BMW 328i coupe

edsnyderedsnyder Member Posts: 1
Does anyone have experience with a 328i coupe? Looks a lot sharper to me than a 3 series sedan. I am thinking about buying vs. leasing (is my understanding that I will ultimately save money when I sell it vs. 100% loss of the money paid on a lease correct?). If I pay $10-12K down do you think the dealer would significantly lower the price (I would want it for $30K vs. $37K). Thanks


  • eoslovereoslover Member Posts: 10
    I am also interested in this car, particularly in the convertible. Do any new owners have any issues with the retractable hard top? Any water leaks??
  • tuzotuzo Member Posts: 2
    I recently leased a 328 coupe, 6 speed manual with a sports package that comes with the 18inch sport rims, sport seats, suspension and run flat tires and space grey metallic paint....This car is awesome!!!!!....Everything from the acceleration, to the shifting to the turning and just the overall handling is fantastic...Of all the cars I've owned I absolutely enjoy this one the most... The rear is roomy and comfortable. The sound system is excellent...

    There are other cars with better handling and better acceleration and everything else but not in the price range that this goes for. If you're looking for something under $55k then this is hands down the way to go. Over $55k, I would go with the Porsche or 6 series...

    Something else to consider is the maintance...BMW comes with the full maintnance and that just makes so much difference. What people don't realize is these cars take syntetic oil and the maintaince is much much more expensive then a simple oil change for $20...

    I didn't like the 328 sedans that much...The coupe is much more sleak.
  • vwcrushervwcrusher Member Posts: 15
    Took delivery of a 328xi with premium, sport and a few other options. I've only had it for a few days, but I can tell you that this car is a nearly perfect balance of sport, comfort, performance, features.....oh, and it looks GREAT!

    nuf said?
  • tonywalltonywall Member Posts: 3
    I bought a 2007 328i convertible in Jan 2012 with 54k. (Sports Package)
    I took the extended warranty to 100k-with a v. good company.
    Researched the roof extensively and came across no problems.
    Only...after a heavy downpour (roof up) water streams into the interior briefly as you open the door-pretty minor!
    Only other things low overhang at front and fiddly radio controls.
    The best car I have ever owned for practicality (great views aft with the roof up), and sheer fun. Now with 62k.
    328i a lot less troublesome than the 335i....
  • college_drivercollege_driver Member Posts: 1
    How much maintenance was required on the vehicle? I'm at a military academy and we don't get much time away, so I don't want to be spending time going for maintenance, but it does look like an awesome car.
  • tonywalltonywall Member Posts: 3
    I am surprised at the long service intervals.
    Although 15k is suggested, I take mine to a good dealership at 10k intervals (synthetic oil) and have everything checked.
    With a good warranty (extended) this should keep you safe.
    I happen to love convertibles, but if not a big factor for you, take the coupe.
    This is a car I actually look forward to driving every day.
    328i seems very reliable-esp versus the 335i which has well-documented problems with fuel supply.
    You have to test drive one-it's not a status thing, it's all "feel"!
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