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I haven't posted a message on this board for years. Two weeks ago I sold my 2005 Tundra Double Cab and then ordered a 2007 Tundra CrewMax. However, just a few days ago, I postponed the order for several more months. I'm getting ready to move, and I want to see what Toyota will do with the 2008 CrewMax.

I really like the CrewMax, but I would like to see the CrewMax with a larger bed, perhaps a 6 foot bed. I called Toyota customer service to inquire as to whether Toyota will build the CrewMax with a larger bed. They stated two months ago, they didn't know, but that many customers have asked that question. Does anyone know if Toyota plans to eventually build the CrewMax with a larger bed, perhaps in 2008?

I would greatly appreciate any information.



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    Good question on the longer bed for the '08 CM.

    The way I see it, Toyota has already spent good development money/engineering on their long wheelbase chassis (164.6"). At this point in time, that chassis is only being used for ONE Tundra (the DoubleCab/Longbed version). Conversely, the 145.7" chassis is used for THREE Tundras (Reg Cab/Longbed, DoubleCab/Standard Bed, and CrewMax/Shortbed).

    IF sales were sluggish on the DoubleCab/Longbed, and sales of the CrewMax continue to exceed expectations, it would make sense for them to start building some CrewMax editions on the longer (164.6") chassis.

    The upside of this would be a CrewMax with a SEVEN foot bed (the chassis is 18.9" longer which, if added to the current 66.7" bedlength on the current CrewMax would give you a bedlength of 85.6"). The downside for Toyota is they currently don't make a bed even close to that length (their 'standard' bed is 78.7" and the longbed is 97.6") so it would require a new bed design, body stamping dies, etc.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see such a configuration EVENTUALLY on the Tundra. I WOULD be surprised to see it offered this soon after the initial CrewMax introduction. Afterall, if they are already selling every CrewMax they can possibly build, why spend the money getting a 4th bedlength into production?
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    If you want a longer bed, buy the DC. Plenty of room. Looks better too.
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    Just bought a toyota tundra crewmax and looking for cover for the bed....prefer hard cover that is like accordian that can be pulled over the bed. Do they make it yet for the crewmax and where can I order it?
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    Man I love my wifes crew max It is fun to drive. I have people all the time trying to race it.
    I fixed the problem of the long bed. I have the dc long bed and she has the crew max.
    If you do buy one next year you will most likely be able to get one in deasel. I hope they don't come out with a long bed crew max I think I would cry.....
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    I got the 2007 tundra crewmax in april , i now have 1700 miles . On sunday 05-27-07 i was driving home when my radio went nut's ! It turned on and off by itself ! The display had numbers and letters. And now the radio does not work . Has anyone else had this problem ?
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    I read the same issue with the RAV4 when they came out. Haven't heard much of it for a while but apparently LCD is affected by humidity. Dealer will most likely replace the head unit as they have been for the few RAV's out there.
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    Any suggestions for Tundra Crewmax in terms of covering the bed of the truck. I want to ensure that the cargo stays dry. It appears that fiberglass covers are somewhat ackward to take off if hauling larger tall objects. Just looking for any suggestions or experiences. I did hear that the LEER 700 series is good along with the A.R.E LSII model...any thoughts?
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    Check out the roll-top retractable tonneau cover here for the CrewMax.

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    All -

    Can any one let me know what the defiitive answer is to upgrading tires? I have the stock 20" rims/tires and want to upgrade to a bigger sidewall tire but using the existing 20" rims due to the fact that there aren't alot of rims out there because it is a new truck. I am getting the 3" Truxxx level/lift installed tomorrow. I want a bigger tire like I said with more sidewall. Thoughts?


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    I have not owned a pickup in about 15 years, and that one was 10 years old when I let go of it.

    I am considering purchasing a 2007 pickup, half ton. I need the larger double cab, full double cab. I will need to use the back seat often for kids and dogs. I want the truck to be able to tow 7,500 pounds, perhaps a little more. I would prefer as good gas mileage as possible. I want the truck to last for years and across the 100,000 mile mark without major repairs.

    Should I wait for 2008 to see if problems with the new 2007s have been corrected?

    If I purchase this year, what would someone suggest?
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    Can anyone offer an opinion on 20 inch tires as compared to the 18 inch on the Tundra CrewMax? Some say it makes the ride smoother, while most say its for the look.

    I finally saw a CrewMax drive right by me over the weekend. Nautica Blew with a hard top. I wanted to drive right in the dealership, trade in my Camry for one. I still plan to purhcase the truck, but will wait to find out if the CrewMax will be built with a 6 foot bed.
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    Definitely buy the tundra crewmax. I bought it 2 months ago and love it. Can tow 10,000 pounds and the room is unbelievable in the back seat. 5.7L V8 is quiet with unreal power. And as a toyota will last for a long time. good luck
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    Thanks wberk. I now own a Camry and have loved it. I will definitely test drive a Tundra.

    What other pickups did you consider? Why did you pick the Tundra?
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    And before I forget, how many miles have you put on it, and what mileage does it get so far?
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    I test drove and investigated the Nissan Titan and the Chevy and Ford...the Tundra beat them all again in power, physical size/dimensions, payload, etc. I suggest that you also test drive the others and this will help with your decision. good luck
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    For anyone who knows the new Tundras well: the Edmunds site says: " Long-bed versions of the Double Cab SR5 also get towing preparation (which includes a tow/haul mode for the transmission and manually extendable exterior mirrors."

    Do any of the Crew Max Tundras also come with this towing preparation?
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  • billyiibillyii Member Posts: 4
    If you have heard any information on when or if Toyota is going to lengthen the bed of the CrewMax, please post it.


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    The dealer said the 2008 model are same for body and engine. I just bought 2007 CrewMax that arrived on their on September 2007. Would have gotton an 08 but 07 offer 0%. I traded in my 2005 Yukon. Awesome ride!
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    The Crewmax comes with Tow/Haul button and you can drive in manually. Awesomeon, quiete and fast.
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    I saw pictures of the Toyota Tundra Diseal that is to be built in probably 2009. It's built with a 6'5 inch bed. That's a strong indication Toyota will finally build the CrewMax with a 6'0 inch bed. Does anyone know if it will be built in 2008?
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    A Toyota Diesel in 2009? Keep on dreamin'. Ain't happenin'.

    However, GM will have the 4.5 Duramax in 2009. :shades:
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    Toyota does plan to come out with the diseal. Check it out.
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    I don't doubt they will, but not in 2009, that is less than 13 months from now. And these pics are concept trucks and mules, it doesn't mean they will go into production.
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