'07 Acura TSX vs. '07 Nissan Altima

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I'm torn between these 2 cars. Both seem great. Any advice as which one to buy?


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    the acura is a better car, period. but It's a luxory car, and comes with a luxory price. A better comparison would be the acura to an infinity G sedan.
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    Despite changing the styling of the vehicle, the Altima still lacks what acura, bmw, audi have to offer. That is, a car that's connected to the road, great interior with a style that still looks great even when the new model year comes out. Dash still looks cheap in the altima, and I'm so impressed with my TSX and love driving it everyday, that I would hands down go for the TSX. It's an amazing car for the price. My gf has an IS250, and for the 15 grand more she paid for it, I would not give my car up for it.
  • jd10013jd10013 Member Posts: 779
    you guys don't seem to get it, acura is Honda's luxury brand. of course its going to be better than an altima. Nissan manufactures its luxury cars under the infinity brand.
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    test drive both of them, compare what each car has to offer and what price. I personally love my 06 spd tsx but that is my personal opinion. Since you will be the one driving it you should be the one to decide. the 07 altima looks like a nice car but i preferred the tsx.
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    Just like JD said you should be comparing it to a Infinty... But keep in mind the TSX has the same interior space as a 2007 Sentra :surprise:
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    The TSX is more compact, an INCREDIBLY GOOD handler, and has modest power when compared to the Altima V6.

    The Accord V6 is a much more thorough competitor with the Altima (bigger interior, more similar ride/handling characteristics, better acceleration, non-premium nameplate/price).
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    The Acura is an excellent product and one that tempted me big-time when I was looking for a sporty mid-size sedan. It offers, tremendous balance, nimble handling and a superb shifter. Quality inside and out is first rate.

    Downsides for me were threefold: 1)utterly bland exterior styling that is looking fairly dated; 2) it can't even spell the word "torque" and 3) it is about to be replaced by something I'm sure I would kick myself for not waiting on.

    The Altima, at the end of the day, was a better choice for me - great style (subjective, but I sure like it) lots of power and all the luxury amenities I could hope for (smartkey, bluetooth, nav, XM, 6 disc changer, power everything).

    The aggresive snarl of the VQ motor and the aggresive thrust that accompanies are quite addictive. I just completed a longish drive on mostly 2-lane rural roads and the passing power of this thing is just incredible. Pick the right gear, squeeze the throttle and you are GONE - right now, no waiting. The TSX is fun to drive, but lacks the flexibility of the Altima motor and its deep reserves of torque. You are constantly working the Acura TSX shifter just to keep the motor in a zone where you won't get walked on by the kid in his momma's minivan. With the Alti, third gear will take you from zero all the way to 120 kn/hr. That's flexibility.

    The TSX also has another flaw if you happen to have a family: size. It is tinier than you think - smaller in some dimensions than my wife's 2001 Civic.

    If power and space and are not high on your list of desired attributes and you can live with the uber-conservative styling, the TSX is a sweet ride.
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    I owned a 2006 TSX for a year before trading it in for a 2007 Altima SL v6 this week. They are very different, each with pros and cons.

    The TSX is great if you do a lot of twisty, open road driving where you can rev high. The handling is great and the seats just hug you in. The interior is among the best in class, and it holds its value very well. On the flip side, the lack of torque makes it sluggish, and the ride is pretty rough. I also had a lot of problems keeping the alignment straight.

    A fully loaded v6 Altima should be about the same price (or more likely lower since there is more room to deal and better incentives). It has a lot more power, yet similar gas mileage. Also more room, a smoother ride, and the nav/tech package is a bit better IMO (mostly the same as the G35). On the down side, the seats aren't as confortable, the handling isn't as tight, and less "brand appeal" if that matters to you. Bottom line: it's the perfect commuter car with a lot of power when you need it.

    To summarize: driving enthusiasts with lots of open driving will probably prefer the TSX if they can live with the lack of torgue. The Altima is perfect for those who want a comfortable, smooth commuter car that is more sporty at heart than the typical "family midsize". Most of my driving is city/suburb, so the TSX's stiff ride and sensitive alignment really wore me out. The Altima better fits my needs, and ended up $50 less per month.
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    congratulations and many miles of happy safe motoring. I am the proud owner of a 06 milano red/ebony 6spd/w nav tsx. I bought it new 11/17/06 and it has 16,500 miles (mostly highway) It has more than enough power for me and it is an extremely comfortable riding car. the only complaints are the paint chips easy and so do the foglights. we owned nissans in the past. we would have considered the maxima if it still came with manual transmission. I really did not like the altima's looks but that is my opinion.
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    I've heard nothing but great things about the 6spd manual TSX. Even using "sport shift" mode on the auto helped to get more power as you hold the gear. Most reviews recommend the stick over the auto for the TSX, and the opposite for the Altima.

    One other complaint I had about the TSX was how cheap some of the fixtures are. On the driver door for example: there is a really cheap looking plastic lock plunger that always gets in the way when you're paying at a drive through or just want to rest your arm. Also, there is only one-touch window on the drivers side. The Altima has no lock plunger and one touch driver and passenger windows (along with one touch sun roof which the TSX also doesn't have). Obviously these are very minor gripes, but it's disappointing to see so many corners cut on an upscale brand like Acura.
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    Just finished sencond test drive of each.
    Auto TSX ok for around town, expressway power still not sure, floored it a few times could not get the auto to kick down, radio OK actually thought the Bose in the Altima might have sounded better. Going over bumps at high speed the suspension is rock hard. Better MPG.
    Altima 3.5SL, huge amount of power, no TQ steer, not as nice inside, radio good. Really like the VQ but MPG not great.
    Kids are grown don't need a big car and the Altima though midsize is more than I need.
    Why cant I find a car with the interior of TSX, power of Altima, gee that sounds like the TL. Might be more than I want to spend.
    Have to wait and look at 08 Accord, but again perhaps bigger than I need.
    Old Mike
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    Why cant I find a car with the interior of TSX, power of Altima, gee that sounds like the TL. Might be more than I want to spend.

    try the altima coupe instead of the sedan.
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    This dealer is a big nissan dealer but seems to carry a lot of 2.5 cars, they only have a 2.5 coupe not interested in a 2.5. The 2.5 is Nissans bread and butter. But if I can find a 3.5 sl coupe it might be intereting. Old Mike
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    they'll be 3.5's, its just that the car has been out less than a month, and most of the ones made have be presold. But, you may not even like it. When you said the sedan was too big, but you liked the engine, if figured the coupe might fit the bill for you.
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