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Mazda CX-9 Real World MPG



  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    All I know that Mazda should not advertise 17/21 for a AWD

    Actually, that's an EPA rating. You might want to write your congressman instead.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    I think the more realistic 2008 rate is 15/21 for AWD. 17/21 was the 2007 rating. A different rating system was adopted in 2008 for all vehicles. Hybrids drop the most among all.
    I have been consistently getting about 15-16 mpg with mixed metro traffic. For a heavy vehicle like CX-9, if you are lead-footed, the MPG could drop very dramatically.
    Try to time the red light and accelerate mildly. Also check your tire psi.
  • nxs138nxs138 Posts: 481
    Also have you ever pulled out in slippery conditions the AWD or TCS kicks in and shut the car down with on coming traffic at you.

    The thing is, if the traction control kicks in it means that you would have gone nowhere anyways since your wheels would just have been spinning.

    The traction control on my Audi does the same thing: it lowers power to the engine if it senses the wheels spinning. It's a weird sensation because I'll be nearly flooring the accelerator but the engine will barely rev. It gets the car going, but slowly. When I disable the traction control, the wheels spin a lot, and the car zig-zags as it tries to get footing. So the traction control is doing something.
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    Maybe your mileage sucks because you're flooring it to get out in front of traffic without yielding the right-of-way if oncoming vehicles are that close.
  • I may be selling my full size SUV for something along these lines,
    and you guys are in my realm mileage wise, and some of you payment wise.
    damn. I think I will go with a Volvo Wagon instead.
  • nxs138nxs138 Posts: 481
    None of these large CUVs are providing great gas mileage. The Acadia, the CX-9, heck even the Honda Pilot will give you low 20s at best. Maybe the new direct injection engines will help, but you still have all that weight.

    We initially looked at the Passat wagon (the 4 cyl version with turbo), which is one of the largest wagons out there with good gas mileage. But then we decided we wanted a third row for occasional use, and none of the wagons have that (although the Volvo might still have that little fold-down seat)
  • I have had the Cx-9 AWD GT since Dec 2007. Running on probably the 5th full tank. First full tank gave me 17.5 mpg with 40/60 - highway/city driving followed by 15.4 with 80/20 - city/highway driving.

    Overall, I can say I am averaging around 16 mpg. This is not bad at all considering that my car which is also a Mazda millenia gives me 20 mpg overall. Happy so far except that the bluetooth reset itself once for no reason.

  • I do not floor it and take it easy on the road trip on dry roads and the best I got was 16 mpg. Some of you people providing answers seem to work for Mazda. So if a car does not get anywhere close to the EPA rating there is something wrong. I have also noticed that my front brakes have wear cutting into the disc after 5,000 miles. Something is wrong and I will find out. I will not settle for what is right. You have the right to explore and get everything right as possible in the warranty in the first 12,000 miles at no cost. Maybe if enough people complained who get bad gas mileage change would occur.
  • I am having the same mileage GT AWD towing package 12/16 mpg. Did they find anything wrong with your?
  • I have an 07 FWD and 95% of my driving is short trips in city conditions. I got 16.7 mpg on my last tank, and I was pleased. I did not need to run the a/c or heat much so that probably helped as most tanks have been around 16.0. I have only had 1 highway trip and I got 20 mpg. I have somewhat of a heavy foot, although I don't punch it.
  • vinsuzvinsuz Posts: 13
    I am on my fourth tank now and it looks like it will be in the neighborhood of 15 MPG again. I got 16.4 and 15.4 on my last two tanks with about 40% highway. I give a little lenience to the fact that I live in hilly terrain, but I still expected better mileage than this. I gave up a V8 Explorer that was much quicker off the line and got nearly the same mileage as my CX-9. I really love this car, but the mileage could prevent me from getting another one when my lease is up in less than 26 months!
  • waygrabowwaygrabow Posts: 214
    " I will not settle for what is right."

    You must be a hard person to deal with.
  • jreddickjreddick Posts: 2
    I am really looking at getting a mazda CX9 (or competing vehicle) in another year to 18 months. The familys growing and the utility factor is two appealing. However, obviously gas prices are a concern. I would really like to purchase a nicely loaded vehicle that was safe and reliable and drive it into the ground. However, at 15 or 16 mpg it might put me in the ground instead!

    Anyone know if there are going to be any diesel or hybrid (or, praise be, diesel hybrids) coming down the pike in this or any of the competing vehicles? Maybe Im just being picky, but it doesn't seem that implausble to have these type vehicles average in the low to mid 20's... I could totally justify getting one then.
  • nxs138nxs138 Posts: 481
    The CX-9 is rumored to be getting a direct injection engine, which should bump gas mpg by a couple of points. Haven't heard anything about a hybrid.

    As far as competing vehicles, the Highlander has a hybrid, but doesn't really have the same 3rd row space and cargo. The thing will get about 24 mpg city and hwy, though. Also, the upcoming Chevy Traverse is getting a direct injection engine, and might have a hybrid, but probably not for a couple of years.

    Unfortunately, I haven't found anything that gets decent mileage with AWD. I chose the CX-9 because of handling and ride, certainly not for 21 mpg hwy...
  • kenmarckenmarc Posts: 16
    Only 1600 miles so far, we are averaging 15.8 to 16.8, 90% city driving. For comparison, our 04 Pilot was always 18-19 in the same conditions, from day one.

