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Would you buy a current generation Camry?



  • mfletou1mfletou1 Posts: 508
    Just curious--
    Some of you that want a Camry but are concerned about 4 cyl hesitation or V6 transmissions (neither of which I think are particularly warranted, at this point, btw)--why not consider the Camry Hybrid?

    Pricing and features are comparable--the TCH is equipped more similarly to an XLE than anything else (standard auto duo climate control, 6 disc JBL sound system, etc). Acceleration wise, the TCH absolutely smokes the standard 4 cyl because of the additional battery boost (RT had it a 7.7 secs to 60). It gets 36-39 mpg routinely (I get 37 or so driving aggressively) and you are literally giving nothing up except for a little bit of trunk space.

    And, best part is--there have been zero issues with the TCH. My dealer has had intermittent vehicles come up with those two issues--though not much anymore--but hasn't had any Hybrid's come in for anything. Its a proven hybrid system (Prius).
  • stlpike07stlpike07 Posts: 218

    I'm sorry to hear that. What else are you going to do? How are you going to escalate your problem?

    If you have video, how can they not agree. I assume you've been dealing with Toyota Corporate too. I would threaten to go to major news channels with the info if they don't fix your car. Not that a threat is the best way, but it would likely work.

    Let me know what you have planned.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Thanks! glad to be back.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Check this out! How come we don't get the good looking Camry?
  • stlpike07stlpike07 Posts: 218
    Because American car execs don't think we would like the Japanese model. Why? I have no idea. Different markets "desire" different models. You can always buy one and ship it over here. LOL

    I think the camry looks good though.

    That vehicle looks almost exactly like the new lexus's that cam out over here in the US.

    Another example, that someone told me, is that Japan's "Honda Accord" is the American Acura TSX.....interesting.
  • Bought 2007 camry le 4cyl/5spd auto. in March 07. Have had major problems with transmission downshifting, acceleration lag, etc. My advice is DON'T BUY TOYOTA!!! I do not know about Honda.
  • stlpike07stlpike07 Posts: 218
    Have you taken your vehicle back to the dealer to have it checked out or any TSB's applied?

    Have you previously owned a Toyota Camry or any other vehicle with that type of engine?
  • Yes, I have taken it to the dealer. He says that no TSB addressing transmission problems with the 2007 camry LE 4cy/5spd automatic tsmn have been issued since my car was manufactured in 12/06.
    Yes, I have owned 3 other Toyota Camry LE with 4cyl/automatic txmsn. For the last 15 years, I have owned nothing but Toyota Camry LE's with this type engine (all bought when they were new).
  • stlpike07stlpike07 Posts: 218

