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I have decided to add another ferrari to the mix and am bent on getting an '87-88 Mondial 3.2 Coupe in pretty much any color although black would be near the bottom.

Let me know if anybody knows one for sale


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    well, no replies so I'm guessing I'm talking to myself ;) Fortunately I did find one and in my own backyard to boot(San Antonio). The car is currently getting a bunch of deferred maintenance taken care of along with an interior mini-restoration. Should be a pretty nice Mondial once complete. Will post pics in a month or so when I get her back.

    Any other mondial owners???
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    Congrats on your Mondial 3.2. I have a 328, and I think you'll enjoy the engine/gearbox combination. You might scoot over to the Ferrari Chat web site for intensive discussion. For obvious reasons Edmunds is more popular among new car shoppers.
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    Can anyone tell me where I can get an updated in english Parts List showing the numbers and photos of the parts? Also who would have Rubber Moldings (doors, windows, etc.) that are reasonable. Thanks
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    in searching for older OEM ferrari parts you will soon learn three nasty letters - NLA. Feel free to insert an F in there as well ;) "No Longer Available"

    Daniel at Ricambi North America does not stock much but utilizes his contacts to get the parts if they are available and hence tacks on a little something for his business. Good news is that he has a reputation of being very helpful in identifying parts for you even if you don't end up buying from him. Won't hurt to give him a call/email. Just google ricambi

    Other source would be to contact your local Ferrari independent shop. Good ones will carry a parts catalogue for each model and year. Hopefully you have already established a good relationship with them - this is the key to your happiness as a "vintage" Ferrari owner

    Good Luck!
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    Hey Billymay

    I'm a frequent poster over at Ferrari chat but wastaking a shot in the dark with trying to find someone that maybe did not know about Ferrarichat.com. And it's nice to get away from some of the drama over there every once and a while ;)
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    Well it's been nearly 6wks and everything mechanically has been addressed and solved. All the maintenance has been taken care of and then some. Basically the car was inspected from head to toe and everything was replaced that was broken or questionable.

    Monday it's off to the interior restoration place. Putting in all new carpet, stripping and redyeing all leather - seats, console, dash and doors - and putting in new cushions to replace the 20yr old, hard foam from Italy. Have been told he will need the car for a good 3 wks, maybe 4.

    After he's done, it's off to one of the premiere detailers in Dallas. He's going to take out a couple of door dings, resotre the plastic intake grills and bring back the original Rossa Corsa luster as if it came out of Maranello yesterday. Ballpark 10days to 2wks for all this.

    Many have told me that this is a little "over-the-top" for just a Mondial but I'm a perfectionist and would not be happy if this car was not just that - an award winning Ferrari. Then comes the presentation of the car as a surprise to my step-dad. That will be the most rewarding aspect...

    pics to follow
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    Last month I purchased a black over red 1988 Mondial 3.2 cab. I hope the repairs you ordered resulted in a vehicle that you're proud of. Send me a photo, when convenient - and enjoy the ride.

    Ken :D
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    well the car is in Houston and I'm out in West TX so pics will be hard to come by for a little while. Nevertheless, the shock on my step-dad's face was priceless - one of the top moments of my life to date ;)
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