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2009 Dodge Ram

davertdavert Member Posts: 23
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Allpar just posted spy shots of the 2009 Dodge Ram at http://www.allpar.com/model/ram/2009-ram.html ... they expect the 3.7 to be dropped for the 4.0 V6, the Hemi to get a power boost, the 4.7 not surprisingly to get a power boost, and new diesels.


  • davertdavert Member Posts: 23
    New spy shots and info in the same place ... http://www.allpar.com/model/ram/2009-ram.html
  • canddmeyercanddmeyer Member Posts: 410
    Wow. I cannot believe no one is posting on this big, beautiful, fantastic truck. The wifey and I went car shopping today. We almost came home with a truck. My wife has long expressed interest in a Ridgeline, but our local Dodge dealer was practically giving away Bighorn Edition 1500's and I had to see what all the hoopla was about.

    The package was 2x4 Bighorn SLT's with a free Hemi engine, as well as employee pricing and bonus cash if financed through Chrysler financial. $24,000 + TTL. 4x4's were three grand more.

    The Ram's greatest virtue is how quiet it is in the interior. Even at 70mph, it was almost as quiet as parked. The Hemi pulled as expected, and the steering was perfect with good feedback and no bounce when encountering bumps or road imperfections. The 20" tires rode flawlessly. Visibility was excellent, although I found the rearview mirror gave a smallish view. There was lots of storage and the crew seat was huge.

    Although this was a base model, it had all the good options including V8, power windows, power drivers seat, aircon, power heated mirrors, cruise, and a trailer wiring connector built into the rear bumper for both 4-pin and 7-pin. There was even an underhood light. The cloth seats were comfortable with good support.

    The day started driving an Acura TL tech pkg, then a Mazda6s GT, and finally the Ram. While the Mrs. preferred the TL to replace her Accord, we both admit the Ram 1500 was a helluva vehicle. The quiet drive was leaps and bounds over the others. The price was excellent. The wife just didn't want a fullsized vehicle, at least not for her. But she greenlighted my jumping on it.

    I've never owned a Dodge, but after today I wouldn't hesitate, no matter where they're built. I honestly thought it was a very good vehicle, and the price was exceptional. If we had been shopping a vehicle for myself instead of the Mrs., we would have looked no further.
  • jacmyoung2jacmyoung2 Member Posts: 20
    I agree, looked at those 09 Rams, all around the best trucks I have test driven, and the prices were incredible, but not buying one, nor was anyone else I have seen, because the fear that 2009 might be the very last ones ever built. It is really a shame.
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