    I emailed you the TSB.
  • Dont buy a 2007 camry - whatever you do. You can't see your blind spot and to the left with it. If you want to make a left lane change, you cannot see the left lane - the view is obstructed significantly. I used to be able to see 180 degrees to the left in my old car - with my new camry I can probably see about 30 degrees to my left. Extremely dangerous car. Don't buy it.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    So, you bought the car with paying attention to whether or not you could see out?
  • I agree with you, most people check that out before they buy a vehicle. Someone's height, size, seat position, etc. will affect whether or not a blind spot exists and how large it is.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Hi All:
    I own a 2007 XLE Camry with 19,500 + miles, and I have no problems with this vehicle. It will be one year old in January. I do a lot of highway driving, and the vehicle is serviced by the selling dealer every 2,500 miles. (My choice!)---- I have an appointment on December 3rd with the dealer to perform the 20,000 mile service, (oil and filter change, brake check and a brake fluid flush). ----- In January, I plan on having the trans fluid changed.---- (One year of my driving is like two years for the average person!) ----- Prior to the Summer, I will have the engine coolant replaced.
    When I first purchased this vehicle and I started to read these boards, I was VERY concerned about the quality of my vehicle. But, after driving it for almost one year, I DO NOT have any issues to report, and I am very comfortable with owning the vehicle. ------- Does this mean that there are no problems with the Camry? ----"NO"! --- It just means that my vehicle seems to be "OK" at 19,500+ miles! ---- Will it stay that way in the future? ----I don't know, but I have a Toyota 6 year / 100,000 mile, (top-of-the-line), extended warranty to deal with any future issue. (This is the reason why I have the selling dealer perform all of the service!)
    Prior to purchasing this vehicle, I owned a 2003 - 4 cylinder Honda Accord, (that was purchased used)! I switched to the Toyota because of the comfort of the seats.
    On the road, I get at least 30mpg. I think that this is great for this vehicle size.
    Before I purchased this vehicle, I looked at the Chevrolet Impala, Buick, Hyundai, and Nissan. The Chevrolet and Buick dealers could not get the trim package that I wanted in a "stock vehicle" in New Jersey. (I did not want to order a vehicle! Too many problems with this process, especially if the vehicle comes in with some cosmetic issues / mechanical issues.) The Toyota dealer had the vehicle in stock with all the equipment that I wanted, so I purchased the Camry.
    I would have no problem purchasing a Camry in 2010, but I would take an extensive "test ride" with the vehicle that I was about to purchase. I would also look at a Chevrolet and a Buick. My next vehicle might be a Hybrid.
    Best regards. ----------- Dwayne :shades: ;) :)
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    I've said this before, and I know you're an older guy with very strong opinions on this. But I still have a hard time understanding why you are "overmaintaining" this car when you plan to keep it only 3 years. I could understand if you wanted to hold on to it for a very long time, but you really don't even need to have the coolant changed at all in 3 years (it's supposed to be good for 5 years or 105K miles, whichever comes first). (Still, I'd do it somewhat more often.) Transmission and brake fluid changes at 1 year and 20K miles? Yes these should be done eventually, but not this soon. And 2500-mile oil changes which at your mileage rate amounts to 8 times a year -- what a waste IMHO. I hope you're not using synthetic oil -- I'd reuse your "waste" oil in my cars if that were the case!

    I have 2 Camrys purchased new, both 4-cylinders, one a 2004 with 48K miles and the other a 2005 with 25K miles. I change the oil and filter myself on both every 6 months (about 4K miles), and I've drained and refilled the tranny fluid on the older car once so far. I rotate the tires every 7500 miles and have replaced the air filter once and cabin filter twice so far on the older car (but not yet on the newer one). The newer car has had absolutely NO problems and the older one only has a very minor "stiction" in the steering when I make a left turn at slower speeds. These cars don't need to be babied -- they're not Ferraris or even VWs for that matter.
  • You can't see your blind spot

    Isn't that why it's called a blind spot :confuse:
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Good Morning 210delray:
    I take long road trips with this vehicle, and I do not want issues on the road. (This is the reason for the Toyota Extended Warranty, and the 2,500 mile oil and filter changes.) As you can see from my postings, I accumulate the mileage very rapidly. Some of it is "stop-and-go-driving" and some is "highway driving". Since I am in sales, I cannot afford a problem on the road. (My vehicle is my office.) Through a little extra preventive maintenance, I am trying to prevent a potential problem.

    This vehicle is different than my 2003 Honda Accord. I think that the "drive by wire" accelerator control is responsible for some of the issues, (problems), that you see posted on these boards. I use a "very slow application of the accelerator" when entering a highway. The shift characteristics are very crisp and positive! When passing another vehicle, I press the accelerator slowly, the transmission shifts to a "passing gear," and once the action if taken, it "up-shifts" without a problem. I DO NOT jump between the brake and the accelerator as characterized by agressive / bumper to bumper high speed driving. (I would think that with a "drive by wire system," this type of driving would exaggerate the lag in the accelerator response, because the vehicle is getting two different commands in a short period of time. It is like a human being trying to do two things at once.) I think that some of the complaints with this vehicle, that you read on these boards, are "driver induced issues", (that is using out dated driving styles on vehicles with new technology.)
    Yesterday, I had the opportunity to drive a 2004 Honda Civic. This vehicle does not have a "drive by wire system". The operational characteristics were totally different than my Camry.
    YES, I would consider purchasing another Camry. I find nothing wrong with this vehicle, and it is more comfortable than my old 2003 Honda Accord. I have a great selling dealer, and the service is outstanding.
    Have a "GREAT DAY"!
    Best regards: ------------- Dwayne :shades: ;) :)

