Pontiac Torrent Maintenance and Repair

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Have any issues with your Torrent? Please tell other owners about your experiences in here.


  • gljvdgljvd Member Posts: 129
    So I got my torrent last week and today driving to work a car kicked up some rocks off the highway and now i have 3 nicks in my windshield right in my line of sight. Does anyone know if this is covered under the warrenty ? I don't want to spend a few hundred to replace it but i'm really upset that after only having the car for a week i have to deal with this
  • jacksericjackseric Member Posts: 33
    Good luck getting factory warranty to cover that. I believe that would be considered a result of use.

    Most insurance companies have a pretty good deal on glass replacement... my State Farm deductible is only $100 for complete replacement. It's zero out of pocket if they can just fix it, but most glass shops won't fix anything in your direct line of sight.
  • gljvdgljvd Member Posts: 129
    sigh , today in the paper i read that the dealership i bought my car from is closing at the end of the month

    So far my first pontiac experiance is no pleasurable . They are refering us to some where that is over a 25 minute drive (towards nyc off rt4 which leads directly to the gwb ) where as the old place was one town over from me .

    I'm very upset with the dealer as i only bought the car 1 week ago and they are only giving us 2 weeks notice .
  • jacksericjackseric Member Posts: 33
    If it's an issue of getting service... you can take it to any GM dealer for service. They will all have relatively the same access to factory parts/manuals.

    I hope that helps...
  • gljvdgljvd Member Posts: 129
    its really about distance. I choose the dealer because it was close to me. Now my only options are far away. If I had known about the closing i would have purchased another car from one of the many dealers within 5 minutes of my house
  • ldoneyneelldoneyneel Member Posts: 9
    Hi everyone!

    I have another question -- when the FUEL LOW light comes on, has anyone figured out roughly how many more miles you can get out of your car? My Torrent does let me see how many more miles I can get out of the gas that I have left, but it IS an estimate. I of course try to fill up before that light comes on, but if it every DOES come on, I'm curious to know if I will indeed be safe for the next, oh say 20 miles, or so.

    Thanks!!!! :)
  • rysterryster Member Posts: 571
    While most GM dealers may be able to service the vehicle (oil changes, tire rotations, fluid flushes, etc.) only a Pontiac dealer will be able to perform warranty related repairs.

    Several years ago I had a Chevy Camaro and wanted to take it to local Pontiac dealer for warranty repair (they were big into racing Firebirds and knew the F-body cars inside and out). They said they could only do warranty work/claims on Pontiac branded vehicles but would do the work I needed done at my expense if I wanted to take the car there.

    Chrysler, however, will let you take any brand Chrysler product to any dealer for warranty work. I used to take my Dodge to a Chrysler/Jeep dealer because the Chrysler/Jeep service was fabulous (the Dodge dealer not-so-good).
  • cnichols138cnichols138 Member Posts: 19
    Any GM Brand can be serviced at any authorized GM repair center. Meaning if you take your pontiac to a chevy dealer they will repair all warranty work. I know of only one issue, IE chevy only stocks chevy parts so....they may have to order in some parts...although these days most are universal. Warranty work is warranty work and they all get paid to do it. Unless something has changed. I think what you will find is that other dealers do not want to do the work because they dont make as much on it and therfore they tell you they can't.
  • jacksericjackseric Member Posts: 33
    Yes, that is correct. I didn't want to start an 'internet war' with someone over the issue; but I have actually had all my previous Pontiac's warranty work done at a Chevy dealer that has a better rated service department than the Pontiac dealer where I bought my car.

    They explained to me that most dealerships just don't like to do any more warranty work than they have to. The reason being, is that while corporate pays for the parts... they make the dealership eat the labor cost. So many dealerships will come up with excuses not to do any more than they have to.
  • whaas1whaas1 Member Posts: 11
    All GM dealers are reimbursed the same way. They get parts AND labor reimbursed.
  • dannyd3dannyd3 Member Posts: 56
    Hi everyone,

    I am from Toronto, Ontario I have had my 06 torrent sport for almost a year. These are the issues I have encountered. daytime running light module replaced 10000kms, Rear spoiler on trunk expands in the heat and hits when opening trunk, and the one that bothers me the most the temp gauge flucuates from just over the quarter mark to half point, anybody experiencing these probs please tell me especiallty the temp guage that scares me the most. I currently have 19000kms
  • ajg93ajg93 Member Posts: 29
    I don't see your temp guage as an issue. If you are doing city driving, the temp of your car will increase as it will get hotter with no chance to cool down. While I don't do a lot of city driving in stop and go traffic, I have had other cars where the temp guage would rise when I drove in traffic. Seemed normal to me and I wasn't concerned.

