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What is the difrence between the S10- and S15

thesweetrosslgthesweetrosslg Member Posts: 28
edited March 2014 in GMC
OK i have looked but i dont understand it and i can find anything about it
i was wondering i always thout that my 4dr 1997 Jimmy was considered a S10 but the other day someone sayd it is a s15 is this true ?
and what is the difrence between the 2 thank you



  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Here's what Edmunds says about the Blazer/Jimmy:

    "GMC also brought out its twin to the S-10 Blazer, the S-15 Jimmy. The two trucks were virtually identical, save for different grille styling and rear-end garnishment. As with the S-10 Blazer, three trim levels (base Sierra, up-level Sierra Classic and sporty Gypsy Sport) were offered. And S-15 Jimmy equipment levels mirrored those of the S-10 Blazer models, meaning, for example, that a Sierra Classic was equal to the Tahoe."

  • thesweetrosslgthesweetrosslg Member Posts: 28
    Ok thanks for this i was thinking that it ment somthing like

    when you see the trucks they have 1500 2500 3500
    was thikning that with the s10 and s15 was onwas like under a 1500 and the 15 was like a 1500 or somthing thank you .

  • 20blazer0020blazer00 Member Posts: 28
    CHEVY has always used the series numbers 10,20,30,1500,ect
    while GMC uses the 15,25,35,ect I guess just to make them different
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