    I DO NOT use a full Synthetic Oil! ---- I believe that the Toyota dealer is using an oil that is partly synthetic! ----- I will be on the road today, (a 6 hour round trip to Atlantic City). ----- Yes, I will stop at the "Wild West Buffet" at Ballys! I always mix "pleasure with business"! ----- Remember "life is TOO short" to drive a car that you don't like, and don't believe everything that you read in the "owners manual" of vehicles. Most of the maintence recommendations are formulated on "conjecture" about the longevity of lubricants and fluids. Today we are dealing with new technology, new operating characteristics, new materials and new lubricants and new fluids. Only time will tell, (in real world applications), if the recommendations are correct!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Look at it this way...

    You have entered a freeway acceleration lane and as you glance back over your left shoulder you unconsciously, instinctively(??), lift the gas pedal slightly. You quite possibly do that 2 or 3 times before spotting an opening in the fast(er) moving upcoming traffic that you feel you can safely accelerate and merge into. But now when you apply the GO pedal what you get is 1-2 seconds of NO-GO. NOW its decision time, AGAIN! Can you still accelerate fast enough, quickly enough, to merge SAFELY...??

    Each time you looked back over your left shoulder and unconsciously lifted the gas pedal the engine/transaxle ECU had to make a decision as to your true intent. As a general rule a lift throttle event will quickly result in an upshift, provided one is available, and the following gas pedal depression will, generally, result in a downshift.

    Your transaxle does NOT have a hydraulic pressure accumulator/storage "tank", nor does it have an ATF pump with enough capacity with the engine at idle, to support two gear changes in quick sequence, succession.

    The ATF pump was downsized beginning in about '98 to improve FE and after a few years of stumbling about trying to find a solution for failing(***) transaxles Toyota has settled on DBW to "protect the drive train", prevent the engine torque from rising in response to gas pedal depression until the transaxle shifting is complete.

    *** '99 (and '00[??]) RX300's with "Camry/Avalon/ES300" transaxles. The AWD versions, more stress on the tranny, having even a higher premature failure rate.
  • hause7hause7 Posts: 153
    For you Camry owners with the transmission problem, would you still recomend buying a Toyota?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    Absolutely yes, for the 4 cylinder models. The quick reprogram of the computer (35 minutes) solves the problems. Camrys built after August have the new software already. Consumer Reports shows problems with the V-6, not the 4 cylinder.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Hi hause7:
    I own a 2007 V6 XLE with 21,300+ miles. The vehicle is one year old, and I do not have any problems with the transmission. The vehicle is serviced only by the selling dealer, (every 2,500 miles / my choice). On the highway it gets 30mpg. I would highly recommend this vehicle. (No, I do not sell Toyotas.) ----- Does this mean that there are not any vehicles out there that have a problem? ------ No! ---- But I think that the true "problem vehicles" are a small percentage of the total production. In addition, I think that some of the operational issues, that you read about on these boards, are driver induced. Remember, this vehicle is a "drive by wire" operation. You cannot drive this vehicle like a "cable controlled throttle" vehicle! The throttel response is different! You will notice this fact when driving in the snow! YES, I would recommend this product.
    Best regards. ---------- Dwayne ------- :shades: ;) :)
  • beantownbeantown Posts: 228
    In addition, I think that some of the operational issues, that you read about on these boards, are driver induced. Remember, this vehicle is a "drive by wire" operation. You cannot drive this vehicle like a "cable controlled throttle" vehicle! The throttel response is different!

    The problem with that statement is other manufacturers have been using "drive by wire" for some time now and many of the posters here have driven them and reported that they do not exhibit the same "throttle response" issues as the Camrys.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    The drive by wire issues for the 4 cylinder Camry can be resolved with a simple TSB - mine was fixed after a simple reprogram which took the dealer 35 minutes.
  • No, I would not recommend the 4 cylinder Camry. The TSB did not fix the problem on my car. Toyota customer service (I use the term loosely) was poor, at best. They have all been trained well to use the phrase..."performs as designed", even though there have been 2 TSB's to fix the poor design.

