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Volvo S40 Engine Troubles

jhb03jhb03 Posts: 3
I have a brand new S40 that has 15,000 miles and a BLOWN ENGINE....anyone had this problem??? Please car has been in the shop for a week and the service department has YET to tell me what they are gonna do...replace the heads or give me a new engine?


  • jhb03jhb03 Posts: 3
    The dealer just called and the tensioner that holds the timing belt was just bent and that was all it was and the timing belt just slipped off!!!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
  • jhb03jhb03 Posts: 3
    Thanks! Yes and I can not wait to get my car back!
  • I have an intermitent noise on my engine which is only there when idling warm or hot, obviously I can hear it when the car is at speed. The noise comes on for a couple of seconds then off for a couple of seconds.The noise does not come on when cold, and the performance of the car is unaffected, as is starting. I have been told this could be a hydrolic valve problem. Any ideas?
  • I have a 2001 S40 with 125,000 miles & have had major problems. The lastest is a reoccurring one for the past month or so. The check engine light comes on & the car is not driveable. I have had the fuel injector replaced 2x & the coils replaced 3x. The first time this happened was in November. Last week I had the coil replaced again on a Friday & Saturday morning it occurred again. The DSA light came on as well & the car was not driveabe & had to be towed. The car was not driveable all week, finally got it back Friday with a new coil & yesterday the check
    engine light was on again. The mechanics are not sure what is shorting out the coil. Has anyone else experienced this & may know how to correct the problem?
    Thanks. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hello ssrobyn, I just purchased a 2001 volvo S40 with 96,000 miles on it. And am experiencing same problems, DSA light and check engine light come on at same time. Garage can't pinpoint the problem, was wondering if you had any success with your cars problem.
  • Hello. Regarding the check engine light/electrical problems-not really sure what the problem was. In the past had a few different repairs done-fuel regulator, IAT (?)sensor, thermostat replaced. The last 2 times the fuel pressure regulator, ignition coils, ignition wire set & valve timing solenoid(sp?) were replaced. The last repairs were completed in the beginning of Jan. Car was running fine after that but won't know the longterm outcome. Purchased a new car last week -an Acura. Decided to return to a car I had before & was very satisified with. Good luck with your Volvo. Hope the above info is helpful.
  • tclancytclancy Posts: 1

    I wonder if anyone could help me please?

    We own a 2005 s40 Diesel and earlier today it ran out of fuel. My wife mistakenly put a small amount of petrol into it (about 3 litres) before realising her error. She then put 15 litres of Diesel into it and now it just keeps turning over and will not start.

    Anyone got an idea of what the problem could be?

  • drdoomdrdoom Posts: 1
    My 2006 S-40 was towed to the dealership last night with a hole in the engine (my kids and I picked up some of the parts from the road). Up to the point it went kabloo-eeee there were no signs of trouble except for a check engine light that went out about 10 minutes into driving it.

    The person at the dealership showed me another customer that had a similar problem the previous day, supposedly caused by getting water into the engine. I had the same experience as we have had a lot of rain and I did have the car stall in a deep puddle three days previous to the engine going out. I did what I have been taught to do, I let the engine sit for 5 minutes and started it up. It ran fine for three and a half days, no warning lights, no nothing.

    The only way the water gets in is through the air intake. The water we were in was no higher than a foot, no way this could have happened. Has anyone ever heard of this? I mean the person at the dealership made it sound like my problem as I was "driving through deep puddles". Heck, if they had told me when I bought the car that it would go through puddles I would not have bought it. Obviously, this isn't just my problem. I'm look for blogs or websites for owners who have had a similar problem. Any help?
  • In 2003 I bought a brand new Volvo S40 T4. Since then I have had 4 engine replacements and numerous other parts replaced (Electronics, turbos, shocks etc). Last week it broke down again. I have left the vehicle on the side of the road and I am willing to write the vehicle off. I will never recommend anyone to purchase the worst car in the world. Volvo management in South Africa are pathetic at best.
    Please warn anyone that want to by a Volvo not to. Please do not let anyone go through what I have had to endure over the past 5 years.
  • jk47jk47 Posts: 3
    when i turn the ignition it starts but turns off when i let go of the key.when i try to start it wright after it takes about 5 turn overes to start, but when it starts it stutters for a second and then idels fine. i replaced the plugs already. the diagnostic from volvo didnt show anything for this problem. let me know what you think.
  • clivebcliveb Posts: 1
    you must completely drain the fuel tank of all its content and refill with fresh diesel fuel.
  • rmuralirmurali Posts: 10
    I am looking at buying new. Are there any issues with T5 engine or transmission? Thanks for your advice / comments.
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    I think the T5 is a robust motor and the Aisin tranny is good as well. If there are issues, I haven't seen 'em, but then again I haven't looked for any since my '07 T5 has been very good to me.