    We will be taking some road trips this summer, hoping I see 20+.
  • boobotboobot Posts: 4
    Diesels are looking less and less attractive. Granted they get better fuel mileage but the price of diesel is skyrocketing. In Houston, as of 3/13/08 we pay $3.10 for unleaded and diesel is $3.89. As you can see the main advantage (I know there are others) of diesel's fuel economy is shot down by the high prices. There are many reasons why diesel is high and will remain high. It stems from excess demand in Europe, AsiaPac and now even the U.S.

    It is also now more expensive to refine since it is cleaner. Even Katrina has an effect on diesel since many plants were shutdown when they came back on line they focused on producing standard petroleum. Couple low stocks with high demand for diesel and you have the ludicrous prices we see! I wish it wasn't that way because I would go for a diesel CX-9 in a heartbeat!
  • skw0123skw0123 Posts: 33
    Well, if you drive 60 or 65 on the highway (tops) you might get it in the CX-9. The one fault in almost everybody's assumption about highway mileage is that you can get 22 (or 21 AWD) if you drive at 75 MPH. This 10-15 MPH difference easily accounts for a 15-20 percent drop in highway mileage vs. the EPA.

    15 percent drop from 22 MPG = 18.7 MPG
    20 percent drop from 22 MPG = 17.6 MPG

    Driving habits probably account for the rest.

    So let's say somebody reports getting 15 MPG mixed mileage for a trip that is 60 highway/40 city. This is on par for city mileage, but it probably means that a heavy foot in town and an average highway speed of 75-80 MPH could easily account for the rest.

    Wet roads make a big difference since the wide tires have so much contact area, and driving in windy conditions or hilly terrain are obviously factors too.
  • c_rexc_rex Posts: 14
    curious about this part
    "Wet roads make a big difference since the wide tires have so much contact area, "

    I live in a rainy neck of the woods and am wondering if I should go for 18"s if I buy a CX-9.

  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    On CX-9, 18" and 20" tires have the same width at 245mm = 24.5cm.
    20" wheel/tire combo is heavier than the 18" wheel/tire combo. That will cost you a bit of MPG (but way less than 1mpg)

    EPA testing of mighway mileage varies speeds around 48mph (2007 and before). If one holds constant speed (say using cruise control), one can definite beat EPA highway mileage even at 65mph. I don't know about the new 2008 rating system since it has been updated.
  • c_rexc_rex Posts: 14
    right on. thx ceric!
  • Our new CX 9 FWD; first tank averaged 18.9, mostly city miles. This is above the prediction by EPA, which was 18 combined. For a large SUV, over 5,000 pounds, we're very happy with our first tank results. I love this vehicle in all ways!! :D
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    People with AWD are not that lucky.
    I have been getting 16.5 - 17.5mpg with mixed driving.
    And, I am not lead-footed, just following the flow.
    AWD is 5% heavier (200lb+) and more powertrain loss. -2mpg is expected.

    BTW, CX-9 FWD is only 4350lb (curb weight - meaning all fluid/fuel - no person).
    AWD is about 4550lb + extra accessories.. (hitch-30lb, roofrack-15lb, .....)
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    EPA ratings are 16/22 and 15/21 for FWD and AWD, respectively.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    Yes, I know.
    I have a gut feeling that the difference in MPGs between FWD and AWD is more than 1 mpg. We should do a poll on this. My guess was 2mpg.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I may find out in a few months...if I get an AWD.

    My current FWD averages about 17mpg with 50/50, but I tend to drive a little fast on the highway making the 22mpg figure unreachable. With any car, I typically average the city rating.
  • jchan66jchan66 Posts: 8
    I have a 08 Touring AWD with towing package. I live in Portland, Oregon with a lot of hills. My first 1300 miles got me an average of 15.4 mpg so far with 50/50. The best I got so far was 17.8 mpg with 90% of highway for once.
  • it appears we are getting higher mileage than some on our FWD CX9; we also have a lexus 400 H, which has trained us, by visual instant calculation, on how best to drive that vehicle. Some posts on another thread talked about getting an aftermarket small mileage indicator for CX9 - I don't know if there are any that calibrate the instant mileage, but if so, it can help hugely. We've gone up 3mpg in the hybrid; the key is minimally and slowly gassing it after a stop, and taking foot off pedal and coasting as much as possible. My husband is even better than me; he can go on and off pedal continuously, and gets 29 mpg on the hybrid. I hope to get 20 mpg on this Mazda vehicle. I used to get a lot of speeding tickets; this type of driving is ticket free!
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    I agree. We have a Prius, and now a CX-9 AWD. I know the "pulse & glide" routine very well. As you said, the trick is a brisk (not too fast, not too slow) acceleration to your target speed, then maintain the constant speed. Timing red lights is also crucial.
  • 18mike18mike Posts: 5
    I put on mostly highway miles and drive 65-70 MPH.
    Is it reasonable to assume I will get 20MPG on the highway ?
  • btm2518btm2518 Posts: 12
    Two months old with a total of 2,300 miles.

    60% Suburban, 40% Hwy - 17.0 mpg

    95% Hwy (2 lane road), 5% City - 19.7 mpg
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