    If the problems were fixed, there would be no more discussions on this forum. My vehicle was an 07 XLE 4. The problem apparently still exists with the 08's.

    Do not purchase this vehicle
  • caazcaaz Posts: 209
    I just purchased an 03 camry LE..with 39,000 miles on it...4cyl..runs awesome...go to real world MPG.and read the last 20 posts or so... my last MPG @ 65 mph for 410 miles was 40.058. Im not sure if i would buy...or wait till 2010...or 2011.for all new...but i will def buy a camry again...great cars...great mpg...i love the new style better than my 03... and i think the next one will have the bugs worked out... and an even better style. My prob is i drive 60k miles a year...and i know my 03 will easily last 18 more months....which would give me a new 2011...and id have about 130 k on my 03. Just not sure about my resale value then.... If i kept it for 1 yr.. id have in the 90k range...possibly sell it for what i just paid for it...which was 11,000.00.If i waited till it had not quite sure of the value... might cost me another 2500.00 or value of 8500.00 which isnt worth the extra 30,000 miles id put on it. So i just hope Toyota gets thier act together..I want something as good as my newly purchased 03 but with a new body style... and great mpg like im getting now.
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    If i kept it for 1 yr.. id have in the 90k range...possibly sell it for what i just paid for it...which was 11,000.00.If i waited till it had not quite sure of the value... might cost me another 2500.00 or value of 8500.00 which isnt worth the extra 30,000 miles id put on it.

    I highly doubt that anyone would pay 11K next year for a '03 Camry LE w/ 90K+ miles. My .02
  • sunilvsunilv Posts: 26
    I have a 07 Camry LE 4 Cy from April 06. Even after doing all the TSBs the camry is not shifting smoothly. It jerks while shifting in lower gears and it When I explain this to the dealers they test drived and said it is driving as it is. Without any fix issued they won't accept the problem. I am planning to trade this one for the new Accord 2008. I lost all the respect to Toyota.
  • caazcaaz Posts: 209
    You may be right...but i wouldnt bet on it... i just ran an inquiry using a 500 mile range... in So cal. right now... and im looking at only 2002's so it will be the same as looikng at an 03 next yr... one with 4k more than mine now... 43kmles = 15, heres an 02 with 95,481mi...12.988 80,012mi...12583... 92.123..10995.00... 130,255mi 9995.00......62,062..15,999.00 58,988..14995.00
    80803....13,999.00.. 89,927...13,120... ummmm you sure goodeal2 ?...theres another 162 cars the same i didnt list...then i changed the criteria, cars only OVER 100k miles.... 132k 99,995.00 126 k 10,995 160,116 8999.00 and therre were 37 cars just like it. I dont think im too far off thinking i can get 11,000 for my 03...Remember..these are all 02's

  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    Wow, that is surprising, because at other sites around the net and many people here at Edmunds have had the TSB done and it has solved the problems of almost all who had problems. From what I read, there are only a very very few that still have problems after the TSB reprogram.

    Consumer's Reports is not showing any major problems with the 4 cylinder, but they are with the 6 cylinder.

    Sorry to hear about your bad luck, have you ever gone to a different dealer?
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    Caaz, I believe those are retail asking prices from dealers (probably most of them) and the selling prices might be a lot lower than those asking prices. If you go private party route, you MIGHT be able to see 11K but I doubt that you can get 11K as a trade in...again, just IMO.
  • tnrtnr Posts: 10
    Honestly, after reading all the negative reviews....I don't know. I haven't experienced any of the transmission issues (I'm still going to ask for the TSB to be on the safe side from my dealership)....but there is definately a lot of interior noise from the dash that I would not have expected..and that is disappointing...especially given all the glowing reviews that the Toyota Camry has received from places like Consumer Reports.
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