Chevy TrailBlazer AC compressor problems

tkazeetkazee Member Posts: 4
I have a 02TB that I believe the AC compressor has seized. I am taking it in to the shop next week and was wondering does anyone know how much this will hit me in the rear for?

The reason I believe that my AC is seized is that my engine was dying when I engaged the AC and was running rough when I turned the defrost on. The RPM's would idle up and down while clicking.


  • tblazedtblazed Member Posts: 945
    Does it cool at all?

    Loading down and stalling may be just a dirty throttle body not able to maintain proper idle speed. Has it ever been cleaned?

    Have seen upwards of $800 parts and labor for an AC compressor replacement.
  • tkazeetkazee Member Posts: 4
    I just tested the cooling. It gets REAL cold!! How do I go about cleaning the throttle body? Do you recommend a specific cleaner? I remember reading on one of these forums someone recommended a brand? :confuse:
  • tblazedtblazed Member Posts: 945
    I used CRC "Clean-R-Carb". Cuts the deposits very well. You can get to some of it from outside by taking the intake and resonator box off, propping the throttle plate open ( key OFF!) and carefully cleaning around the surfaces where the throttle plate sits at idle. If it's gunked up pretty badly, you may need to take the throttle body off and clean it from inside. The inside of the Throttle body can build up a lot of carbon and residue. There is a pretty good step by step procedure for doing this on another site, but it is against Edmunds rules for me to link to it. Do a search for Trailblazer clean throttle body, and you will likely find the info in detail you need. Hope that fixes it! It usually does.
  • tkazeetkazee Member Posts: 4
    Well, did a complete cleaning of the throttle body, dang thing was pretty gunked up, I also did a tune up, truck purrs like a kitten, however, I still have the same problem. It still idles up and down when I turn the AC on. :cry: Any other suggestions?
  • tblazedtblazed Member Posts: 945
    That usually fixes it. Might try disconnectiog the negative cable from the battery for 35 min (as per GM) to reset the computer.
  • degonzadegonza Member Posts: 4
    I also have an 02TB. When its running it makes a loud whining noise. Several people have told me that its the power steering pump. There is no leaking, and no resistance in the steering wheel. When I turn the A/C on the noise almost disappears. As the clutch on the compressor clicks on and off the noise gets louder and softer. The air comes out ice cold, and will continue to come out alittle with the system turned off. Does it sound like the compressors bad, does the system need to be recharged, or could it be something else. Any tips are appreciated.
  • degonzadegonza Member Posts: 4
    I changed the idle pulley. Still whining. Gotta be clutch on A/C compressor or bad motor
  • 31313131 Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone had a problem with the break lines rubbing against the air conditioning line cuasing it to wear and ultimately leak.

    I heard a leak and traced it back to the air conditioning line (my air conditioning doesn't get cold now). The leak went all night. In the morning I took another look and found wear marks on the line just under the break lines (they do touch).

    If someone has had this problem did the dealer fix it free. I am out of warranty 51000 miles. But does seem to be a design flaw.
  • txtrailblazertxtrailblazer Member Posts: 1
    I have an '02 TB. I have 103,000 miles on it. I've had the same problem many of you have...a/c blows hot/cold/hot/cold and won't get cold until to drive it for a few miles. (I live in Texas!) I've had this problem for several years. My mechanic (a very good one) and the dealership couldn't find the problem in years past. Finally my mechanic was able to duplicate the problem, with the help of noise from the fan clicking. He suggested per GM's recommendation to replace the A/C actuator. It was replaced just 2 weeks ago. (Be prepared...GM initially posted the replacement to take only 3-4's actually 8-10 hours! The soon changed their recommended replacement time to 8-10 hours after my mechanic lit into them about it.) I thought this eleviated the problem, but it's back. Does anyone have an answer to this problem?? For the most part the TB is a good vehicle, but there are other major problems that shouldn't have happened (ball joint replacement, replaced the fuel injectors...pricy). P.S. GM are you reading this too???? Please let me know what the answer is to my A/C problem.
  • tblazedtblazed Member Posts: 945
    The intermittent cooling until you get moving is most likely the fan clutch. There was a TSB issued two years ago about that.

    #04-01-38-019A - (Jun 7, 2005)
    Intermittent Slow to Cool HVAC Performance Concerns in
    High Ambient Temperatures and/or High Humidity
    Conditions After Start Up, Especially at Low Engine
    Speeds (Install New Engine Cooling Fan Clutch)

    The "Actuator" you had replaced, was that the mode door actuator? That takes less than 1 hour to replace!

