5 year old might be too excited about them anyway. I don't know if they would cause more problems than they're worth.

I need to stay around $20K for the purchase price unless there are some great interest rate deals. I have good credit so qualifying isn't a problem. There is a Honda dealer with an 05 Odyssey LX with 25K miles that might work or there is a 07 Kia Sedona LX with 18-20K miles on it that is currently listed on the dealers website for just under $20K. The salesperson at the Kia dealership is very nice and said that I could take a car for the day to see what I thought.

I'm wondering what is the best option. Are the Sedonas really comparable to the Odyssey--reliability and real world gas mileage? Should I wait for more rebates hoping to afford an LX with the power package, but those might get harder to find. Ugh, I'm undecided on which dealership I should check out first this afternoon.


  • 11b33t11b33t Posts: 51
    Kinda hard to ask folks unbiased opinion on which vehicle they think is best. Naturally, most folks would say their vehicle (Sedona, Sienna, Odyssey) is best cause to admit another car is better would have them doubt themselves about did they get the best deal, safest car yada-yada.

    You need to decide what you can afford and how long you plan to own the car. Will you faithfully keep up with the scheduled maintenance, check your fluids, tires and pressure, filters, wiper blades monthly? Or are you a 'just fill'er with gas' and never check type driver who expects the car to maintain itself but cries when it breaks-down and lambasts the manufacturer for their shoddy product?

    Some folks like a new car every 4-6 years and that's where the re-sale is a big factor. Myself, last new car I bought was a Mazda in 1992 and it's still running great. Also own a used 93 Dakota & used 97 Jeep which are running fine and all three are paid off so I've got no real 'brand' that I absolutley will only buy.

    Just got the wife a new 07 fully loaded Sedona EX (She was due for a newer vehicle) that we plan on keeping forever as well.

    Test drove the Sienna, Odyssey, and Sedona and for all around pricing truly believe the Sedona gives her the level of safety, comfort/luxury and warranties that's hard to beat. Good luck and let us know what you decide...
  • spike99spike99 Posts: 239
    Based on what little I know (and lots of research before buying my new mini-van), I would suggest:
    - Toyota Sienna is rated overall best. But, very expensive.
    - Honda Odyssey is rated 2nd best and many are disappointed in its MPG. Many say this vehicle is over priced - especially for its disappointing MPG. If wondering, my neighbour has a new Honda Odyssey and quickly discovered his previous Dodge van got much better MPGs.
    - Kia Sedona is near the top of the list - for best price for most common options. This was my number 1 vehicle to pick but its purchase price was too rich for my single income family (family of 5).

    If wondering, my local Kia dealer wouldn't budge under $26K (before tax price). Ended up getting a different mini-van brand - for $18K with taxes (which was $22K "out the door"). After several math calculations, I still couldn't bring myself in paying $26K + taxes Canadian for the KIA van I initially wanted. Also... My family has always used the "vehicle throw away" style. re: We drive, drive and drive and don't care if we're sitting on a GM, Dodge, Ford or Kia. It's gotta get us from point A to Point B - without breaking down. When it breaks down too much and costs us too much, we simply "throw it away" (aka: Trade it in for another vehicle). Thus, we couldn't justify paying more then $22K "out the door" for a brand new van. Money we saved (by shopping around different brands) will help pay for one of our kids to attend future university. Perhaps you're in the same "cost savings" situation as well???

    Hope these other considerations help in your selection process as well....

  • Shop around for deals if used is what you want. My brother picked up a dealer exec. 08 LX never titled with just over 8,000 miles for $13,800.00 You should be able to get a great deal on a slightly used 08.
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