Pontiac Torrent Real World MPG

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Please report on your Torrent MPG in here. Include any info that may help other Torrent owners compare their mileage to yours - year, 2WD or 4WD, city/highway, etc. Thanks!


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    I'm very curious what Torrent Owners are getting for mpg. I have an opportunity to move up to a T demo unit that is loaded but the mileage (its an AWD) is EPA rated 19/25 which I heard were optomistic. We have been sort of spoiled by our FWD VUE (w/Honda V6) which consistntly returns 20-22 on my work commute and we've seen legitimate 28-29mpg cruising 65-75 mph on vacation.
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    For our 06 FWD Torrent we usually get around 22 MPG in mixed city/hwy driving.

    Best: 27 MPG, all hwy, 65-70 mph, no a/c

    Worst: 20 MPG, mixed, 1st tank of gas when brand new.

    Latest: 23.5 MPG, 90% hwy, some a/c, 100s of lbs of cargo stuff, 70-75 MPH.
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    MPG today:

    2006 FWD
    285 miles, ~90% hwy, 60-70 mph avg.
    3 people
    a/c on

    25 MPG

    Probably would make 26 if 100% hwy...maybe 27 if a/c were off.
  • dannyd3dannyd3 Member Posts: 56
    Hi I have a:

    2006 FWD Sport
    best ever fuel consumption to date 11.5litres per 100kms
    19000kms approx
    mix city / highway
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    We're averaging 22-24 a tank. Gotten noticeably better then when it was at only 200 miles. It was only getting 16-17 then. Feels like it's freed up some. Quicker too.
  • jmac9jmac9 Member Posts: 4
    i have 40000 km on mine and i am getting 25-28 mpg and that is all highway mile. but it is a fwd 2006 sport model
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    The sticker is rated at 19 city, 26 highway, but I have never seen over 21mpg and rarely get 19mpg.. I had to drive about 65 mph only highway driving very carefully pressing on the gas to get that 21mpg. Only was able to pull it off once.

    My daily commute I fill up every other day is a mixture of 70% highway, 30% city. Checking the total gallons against the miles (rather than use the read out) I am getting 17 - 18mpg, rarely 19mpg.

    Watching the read out with only city driving is bad, around 14-16mpg. When I stop at idle I watch the read out take a nose dive. Not sure how accurate that read out is though. (I always compare the gallons to mileage anyway)

    The mileage is very disappointing being that I thought it would be within sticker range. My other Pontiacs always matched the sticker EPA and expected the same from the Torrent. Makes me wonder if it was a mistake not to buy the RAV4 which was rated slightly better MPG and may have met the sticker mileage.
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    Either you're incredibly obese or you're accelerating too hard to the speed limit.

    We're doing fine, even with me driving, and I'm a heavy foot. Still showing 24+ on a consistent basis.
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    Either you're incredibly obese or you're accelerating too hard to the speed limit.

    Of course it couldn't possibly be any other factor since you are doing fine. Is remedial logic in order? :P

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    I have a 2006 FWD and the best consumption I have gotten was 11.5litres per 100kms my average is 12.5litres per 100kms. I think the 2007 get better mileage I dont know if is because of the larger gas tank 75litre vs. 63litre??? My inlaws have a 2007 FWD and it just seems that way. Stupid comment about the obesity.
  • mrockmrock Member Posts: 5
    Those that are getting better MPG then I are likely FWD. Since I am going and beyond in pressing the accelaration every so lightly.
  • bhwjcbhwjc Member Posts: 7
    Two weekends ago I drove to Montana and got 25 mpg on the highway with a/c on (only me in the Torrent). On my way down to Portland this week, I got 27 mpg (but there was a really nice tailwind).

    On the way back from Portland, I got 21mpg, but the ABS and traction control warning lights were turning on and off all day. So, maybe that lowered the mpg for some reason. The dealer said a speed sensor on one of the wheels went out so the computer turned off the ABS and traction control because it didn't know what to do.
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    :surprise: Took my Torrent in for its first oil change today at 7500 km. They told me it was too soon, that I still had 37% oil life left so they didn't want to waste my time or theirs. I also mentioned the gas mileage....how it started out using 7.5 L/100km (which I consider excellent) and is now up to 9.5 L/100km (which is still good but shouldn't a car get better as it ages?) Anyway the SERVICE MECHANIC told me that I had it all wrong and that I was actually getting better gas mileage when I started because the "bigger number is better". She even had the nerve to highlight in yellow in my manual the paragraphs I should read regarding fuel consumption!! :mad: I had totally wasted my time with them, and had the stupidest mechanic ever!! I will be calling the owner in the morning!!
  • dannyd3dannyd3 Member Posts: 56
    my best recorded consumption has been 11.1 / 100kms I wish I had your numbers. I cant believe the differences in everyones vehicles that I speak with. By the way I am assuming your is an 07 b/c 06's dont have an on board read out of mileage and oil life etc. Also you are free to change your oil whenever you like I still change mine every 5000kms I dont wait for my light to come on and tell me.
  • geeshgeesh Member Posts: 2
    My wife has the 07 Torrent AWD (about 7,500 miles).. and I would say that she averages about 20 mpg - and her commute is mostly highway. In fact, i tried to reset and drive myself.. and the best I could do was 21.5 mpg on the highway.

    On another note, the car seems to make a soft, high pitched sound that seems to come from the back passenger side after driving. I would assume that this the AWD system - perhaps not working correctly (overworking) and therefore sucking down the mpg (not mention ruining the system)... anyone heard of this? My wife tried to bring it in.. but she couldn't duplicate the sound.. and they didnt believe her.
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    I've had my new Torrent AWDfor a wopping 10 days now and have always gotten 11.5 km/litre - this has never ever changed, doesnt matter if Im in the city or on a road trip - is there anyway that you can reset this feature - lets say your starting a road trip and want to guage just the mileage on the trip. I am assuming that the way it is reading now is average for the total mileage on the vehicle. Other than the low mileage I am so enjoying this vehicle, it handles great on the back gravel roads and on icy conditions the traction control works like a charm.
  • ajg93ajg93 Member Posts: 29
    Press and hold the "check mark" button while displaying the AVG ECON screen. This will reset it to 99.9/100kms and work down. This is the way you reset your trip and AVG Speed as well. I do it at every fill-up.
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    I hane a 06 Torrent with AWD and average 20mpg. The best I've had is 25mpg on all highway trips.
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    I have a 2006 2WD and I get about 17 mpg. It's mostly stop and go driving and I don't have a lead foot. :)
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    I have an AWD with traction control.

    Run A/C 99.9% of the time.

    Drive 80% Highway.

    I Use Super Unleaded Shell, Chevron, Mobile, Sunoco.

    I average 18 MPG and range 300 miles.
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    Run A/C 99.9% of the time.

    Must be nice (or maybe not :) ).
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