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Taurus/Sable Maintenance & Repair



  • 91 Taurus Gl 3.0 130,000. Bought in 99 for a back-up vehicle.
  • tkfitztkfitz Posts: 95
    155,000 and still runs like the day I bought it. Everything works too.
  • Thanks to this forum- I was able to save myself a ton of money by reading and finding out that all my 96 Taurus needed to get this problem solved was a little WD40 on the door latches! Thanks -- I paid 2 bucks that a repair shop wouldve charged hourly rates for!!!
  • 1998 Taurus s/w, 114ks, recently had left front coil spring fracture, ruined tire...while parked! recall on 1999-2001 models only, anyone with similar problem and did you have any luck with Ford? Any other agencies to contact. Apparently recall only available to Eastern Canada because of salt.
  • tkfitztkfitz Posts: 95
    Ford has had this problem forever. My 1993 was recalled and a basket installed to prevent a spring failure from damaging the tire. At the time of the recall Ford would replace the springs if a problem was found. The basket is a simple bolt on repair that was a no brainer- a really simple fix for a dangerous problem. I cannot believe that Ford would not put it on all the newer Taurus models.

    Do not waste your time with Ford springs. Use after-market ones. They do not fail. Cheaper too.

    Good thing this happened to you parked and not at 75. There have been fatals as a result.

    I would write to Ford.
  • I replaced the washer motor and still doesn't work.The pump is new and it works i jumped it right from the battery to check it.I checked the voltage at the connector to the washer motor and i get just about 12 volts when the washer pump is pressed on the directional signal.This is driving me crazy, any help.Thanks
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Verify continuity of the ground side of the connector, black wire to a known good ground.
  • tkfitztkfitz Posts: 95
    A bad ground is the most likely source of your problem. But if not you need to verify that the supply voltage is available with enough current to operate the motor. If there is a bad connection in the 12v supply the motor will not work. A voltmeter will still read the voltage as they have a high resistance and do not draw any power from the circuit. If there is a bad connection(switch,connector,wire etc....) the load of the motor can cause an open circuit. Just like a poor battery connection will run the lights but not the starter. The higher current causes the bad connection to heat up and open.

    Check the voltage at the washer motor to see if you have this problem-with the motor hooked up to run.
  • On Christmas Eve, of all days, my wife's '96 Taurus sedan (V6 w/ ~140K miles) decided moving forwards was overrated -- the transmission would engage in reverse then drop out in neutral but failed to engage again (at least with any noticeable jolt) in any forward gear (D-1). (Yes, the FIRST thing I checked was the tranny fluid -- level, color and smell seemed okay.)


    I managed to get it to limp forward briefly by putting it in "D" and revving the engine a bit while pushing the car manually, before giving up and calling for a tow.


    Upon arrival at the shop, the tow-truck driver lowered the car and surprise, surprise -- it went into drive and pulled forward as nice as you please! The shop (NOT a tranny specialist but owned by a friend of a friend, who had recently done a major tune-up on the car) was unable to find anything wrong after a cursory inspection and a diagnostic they had done at a another garage also turned up nothing. The car then ran fine for a while...


    Well, one fine Sunday morning less than two months later, my wife tries to run an errand and wouldn't you know, the Taurus has other ideas (i.e. no forward motion)...


    The car is now at a transmission shop and they're telling me that it's an internal problem and I have two choices: ~$1200 repair w/ 90-day warranty; ~$1800 rebuild w/ 1 yr. / 12K mile warranty.


    Any advice or ideas you knowledgeable folks may offer (SOON) would be GREATLY appreciated!


  • After a recall in 1998 my 97 Taurus (60,000 miles) has had 4 Heater Core replacements if I take it tomorrow that will be # 5. How to we get more than 12 to 14 months out of a core? The one leaking now is only 5 to 6 months old.
  • tmp888tmp888 Posts: 20
    Did you try different dealer? Some dealer do better job fixing things than others.
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    This car is known for its transmission problems. Check out this page: rc=vip#Tran

    Maybe it will help.
  • Wow, I'm excited to find out that the worst problems they report are sensors and that the transmission Manual Lever Position (MLP) Sensor would cost less than $100 to repair, including labor!

    Even better, the two known problems listed with the engine are also both sensors (the Delta Pressure Feedback EGR (DPFE) Sensor and the Camshaft Position Sensor) and that the labor-included repair cost should be less than $150 and less than $70, respectively.

    Of course, if still under warranty or on an extended warranty, the cost would be $0.

