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Scion tC Transmission Problems

jaguar5229jaguar5229 Member Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Scion
I have a 1991 Ford Explorer as well as a 2006 Scion tC. Both of which, have a five-speed manual. My Explorer started, occasionally, rolling down my driveway (it is on a hill). It would roll back a few inches, stop, then go again. It did this until someone caught it, or it smashed into my garage. Over time, it went faster and faster. I eventually had to put chalks behind the tires.

Now, the reason I am posting this in the tC Forum: my tC is doing the exact same thing now. I was wondering if it was something wrong with the clutch. Would my clutch need to be replaced. If that is the case, I am going to be really pissed. The car only has 11,300 miles on it. The morons at the dealer do not want to even look at anything. Any time I brought my tC in for waranty work, they did the best they could to get out of it. Now, this was at four different dealers. Does anyone else have issues like this?


  • jaguar5229jaguar5229 Member Posts: 3
    Just to let you know, I never used the parking brake on my explorer, the cable snapped and I never replaced it. That was for over a year before the truck started rolling. The tC's Parking brake works fine and therefore holds it.
  • dmac12000dmac12000 Member Posts: 4
    my clutch doesnt hold it in my driveway either and unless you make sure to pull the emergency clutch all the way up youll be chasing your car down the driveway. I believe toyota has installed a terrible clutch in this vehicle. my clutch went out at 27000 miles. Toyota says it "normal wear and tear" and will not pay to replace it. They wont even pay it now that i have sued them. They are buying back my car for all the other problems but will not claim any responsibility for the clutch. the 2003 hyundai tiberon clutch is currently being investigated for a class action lawsuit and im sure in a few yrs all us proud tC owners will be involved int he same thing
  • jaguar5229jaguar5229 Member Posts: 3
    Oh yay! That's going to be a blast. I agree, I think its a bad clutch that they've used. My tC now has 16,500 miles. The clutch is getting worse and worse. The E-Brake doesn't seem to work too much. I've brought it in to complain. They suposedly tightened it. It fixed the issue (for about 3 days). The only way to to keep the car from hitting my garage, which it did once, was to keep it in first AND keep the e-brake pulled as far as it can possibly go. I don't think they used a good parking brake system either.

    To people thinking of buying one of these: DON'T!!!! Save yourself alot of aggrivation!
  • indyiaindyia Member Posts: 1
    I had the same problem, only mine went out at 11,000 miles. They told me it was normal even though there was no wear on the fly wheel, or the tires both of which would have validated their claim that i was rev-ing to high before taking off. Just hope the TRD Clutch is better
  • meawopplmeawoppl Member Posts: 1
    The clutch on my Tc gave out at the 43,000 mile mark. In the middle of f***ing nowhere none the less. Same deal "Normal wear and tear" I baby the damn thing, so I am not sure that I buy it.

    Haven't had the parking break problems, but I have always parked in flat places, so I might after all.
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