  • rmuralirmurali Posts: 10
    Thank you for your insight and comment. Regards.
  • I am looking into buying a 2001 S40 tomorrow, the seller has told me the airbag light is on. He doesn't know why. I called a repair shop and he said it could be any number of things. I am wondering if anyone has had this issue, and if it would be okay to leave like that for a month or so until I can afford to get it fixed... The car only has 65k miles on it.
  • jk47jk47 Posts: 3
    my airbag light has been on for ever, its definatly not a problem. i went to the volvo dealer to see what was wrong and they gave me a huge estimate so i never bothered to fix it. just be ready for a big bill.
  • vwdawgvwdawg Posts: 162
    Hello: I would assume that by now, you either bought this vehicle or decided against it. I hope it was the latter. If there is a warning light (airbag, ABS, check engine, etc) and the seller hasn't fixed it, there is almost always one reason that they haven't had it fixed...MAJOR EXPENSE! If it was a minor issue, why would a seller not fix it and make the car a more attractive sale? So...if you're considering any vehicle purchase, tell the seller to GET IT FIXED FIRST, or find out yourself what the cost would be, then deduct it from the asking price. Also, jk47 stated that his/her light is on, and it's "definitely not a problem". If you are involved in a serious head on collision and the airbag is not functional, that IS a problem ...maybe a fatal one. Don't do it! vwdawg
  • MY S40 blower for the heat/Ac is vibrating the center of my dash so bad that you can feel it in the steering wheel when you turn the speed of the blower up....Whats happening ? Is my motor off balanced or is it a loose connection? The climate control & everything else works fine all except I can use the fan passes 2-4 notches without noise or vibration..i only have 63k on my 2004.5 seems too soon for this
  • Hello. I have 2.0D new model S40 2004. I have problems with motor. Maybe some onw have idea where is problem. I can start engine and all work but rpm not go more then 1.1-1.5. I can drive but not fast :D I check engine in volvo dealer and they said all is oke. But this problem is for me 3 time. I hope some one understand me :)
  • the timing belt on my S40 broke last week. I have 155,000 miles on my car. I put a new timing belt (full service, water pump, etc. at $1500) at 105,000 miles in 2007. the mechanic (one of those specialty shops) and the dealer have advised me that it is a $5000 replacement for a new engine. I love this car and hate to give it up, but it just doesn't seem worth the trouble. Any thoughts?
  • Our '05 S60 was parked in our garage. We can't turn the ignition key to start the engine. The key goes to the second position on the ignition. The steering wheel turns. We can't push the car out of the garage. Called a tow truck, but decided not to drag the car out of the garage for fear of doing damage to the transmission. Any advice?
  • tfb44tfb44 Posts: 1
    drdoom: Did you ever find out what problem was? This happened to my daughter and they want $10,500 for new engine.
  • foodungfoodung Posts: 1
    I own a 01 S40. It appears that I have oil leaking from around the oil pan area. My first instinct is to replace the oil pan gasket. When shopping online for 2001 Oil Pan Gaskets I got this app/wcs/stores/servlet/imc/images/full/8648358.jpg.

    I'm a little confused, because it does not look like your typical oil pan gasket. I would hate to order the parts, tear into my car and find out its wrong. Anyone ever done this job?
  • volvomom1volvomom1 Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    My daughters volvo (S40 2004 1/2) timing belt broke a few days ago (she has 120,000 miles on her car). She was driving as usual and the car just stopped. Had to be towed to the garage that specializes in volvos.

    The mechanic says that the damage to the engine was severe and it needs to be replaced. Is this a Volvo issue - Is it worth replacing the engine?
    Anyone have any info on this? Thanks,
  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 845
    at 120K miles I think it is owners problem that it broke.
    Was it ever replaced?

    Worth it? Find the price for engine replacement and see for yourself. If it is as much as the car is worth (or more than 3/4 of the value) then probably it is not worth it. Just an opinion.

  • i have a 2000 volvo s40, i bought it with 137000 miles on it, and well it has alot of problems, it needs new struts and all that, but the one main problem i am havin is it seems like wenever i start it up it turns over right away but it basically the RPM will go up and just go down to 0 and it stalls and everytime i start it up again it will stall, if i get stuck in traffic and its a stop-go-stop-go it will stall, this is gettin very annoyin and hard to deal wit has anyone had a simlar problem if so is there anythin i can do to fix this, I believe it has somethin to do with my IAC but i am not sure, the codes that come up were Po102-PO-103-PO144-and PO123 mostly signals are to low of the mass air flow, boost control vavle, and the IAC signal too low
  • bone10bone10 Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    I have a 03 S40 Volvo, the belt pully went out and damaged the engine. The number on the timing belt cover is B4204T4. i found a motor out of a 2000 s 40 , with the cover number B4204T is this a different engine will it fit my car correctly.

    What does the T 4 stand for is the engine model?

    How can i check to make sure a engine will match.

  • vs40vs40 Posts: 2
    Hi guys, I really need your help with information about a possible replacement that my mechanic/parts dealer is recommending. I have a S40 turbo with a toasted engine and I cannot find an exact replacement in my part of the world; however, my mechanic and I have found a used regular S40 engine which he recommends. He says he will replace the engine but retain the externals from the old engine like the airflow meter, injector parts, nozzles, etc. He also says he will "remove and deactivate" the turbo from the old toast S40 turbo and install it on the regular S40 so that it serves only the purpose of allowing engine exhaust only. Please does anyone have this type of experience? Can you share, or does anyone know about deactivating turbos? what are the issues to expect and are they serious? Is this possible at all? Thank you so very much for your help!
  • vs40vs40 Posts: 2
    Can anyone kindly advise on the possibility of replacing a S40 turbo with a regular S40 non-turbo engine. Is it workable and what are the possible issues? Thanks.
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