Pilot EX-L lumbar adjustment problem

vncoffmanvncoffman Member Posts: 18
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Has anyone else noticed this?

The lumbar handle on the driver's seat seems to do nothing. I can't feel any difference at all throughout the entire travel. I tried one in the dealership and could only feel a slight difference at the very end of the travel, nothing at all like the lumbar adjustment in my Accord (which changes continuously throughout the length of travel, and really pokes you in the back when fully extended).

Another interesting tidbit that I suspect may be related: I left the lumbar handle at maximum throw overnight. The next morning the top of the plastic assembly that holds the cargo nets to the back of the seat had detached from the seat. It may not be related, but I really wonder if some of the lumbar assemblies are installed incorrectly and push backward instead of forward.....?

Anybody else noticed anything like this?


  • mercaramercara Member Posts: 291
    I noticed this too. Makes absolutely no difference at all so I just leave it to minimum. Just let's the manufacturer add another bullet point in the brochure but really doesn't nothing
  • vncoffmanvncoffman Member Posts: 18
    I think a bunch of the lumbar adjustments were installed incorrectly. The one on my Accord works fine. How does one go about reporting something like this to Honda, does anyone know?
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