Acura MDX vs. Volvo XC90: Looks and Reliability

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I have been looking at the 2007 MDX in comparison with with the Volvo XC90. I think the MDX is a better car, cooler tech, better drive, but the new styling is really hard to warm up to. The grille is just so ugly. My wife likes the looks of the XC90 and I would tend to agree. But the reliability ratings for the Volvo is atrocious.

Can anyone who has made similar comparisons shine some light on this topic?


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    I've looked at both. My first reaction was that I liked the Volvo best. The interior was soothing, serene, but the back seat area was just too cramped and not much space to put your feet. The exterior, I believe, is becoming outdated. I agree that the exterior of the MDX takes getting used to, but I'm warming up to it. It's a bit edgier, more contemporary, not so stodgy. The interior is sharp! It's very roomy, comfortable for my kids. I was very close to getting the Volvo, as I've had the S70 before, and it was very comfortable. But my husband nixed the Volvo, felt it was too conservative looking and not as roomy. The more I compare, the more I like the MDX. :shades:
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