Caddy Vs MB r350

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Any comments comparing the 2 ?

I like the MB350 2nd row captain chairs and I don't like the Caddy CRX 3rd row since its small. I loved the driver seat in the caddy. Get more option for same price with caddy. Anyone else have an opinion :) ?


  • eliaselias Member Posts: 2,209
    hi fletch58.
    my opinion is that you mean caddy SRX not CRX. also my opinion is that I won't consider the caddy or the R350 because they don't use the right kind of fuel. (I prefer diesel engines for all but high-performance vehicles.)
    I am very much liking the looks/functionality/pricing of the no-NAV/no-sunroof R320CDI however.
    also my opinion is a match for your opinion regarding the 3rd rows.
    One thing I am curious about - how many 30 gallon barrels will fit in the back of the R, with all the seats there, or do the rear 2 seats have to be removed? is it easy to remove them?
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