Nissan Sentra Cold Air Intake Questions

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I'm looking for anyone that can help me with a ruff idle and motor choking out after cold air intake was instaled..ran great for a day now i hit the gas and motor runs like crap!


  • nitro2nitro2 Member Posts: 3
    I installed this cold air intake and it sounded and ran wounderful...then i was driving the next day..and as i was getting onto the highway the motor just choked out and almost stalled... after that it ran ruff (idled up and down) and if i hit the gas the rpm's go to a certin spot and then the motor makes like there is a rev limiter on it and starts to bog down..if i pinch the gas it chokes out to almost a stall and when i let of it comes back for a moment then idles ruff again...Were do i start..What should i do?
  • elgaton3groelgaton3gro Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1.8L 06 sentra.. does anyone know if i can install a K&N cold air intake on it?? or does it have to be a 2.5??
  • CovertFirewallCovertFirewall Member Posts: 2
    I'm having similar problems after some time with the intake system. It wasn't acting like this initially though... Did you ever figure out the solution to this? It would be a great help!
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    Did you reconnect the mas air flow sensor your car will spit and sputter choke if it is missing or disconnected or if you got dirt or a forgin material in it
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