    No issues with the rear spoiler but I will keep an eye on it. No squeek on the brakes yet. Had it at the dealer today to have them look at the remote key entry and tire pressure monitor system. Both were giving me problems. There is a bulletin out there to replace the modules so that is what they did. We'll see.
  • dannyd3dannyd3 Member Posts: 56
    Thanks for the info, this is my first domestic vehicle on all of my imports I have driven the gauge never budged even in city and bumper to bumper. The other morning I drove about 45 mins. out of the city and when I got to my locations parked for 1 or 2 mins and it moved??

    The dealer said normal but if it fluctuated to much they would address it, if it bothers more I will have them run some tests. I dont have tire pressure monitor they came out with that for 07, my keyless entry has been flawless. Keep passing on the news
  • besharp58besharp58 Member Posts: 5
    I leased a Pontiac Torrent last week (Ontario, Canada) and when I went to pick it up they told me that GM had stopped delivery on the Torrent and Equinox with no explanation from GM. :cry: The sales manager told me they should have an explanation today (1 week later than I was supposed to pick it up). I don't distrust the dealership, they are great people -- but I called GM Canada for an answer and the girl was great and very helpful and looked into it and apparently all Torrent and Equinox made between Apr 22 and May 27? had a stop delivery on them. Anyone know what is going on??????? :confuse:
  • dannyd3dannyd3 Member Posts: 56
    I will ask my dealer if they know whats going on, and if I get a response I will let you know. Where in Ontario??? I purchased mine in Woodbridge, Ontario just north of Toronto..
  • ajg93ajg93 Member Posts: 29
    Any news on this yet? I purchased mine April 18th on a factory order placed in February. The dealership is in Mississauga. I am curious as to why something would be on hold and what this applies to.

    Took mine in last week for issues with the Tire Pressure Monitoring system and Keyless entry. They replaced transmitters but the range on the RKE is still non-existant. You practically need to be standing beside the car for it to unlock. Taking it back next week.
  • besharp58besharp58 Member Posts: 5
    Well, I finally got some information. Apparently any torrent or equinox built from April 20-May 25 is not being delivered and is being sent back but the dealer still doesn't know why. :confuse: Anyway, they are getting me a torrent that was built before or after that and I pick it up on Monday YIPPEE!! :) Must be a heck of a recall coming. The dealership's secretary had hers taken away and sent back also :lemon:
  • ajg93ajg93 Member Posts: 29
    Mine was built on March 07 as it says on the door. I factory ordered it in February. I am really curious as to what this is about.
  • dannyd3dannyd3 Member Posts: 56
    Nothing yet I will ask next week
  • ajg93ajg93 Member Posts: 29
    Got some news on this. From what I have been told, there is an issue with the windshield. Apparently they are not holding properly. That's all I know - an update is suppose to be coming down this week.

    I am sure the dealers know and are not telling you.
  • besharp58besharp58 Member Posts: 5
    I guess that would pose a problem :P
  • dannyd3dannyd3 Member Posts: 56
    I asked my guy today and he had no clue but he was going to look into it for me. A buddy of mine got his in May??? I spoke to him today and his dealer didn't know anything either.

    Keep in touch
  • besharp58besharp58 Member Posts: 5
    Well, I picked up my Torrent yesterday -built in March 07, and they had 6 Torrents in the back lot (including the secretary's and a saleman) to be picked up by GM. He did confirm about the windshield in a round-about sort of way. When I mentioned it he said "that is what we hear, yes". They had never heard of a stop delivery like this before either. So all is great on my end. I LOVE THE TORRENT!! :)
  • ajg93ajg93 Member Posts: 29
    What possibly could have changed on the assembly line to cause this problem with the windshield?? It seems odd.
  • dannyd3dannyd3 Member Posts: 56
    Good to hear that you got a safe one, that's all that is important..
  • dannyd3dannyd3 Member Posts: 56
    curse those long weekend, assembly lines should be shut down on Mondays and Fridays. hehe
  • ajg93ajg93 Member Posts: 29
    Can someone help me out with two things:

    1) Anyone with 17" rims - can you tell me what the sticker on the side of the driver's side door says with respect to tire pressure? Mine states 30PSI

    2)Can anyone tell me what kind of range they get with the remote keyless entry (without the remote start feature).

  • dannyd3dannyd3 Member Posts: 56

    1) I have 235 60 R17 PSi on the door says 35psi they are Brigestones if that matters.
    2) The range is okay, I dont have the starter just the keyless entry. It is not the best range I have had in the past.

    hope this helps
  • stuckinohiostuckinohio Member Posts: 26
    and it went well. I love the ease of servicing this thing. I pulled it into the driveway on a slight incline, and put a couple lengths of 2x6's down to pull the front wheels up on to give me an added inch or two underneath it. Oil pan is close enough to not have to get all the way under, and the filter is right up front and easily accessible (compared to my 01 GAGT which is tucked up to the engine at an angle and behind plastic panels). Love the fact that the filter isn't mounted directly to the side of the block either.

