Hyundai Entourage High Pitched Vibration/Whistle noise

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I have owned my Entourage since Septemeber 'o6 and I have about 10K miles on it.

When I travel over 70 mph I hear an intermttant, high pitched, vibration/whisteling noise. It is very sporadic and gets softer and louder. For that reason I think it might be air rushing through/over something in the van. I think it is in the front part as well. It also really doesn't happen unless I am going about 70 or over and how much it happens then just depends on the day.

I had my tires balanced and it still happens. The technitions also looked under the car for any loose material that could be causing the noise and everything looked fine. They also took it out twice but couldn't reproduce the sound. I will go out with them some other time when I have some time to actually do that.

I was wondering if anyone else has this experience?


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    When I'm doing 55 -65 ( in my 06 sodona) and get hit with a strong cross wind I'll get a humming noise and it seems to be from my drivers side view mirror.
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    Also make sure the rear side windows are closed. They open like a vent> Kids can play with them or the power button gets hit and opens them.
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    windows are closed, the kids are grown,and the dog can't operate the windows. I have the van since Nov. and it only did it maybe 3 times so no big deal. Besides, the wife won't hold on to the roof rack.
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    Hahaha roof rack...the wind is definitely coming from the inside when my wife is in the car....Maybe there's a harmonica stuck between the door mirror and window? :P
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    (Cross posted at

    When traveling up I-5 in Calif. traveling about 75MPH, I hear an eeary screeching sound. The wind was towards me at about 25MPH so the combined speed was around 100. When I slowed to about 65 the sound went away. No, it wasn't a siren for going too fast!! Anyone have similar noises?

    Seems like it is around the windshield wipers arms.
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    I had a similar problem, and removed the front cross bar on the luggage rack and it went away. I put it back, and out black electrical tape over the joint of the clamp, and it is still gone, but the tape is getting loose. I think I will fill the cavities in the clamp with silicone caulk.
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    I have just joined the high pitch whistle club. Going down the highway at or above 70 mph, with a great deal of cross wind. I heard the noise. Sounds like the whistle you get from putting a wide blade of grass between your thumbs and blow. I feel its coming from the drivers side front pillar. Like a bad seal on the front windshield. I don't have the roof racks. Any easy fixes except staying at or under the speed limit!
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    Has anyone experienced this. Loud enging wine coming from the belt area. I only have around 45k miles on my 07 Entourage. It has not always done this either. The noise started around 40k miles. Is this harmful? I have not called dealer yet. I know what answer I will get, (you need to bring it in).
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    I have a 2007 Entourage and have experienced the whistle/Screech noise occasionally ever since it was new (about 18 months ago). It occurs when I am traveling above 110 Kilometers per hour (65 to 70 mph) but there must also be a fairly significant wind blowing.

    Then noise will sometimes fade in and out or else be a constant screech - and can be VERY loud.

    I have removed the wiper blades with no change in the problem. I do not have crossbars on the roof rack.

    Since it is a highway related problem and I never hear it except when I have to travel it is impossible to get the dealer to experience the problem. So, I am just resigned to living with this thing! Other than that it has been a good vehicle.
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    This has been driving me crazy for some time, as well. One condition I have not read here so far is about 80 degrees F. No roof rack cross bars, different wipers.
    Sounds like blowing across the neck of a bottle, amplified.
  • davethecarnutdavethecarnut Member Posts: 248
    Do you especially notice the engine whine when the AC is on? My compressor pulley had to be replaced......also one of the belt tension pulleys had to be replaced.
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    My wife bought a 2007 entourage and now it is doing that same thing. Did you ever figure out what it was and how to fix it. Thanks for any help on this.
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    mine did the wining for 3,000 miles I thought it might be the tension pulley. took van to the dealer, service manager started it and said yup its the pulley. Fixed under warrinty
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    Thanks, i was looking in that area but wasn't sure what it was.
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