    TSB #05-01-38-001A - (04/08/2005)Subject: Info - Essential Tool for HVAC Mode Door Actuator Replacement

    Labor Operation D1808
    Actuator And/Or Motor, Electric-Mode Valve-Replace 0.6 hr.
  • morramorra Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 TB about 100,00 miles I purchased the vehicle w/46,000 miles on it. The AC worked perfect but then within 1 1/2 year the AC started acting up. I had taken the TB to a mechanic to check the coolant, refridgerant, everything. The mechanic said everything was leveled correctly & did not know why it was not blowing out the air I wanted. The AC display will be @ 75 but once I stop @ a stop light it will go down
    to -18 plus & then once I drive again for about 15 mins it will go back up to the temp I wanted, by that time I am home. Would anyone know why the temp display & the AC does this? :mad:
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    What temp display are you talking about? The one on the rear view mirror? Or on the climate control?
  • darlanikkidarlanikki Member Posts: 7
    I have an 02 trailblazer LTZ. My a/c has worked fine until now. Like you, it suddenly started giving me ridiculous readings for outside temps. I got -17 one time and the 45 another, when actually, it was 95 deg. outside. When this incorrect temp was displayed for outside, it would affect the a/c temp inside. I bought it to dealership and have left it for 3 days. They changed the control unit and it still did the same thing. If I stopped in traffic it would show outside temp going down and when I would speed up , it would go back to normal and start cooling again. So, they decided to change the outside sensors and wiring. Still , same thing. They have been in touch with GM and we won't even go into the stupid ideas they came up with, like "it's doing like it is suppose to do". ha. Anyway, my last call a while ago, the service manage has told me it was the compressor. When they connected their diagnostic to it, they said it went crazy. Supposedly, when it gets hot, it builds up head pressure(whatever that meant) and goes wacky. And when you speed up there is more air hitting the condenser which causes it to cool off and work ok . Now, they are planning on putting a new compressor on it and we will see if that works. Anyone else come up with anything. LMK,
  • gkliegibelgkliegibel Member Posts: 2
    Did the new compressor fix the outside temp reading? My '02 TB LTZ just started doing exactly what you stated in your message. Thank you for your input. gl
  • darlanikkidarlanikki Member Posts: 7
    sorry, this has taken me a while to get back with you, I've been in the hospital, while my Trailblazer stayed in the dealership. No, the compressor did not work. They also changed the complete wiring harness, put in another new control unit(in case the other new one was defective), changed the dryer, filters, and outside temp sensor. None of these have fixed the problem. It may work fine for a few days, but then, I get that 50 deg reading outside and the heater starts blowing , and that is when it is 90 outside. I also noticed when I picked it up last week when it was cool in the morning, the heater will only blow hot when it is set to 90. Anything lower and the a/c blows. So, I am going back to dealer with it this afternoon. Has anyone else out there got a solution to this because my dealership is baffled.
  • darlanikkidarlanikki Member Posts: 7
    ok, I have had my TB at the dealership for about 5 1/2 months. The service mgr tells me he has followed all instructions from GM tech support, including suggestions from a field engineer. It still doesn't work. I have had a Customer service from GM working with me for all these months. Very nice and understanding. Field engineer has suggested bringing TB to another dealership in different town. Larger service dept there. This will be my next step. The dealership that has had it all these months seems to have exhausted their ideas and abilities. Recently, I have explained that I found an article about the outside temp displayed as -17 or 48 , when it actually was a hot 98 outside. And of course, the heater would kick in. The article suggested the inside sensor had some sort of short and would confuse the control unit and it would get incorrect outside temp readings and react accordingly. I sent this article to the dealership and their reply was that the sensors tested ok. Well, a lot of what they tested showed incorrect readings so they replaced it only to find out that wasn't the problem. So, I'm thinking that I just don't trust their readings when they tell me it test ok. They have replaced just about everything and no success. I am hoping this new dealership will be able to find the problem. I have been without my car for months. If you have this problem or similar , I suggest you tell them that when they "think" they have found the problem and it is working, to keep it at least 7 days and drive it everyday. It has worked well for as little as 1 day all the way to day 7 before it messed up again. It has never worked more than the 7 days without going crazy again. Please anyone with same problem and got it repaired where it is working again, let me know what was done?
  • darlanikkidarlanikki Member Posts: 7
    Here's an update: I did bring the TB to the other dealership as suggested by GM and the field engineer. They have had it a couple of weeks. First they said they could not duplicate the problem, but after I explained they needed to run it and get it warmed up, they were able to duplicate it. They called and told me they had it fixed. Guess what? They changed the outside temp sensors and wiring (see Post 15) Ok, I will pick it up tomorrow, but this feels like De ja vu'. I feel like we are starting over again but with a different dealership. Of course, the weather is cooler now that we are in January. But we do get a few warm days every now and then, so maybe I will be able to test the A/C then. They have told me perhaps the first sensor that was replaced was defective. OK, let's see-----------
  • jackiejr58jackiejr58 Member Posts: 1
    i have a tb 2002 and i need a compressor. does that effect other parts of my car or just the ac? thanx for the help
  • hville4hville4 Member Posts: 1
    Did the sensor and wiring fix your AC issue? I'm having the exact same problem with my 02 trailblazer. I've spent almost $400 on A/C service and new dash face. I was considering replacing the compressor myself, as that was my mechanic's next suggestion. I hate to tear into it though if that's not the problem. When my car warms up, I can see the compressor clutch stop.
  • johnc67johnc67 Member Posts: 1
    My 03 TB Ext Lt does the same thing, it does appear to be a noisy power steering unit.
  • motorcycledavemotorcycledave Member Posts: 5
    I had same problem, there is a temp. sensor just in front of the radiator that will send temp to climate control, replaced mine and have had no more problems. ( about $8. at chevy dealer)
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