    Less then a half hour later and the break in oil was removed and replaced with 5 quarts (yes, techincally you only need 4.6 quarts, same as my GAGT but I always put 5 in) of Mobil 1 5w-30.

    Break in oil was black at 2500 miles, and there was a bit of metal bits in it, nothing unusual for a brand new engine. Nothing large, just some very tiny metallic specks. Shouldn't be many in the next change.

    Cost- 19 bucks for the synthetic oil and 3.50 for the AC Delco filter from Autozone.
  • dannyd3dannyd3 Member Posts: 56
    Do you notice a big difference with synthetic, any increase in performance. better fuel mileage that kind of stuff???
  • stuckinohiostuckinohio Member Posts: 26
    Although I'm sure it won't hurt mileage and performance, it's not the ultimate goal I have in putting in synthetic. It's simply a superior lubricant that's ultimately better for the engine.

    I started using synthetic in my 01 Grand Am GT after noticing that the dino oil was leaving a nasty sludge inside. It's just a dirty substance by nature. Since I do my own changes in all but the cold Ohio weather, I figure I'm breaking even anyway by not letting a shop charge me 22.95 for an oil change and getting something that's dirty (aka Pennzoil was the offender that really got me thinking). Since using the synthetic in the GAGT, the inside is significantly cleaner, it's much better lubricated on cold days, and the engine is a touch quieter with less valve train noise.

    Then I started using it on our 02 Formula with the LS1. Figured I had good results with it on my 01, and that GM puts Mobile 1 in the Corvettes from the factory, so why shouldn't the 300+ hp beast get the better treatment too. So while it was still low in mileage, around 10,000 miles, I made the swap over.

    And with the Torrent, I might as well keep the trend up, if for nothing else the ease of having one type of oil in the garage for all the cars, synthetic 5w-30 all around.

    I firmly believe it's a better lubricant, it's a cleaner product, it lasts longer between changes, and there probably are some very *small* gains in performance and mileage (but I haven't ever averaged it anyway, since I'm a leadfoot and get crappy mileage in the fun cars). I go to Walmart and buy the 5 quart jugs they sell there for 19 bucks. Don't bother buying it by the quart because it's much more expensive. A quart costs 5.86 at Walmart, and if you need 5 of those, you're looking at close to 30 bucks before tax.

    I also run K&N filters in all my cars, down to my '88 Astro. I do notice gains, especially on the GAGT with a 5 inch round cone filter replacing the stock airbox. Sounds aggressive too.
  • dannyd3dannyd3 Member Posts: 56
    Thanks for the info,

    I guess now is the time to switch I only have 20k on it. I am going to think about the K$N filter to.

    Once again thanks
  • mazdafreakmazdafreak Member Posts: 27
    Well said...excatly my line of thinking. ;)

    It's been a while since my last post, actually i was in the Mazda Millenia forum before... Got the Torrent '06 in Sept.06, sold the Millenia in Nov.
    Anyway, so far so good. A few minor issues...
    I am however watching the brakes on that puppy, hummm not so sure about their longevity.
    GM HAS REPUTATION for using sub-standard discs so...
    We'll keep an eye opened :shades:
  • dannyd3dannyd3 Member Posts: 56
    I was feeling warping and I have had to get them machined already 20000kms, but its a wearable item maybe when they cant be machined anymore I will look into after market discs
  • mazdafreakmazdafreak Member Posts: 27
    I was feeling a very light vibration but only when above 80-90km/h. Anyway the car just turned 10,000km!!! and that is frustrating. Took it to the dealer, the tech. took it for a spin... felt nothing, calls me on the phone... i insist... the mechanic also took it out to test...he also felt nothing. tech calls me again and tells me there's nothing.
    I leave work, go the dealer, take the mechanic out for a drive again, only this time i'm driving!!! Oooops at 80-90km/h apply brakes there's the vibration again. took it back inside, for about an hour, they adjusted the rear(cleaning etc..) and lightly machined the front rotors
    to remove some rust.(beware if you do a lot of short drives
    7-12kms, it could also happen to you, humidity will damage your brakes due insufficiant heat to dry off any humidity.)
    Same rule applies to the exhaust system.
    I've looked into aftermarkets (already) and found the following http://www.powerslot.com/ which appears to be excellent unfortunately don't have for our Torrents , for now anyways.
    Cheers :shades:
  • mazdafreakmazdafreak Member Posts: 27
    quote:"I also run K&N filters in all my cars, down to my '88 Astro. I do notice gains, especially on the GAGT with a 5 inch round cone filter replacing the stock airbox. Sounds aggressive too."

