Is the Outlander a good 1st buy?

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Im 15 years old and im thinking through the possible options for SUV's that would suit my needs for friends and entertainment, meaning im looking for one that has:
-alot of room for friends
-a good sound system
-a comfortable ride
-a smooth ride
-enough cargo space
-nice and easy to drive
-not too loud
-stylish of course
and most of all, is it safe? Im thinking so far that this is a good fit, but id like to know some pros and cons from some outlander owners. If the outlander isnt a reliable SUV, then what is?

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    I'd say yes to all of those providing you get a 4WD XLS with the Rockford Fosgate 650w stereo.
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    The Outlander (a loaded XLS I would guess) would be your best bet in this class. The Outlander's initial quality is very good. The few (two to be exact)little issues - and I stress LITTLE, that you may have read about on the forums have been fixed at the factory by now, so you will not experience any of them provided that you are buying a February or later car.
    Despite some uneducated opinions, Mitsubishi's reliability as a car manufacturer is high (based on statistics and owner's experiences). I'm myself a first time Mitsubishi buyer and of course I did quite a bit of research prior to putting my money on this car.
    Of course, test drive all the contenders and make your final decision. Good luck.
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    With all your requirements, I'd say the Outlander fits the bill nicely. I can personally vouch for Mitsubishi's reliability. I have owned a 92 Lancer, and after 15 years of torment from the extreme weather of the tropics (where I'm from), that car still runs as smooth as ever. I am an 07 Outlander owner too, and so far, I'm loving every drive with my SUV.
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    You could think here in Outlander forum a lot of people own and love Outlander (like me) and we could be little biased.

    But if you compare owner quality/satisfaction ratings at all 3 major auto rating sites, Outlander beats both major competitors Toyota RAV4 and Honda CRV again and again:

    ---------- MSN autos -- --Yahoo Autos
    Outlander - 9.5 -------------- 9.2 -------------- 4.5
    CRV -------- 9.2 -------------- 9.1 -------------- 3.5
    RAV4 ------ 8.6 -------------- 9.0 -------------- 3.5

    Why Outlander owners are most satisfied? cose Outlander is rare combination of spectacular handling/traction, tons of gadgets and safety equipment, cool styling, and best value.

    It's build entirely in Japan and so the good reliability already reflected in these ratings, but with exceptional 5/10/100 warranty and 5 year roadside assistance reliability is not a major concern.
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    Buscuit- thank you for the information on the sound system
    dodo- thank you for saying how reliable mitsubishi's can be
    rcpax- thank you again for saying how reliable the outlander is
    chelentano- thank you for showing me that the outlander is worth the price and the comparision of the CRV and the RAV4

    Thank you all for helping me out on deciding if the Outlander will benefit me
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    Let us know what you decided.
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    ok i will
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