    This really is not bad, if that is the worst that can be said about these cars!
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    Those MSN auto surveys are worthless. 96/97 models had major internal mechanical problems in their transmissions. Don't get your hopes up and keep the credit card handy.
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    Obviously something is being done wrong. You mention a recall, I assume it was the re-route kit to prevent electrolysis. Something may have been done incorrectly and high pressures are blowing out the cores or you still have a severe electrolysis problem. Is the coolant turning brown?
  • crankshaftcrankshaft OHIOPosts: 105
    you might want to check the heater hoses for proper length,fit and routing.sometimes shortened misrouted hoses cause strain on the heater core as the engine"rocks"during acceleration.
  • Actually, I have a 2003 and I was attempting (albeit with little success apparently) to be a little tongue-in-cheek (doesn't translate well into a post). The point is that the link did not support the conclusion posted that these transmissions are bad (it didn't necessarily disprove it either).

    While the internet can be a wonderful tool, it still requires not only reading with comprehension but also great discernment. Too much information found out here is distorted, flat-out wrong, and too often even malicious. Here is a open channel for excellent help and information. Unfortunately, (no insult intended to anyone, please!) it is also provides a wider distribution for gossips, chronic complainers, and Chicken-Littles.

    One other thing all the latest corporate scandals have taught us too: what we think of as ephemeral hangs around a lot longer than we think. An offhand or ill-conceived posting might just come back to haunt us much later.

    Peace, good maintenance, and happy driving to all!
  • Ok, I have a 97' Ford Taurus 3.0 single cam, and I have to change the engine, I have a new engine, but I can't get the old engine out. The car has been sitting outside for about a year and a half and. The engine is unbolted from the torque converter , but we can't seem to free the engine. Are we missing something, or is there something we can do to free it?
  • You may be a little over our heads here with the kind of work you're trying to do. If you e-mail me I'll direct you to a site that is better prepared and able to help with what you're trying to do.
  • I was working on my taurus last night trying to get the door locks to work with the remote transmitter. They will lock, but will not unlock. Anyone know what might be causing this? Also, the power windows are not working anymore nor are the interior lights. I thought maybe it was a relay in the fuse panel, but all the relays that I switch out seem to not be working if that is the problem. Any information and help would be greatly appreciated.
  • can someone give me a list of the definitions for air bags codes for a 99 taurus wgn 24 valve
    ? code 19 is flashing?
  • jasmith52jasmith52 Posts: 457
    Power door lock Problems:

    Well, my experience is that this problem is caused by failing door lock actuators. You'll need to replace these part(s).

    If all of the doors are failing to lock then it may be a wiring problem or the receiver.

    - Good luck
  • mashmash Posts: 2
    I have a 98 Merc Sable Wagon and NOBODY can figure this (*&^%) thing out. Is there anyone out there with suggestions? I drove it fine up until Nov and parked it. Now it will NOT start. It will turn over slightly but that is IT. I had 4 mechanics (yes 4!!!) check it. They went through every part and nothing yet. Please HELP me. I have a car payment (small one thankfully) sitting in my yard. I am running out of patience and will sell it for a dollar if I have to. thanks
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Does it crank over at normal speed with a charger or booster attached? If not, something's pooched in the starter circuit. If it spins ok but doesn't fire, what's the fuel pressure, does a noid light test on the injectors indicate that the ECM is firing them?
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    What happened to your Transmission?
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    I assume at least one of those four "mechanics" checked the battery to make sure it was OK? If not, they should all be fired.
  • mashmash Posts: 2
    The battery is BRAND NEW. In response to the above person, it turns over slowly but I will give this info to them about the ECM, etc. I will give all responses to them (except the firing one, ha!) Thank you. Someone told my brother it could be the alternator froze up, just remove the belt. Another guy told me if I need help, he has been at Ford Motor Co. for 9 years. Something WILL give. As soon as it's running, it's going to be traded for a Chevy. I have a Cavalier that is 11 years old and NEVER had a problem with this car. I'm done with Fords.
  • dowilmardowilmar Posts: 2
    1998 model. Had to replace engine 3.0 Duratec a year ago by the dealer and the engine is removed from the bottom, they drop the front end.
  • rpawlikrpawlik Posts: 1
    have a '00 taurus 6cyl,ffv, with trouble code p1413 (secondary air injection sys. mon. low input). i'm not a great tech, but need some ideas on WHERE and how to check what items to troubleshoot this THANX.
  • rcfieldsrcfields Posts: 2
    I've swapped a motor on the same car. I assume you found it by now, but if not I ran into the same problem. Unbolt it from the bell-housing which you did and then you will notice in the front of the motor, on the firewall side its bolted to the mount. Unbolt it from the mount and it comes right off. It really holds it in there solid I couldn't figure it at first.

    - Ryan
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