    Did you or anyone notice that there's a second filter up in the air box cover? ( did you remove it or left it there?)
    let us know !
    Cheers :shades:
  • tmrincotmrinco Member Posts: 2
    Sometimes between 0 and 10 miles an hour I get a clicking/clanging noise coming from the rear of my 2007. Any ideas on what it might be. Do have the dealership look at it and they said it was just the way the brake pads are designed and it all looked good to them.
  • big_prizebig_prize Member Posts: 50
    I agree with the superior lubicating qualities of sunthetic. I've used Mobil 1 in my last four vehicles (including our 06 Torrent) and a couple of family members' vehicles. None of those has had any bit of engine trouble. Even some older cars with >150K miles are running strong, with no oil burning at all. I usually change it every 3-5K miles, but it's nice to know that if you can't get to it, it'll last a little longer, too.

    For the price of taking your vehicle in for a quick oil change, you can do-it-yourself and get synthetic.
  • ajg93ajg93 Member Posts: 29

    Anyone else receive the RECALL notice about the ESC not lighting up even when it's disabled? I received mine earlier this week.
  • bhwjcbhwjc Member Posts: 7
    So, I have 30,000 miles on my 2006 Torrent. For the first eight months, I put 76 regular unleaded in it no problems. I moved and there's no 76 station, so I've been putting Chevron regular unleaded in it. Now it pings sometimes unless I put Chevron plus in it. Anyone else have this problem?
  • 07torrent07torrent Member Posts: 2
    Anyone else have multiple problems with TPMS? Several incorrect readings, and now system will not reset....taking to dealer next week. Seems cold weather triggers incorrect readings and warnings on DIC.
  • vlachtorrentvlachtorrent Member Posts: 1
    When I accelerate my 2006 AWD Torrent in slick/snowy/icy conditions there is a grinding noise coming from the powertrain...likely due to the engagement of the AWD. Dealer indicates that this is part of "normal" operation. Anyone notice this grinding noise? I don't buy that this is normal.
  • bhwjcbhwjc Member Posts: 7
    Ya, I was just driving in some snow the other day and wanted to see if it really worked or not and mine did the same noise. I kind of thought it sounded like a screw head being stripped out when you try to drive it with a drill.

    Haven't called my dealer yet, but assumed (at this point) that it was the AWD system engaging and trying to limit the power to specific wheels in the back.

    I also noticed that the tires that came from the factory are TERRIBLE in the rain & snow. I hydroplaned really badly the other day just with a little water on the road. Those tires are outta here.
  • vette4vette4 Member Posts: 1
    Hi my wife and I have a 2006 torrent we have the same sound it is not the breaks it is a gear in the rear end they had to rebuild the center of the rear end it was under warranty it drove me crazy.
  • erin0525erin0525 Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem, I took my 06 to the dealer and had the mechanic ride with me and he said it wasn;t normal. So I take it back and let them keep it for a couple of days and all they could come up with was that my front tires were wore more than the back (ecause I hadn't rotated the in 20,000 miles) and this was causing a gear ratio difference????????? So I rotated them and am going to drive it until they wear and see if it still does it. Sounds kinda fishy to me, but time will tell...
    Joe :cry:
  • lorrainelablorrainelab Member Posts: 1
    I have approximately 28000 on my 2006 Pontiac Torrent AWD purchased new in May 06. In last 6 months , I have had various problems. 1/11/08-left front hub removed and replaced since was loose. 1/2/08-left front bearing replaced. 9/26/07-removed and replaced right front hub .8/7/07-replaced ignition cylinder & housing. 7/3/07-replaced left front hub and replaced ignition cylinder. Dealer said on last visit that there was no larger underlying problem and advised me to avoid potholes and rough roads. ???? I drive primarily on blacktop and have never been "offroad".
    Steering is unresponsive. Gas mileage is far below window sticker. Would trade in but I did a smartbuy and am buried. Worried about what will happen in next two years of my smart buy term. Anyone else have similar issues?
  • lawsonklawsonk Member Posts: 4
    anymore on the recall?
  • ellengelleng Member Posts: 33
    Friday morning the check engine light came on in my 2007 Torrent. I contacted onstar and had them run a diagnostic on the vehicle and they said they saw two sensors that registered failures one was from the transmission sensor, the other from the power train sensor. The light stayed on for the rest of the day however on Saturday after the car had sat all night the light did not come back on. I took it into the dealership today and they said that if the light went off I didn't have a problem. They are dealing with an open recall since I brought the vehicle in but should I have had them pull the codes anyway? They said it would have been 125.00 if they found out it was something like a gas cap code (yes the cap was on tight)


  • indrgbindrgb Member Posts: 115
    Yes, you did the right thing by taking it in. I would find another dealer that has better customer service.
  • ellengelleng Member Posts: 33
    Do you think I should still have a dealer pull the codes from the engine? Even though the check engine light did go off?
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