Lexus ES 330 Key Programming

laj0131laj0131 Member Posts: 1
i just got a used 04 lexus es330 the car only came with the "valet key". i called Lexus they told me that i could get a key for $171 i payed it but guess what this doesnt include the programming this was just for them to cut the key!!!! so now i have a key that is good for nothing, i have heard there are ways you can program it yourself if anyone could help i would so appreciate it they are giving me ridiculous quotes on programming the key from $200-$898 please help me out!


  • mike208mike208 Member Posts: 3
    I have the same questions except mine is 2005 Rx 330...I got a single operating key and would like another one...I alos would not mind having apalin spare key.
  • braidelbraidel Member Posts: 1 sells instructions for $15 and have a great return policy if they or even if a key doesn't work. i hear it should only take 15 minutes to do it yourself, IF you have a master key. the first post in this thread who said he only had a valet key would need to get a working master (sounds like he has one now, but it's not working yet). in this case, he would have to get his engine computer flashed. this likely will cost more $. and may be only dealers can do this, but i dont know.

    also, i encourage you to shop around. in my area (suburban philadelphia), some dealers sell new keys for $158 and $25 to program the key (if you have a master), others do the same for well into the $200 range.

    i can't believe programming instructions aren't on the web somewhere (???) for free but for $15 i'm willing to buy them.

    good luck all.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Hi Mike - I moved your other post here: mike208, "Lexus RX 330" #3867, 24 Jul 2007 7:05 am. That's where the folks familiar with the RX 330 are hanging out. :)
  • vcrespovcrespo Member Posts: 13
    :confuse: i have a 1996 lexus es 300,my question is my airbag light came on. how do i trun it back off without unbluging it. thanks
  • epanggaepangga Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a used 2005 Lexus ES 330 and realized the vehicle operations manual is missing from the glove compartment where it is supposed to be. I suppose the dealership is not obligated to supply the new owner of the vehicle of such a manual when it turns out to be missing. Can I order this manual from the Lexus dealership and how much do they cost?
  • krmk1977krmk1977 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 ES300. I lost my keys, but I do have the key code. I am being quoted around $500 from the dealer. Does anyone have any cheaper suggestions?!? Thanks!!!
  • oscarlettoscarlett Member Posts: 7
    I just purchased a 2006 ES 330 with only 1 master key. The customer reviews on were scathing...does anyone know of an ethical company outside of Lexus who replicates & programs keys ?
    The tranny is performing well, maybe because it only has 41K.
    Any warning signs I should be looking out for? Loving the ride so far!
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