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Isuzu Trooper hesitation

kjasmine2000kjasmine2000 Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Isuzu
I have an 94 trooper (160.000)...and have been having a hesitation problem at take off and in reverse. The CEL came on, but ran fine, so kept driving it. Then the hesitation started so took it to the mechanic and it was egr vavle, had that cleaned out. That stopped the hesitation for about a week. So I took her in again and was told the catalytic converter was clogged. Had them replace that, but still the hesitation. Any ideas? Please! I am not mechanically inclined at all...and have sunk a bit of money into it since I got it. Tired of going in and not knowing if I am being told the right thing or not because I am female and they want the $$$...Thank you


  • boxtrooperboxtrooper Posts: 843
    The area under the EGR has to be cleaned out really well.
    Try a fuel system additive Valvoline Synpower has a once in 3000 miles version that works well. I have used others too. The additive is to clean out the fuel injectors and possible help free up the top piston rings from combustion build up. .....Read the Labels very carefully!
  • Thanks, I will try that out.
  • My 94 was doing the same thing, real bad if I had been driving for a wile. I changed all the belts and it hasnt happened again.
  • bigskinnybigskinny Posts: 2
    My Trooper's engine (3.2) is recently rebuilt. I replaced all vacuum lines, PVC valve, etc. When I purchased the vehicle the O2 censor was not connected so I replaced it this weekend. It has new plugs and plug wires. I assumed the thing was running in a default mode prior to all this work because it was slow to start, idled fine, but didn't get the mileage I thought it should. Now, with all this work done the idle speed is high. Upon cold starting the vehicle runs at a normal increased RPM. When warm it doesn't change. When driving and the clutch is pushed in the engine will idle up to 2000 RPM then down to 1500 then back up to 2000 RPM, continuing the cycle until I stop rolling. When I come to a complete stop with the clutch in the engine will quickly slow to 1200 RPM. Any thoughts?
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