Honda Civic Rattles

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I have heard of several people complaining about rattling in the cabin at highway speeds for civics. Although I didn’t notice anything in the test drive, I have seen too many complaints about this and it is making think twice about getting a civic ex.

My alternative is the corolla. I am trying to talk myself into going with the civic anyway but I need more info on what so many people are complaining about in regards to this interior noise.

What is it? Can it be fixed? Approx. what millage does it start to happen?

Any thoughts?


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    From what I know it's very minor. It certainly isn't enough to make me want a Corolla. A Corolla is a fine car, but nowhere near the Civic's styling.

    PS: I've had 5 Toyotas. All fine. But I don't regret for a minute buying the Civic (07 EX coupe, 4k miles so far).
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    the noise is minor. it happens sometimes. i wouldn't pass up on the ex for a corolla just because of this noise. i love my 07 ex coupe.
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    My car's very quiet and just as quiet as the four Toyota cars we've owned in the past. My Sentra was a bit noisier and just not as good as a Honda or Toyota product. Hopefully the newer generation Nissan's have improved in this respect. Do like the new Roque's styling though, loos like it'll give the other contenders a run for the money.

    The Sandman :)
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    I have an 08 Civic EX coupe with less than 2,000 miles, and there are all kinds of rattles. The local Honda dealers are a PAIN to work with. Consequently, the problem has gone unfixed for about 2 months now. But nonetheless, those are just annoyances, not serious problems. I still love the car, and the 350-watt stereo will drown out any rattles, so it's ok. Don't let it keep you from buying a great car though. If I could do it all over again, I would still buy the Civic.
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    I'll say to you what I always say when someone complains of rattles in a new car ( a 2008 with less than 2K miles?), can't get them fixed but always says how great the car is and is willing to buy it all over again....of course there is that 350 watt stereo to drown them out......ARE YOU KIDDING???
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    When I got my new 208 civic EX coupe, I notice if I hit a pot-hole, the glove/dash area rattles. It is very annoying and disappointing. It reminds me of my previous NA cars. I expect better quality from Honda. I gave my 98 Prelude away to my son. That car is solid, nothing rattles when the car crosses railway tracks, pot holes etc.. A bit of a let down....on Honda built quality.
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    so i just bought my new 08 civic 3 weeks ago and the rattling is getting on my nerves. i did have some rattling in my old car, but i thought it was from it being old... i'm taking my new car in to the dealership next week... i think part of the noise/rattling is coming from 1 of the windows?? it's not a serious concern, but it is very annoying and i guess you can say disappointing because it IS a honda... didn't expect that. my boyfriend has a 05 corolla and has even more rattling coming from the dash/ac vents, which i completely understand i suppose because both the corolla and the civic are inexpensive cars. you get what you pay for... but my window??? that's disappointing.
    anyone else experience the same thing? :confuse:
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    No rattles to report from my father's Civic EX Sedan. It was US-made, and currently has 55,000 miles on it. It is one of the reasons he loves this particular car, it has never had a rattling problem like many of his past cars; he's VERY sensitive to little noises, and they drive him crazy. He once had the dealer replace the headliner in his 2003 Accord because something was rattling and they couldn't find it without doing so. It was under warranty.
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    No, I'm not's a great car, and if this is the worst problem I have, I'd say I have nothing to complain about. I took it into the dealer, and told them exactly where the rattles were coming from. They fixed all but the worst one, which they told me was actually coming from somewhere else. So now there's a bunch of foam underneath my subwoofer doing absolutely nothing. But seriously, I love the car, the good easily outweighs the bad.
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