Chevrolet Cavalier Jumped timing of a 2001

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I have a 2001 Cavalier with 175,000 miles on it that has jumped time. I was told by the mechanic that I could have a new timing kit put on but wouldn't guarentee that the car would start. He wasn't sure the engine was an interfernce on non interference. I called the dealer and they couldn't tell me if it was or wasn't. Can anyone here give me a resource for finding out if my engine is non iterference or not. Also yes I know the car has a ton of miles on it, I was thinking of getting rid of it in July but last week I had to have a new Cat converter put in at 800 bucks and decided I would proibably hold on to it at least till the beginning of next year to get some use out of the 800 bucks I blew on it.


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    Sorry, yes it is. The reason being it is rare for a chain to break. You stated it jumped timing, are you sure the chain didn't break. For the chain to get that loose you always hear slapping with the chain hitting the timing cover. I will assume it won't run at all now.
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    Yes it is or isn't a non interference? The first mechanic I took it to said it jumped time. I have since had it towed to the dealer, and they have told me that they have removed the spark plugs and blew air into the engine and could not detect any leaks from the engine or the exhaust, but still they can't say for certain it will run if they put the new timing kit on, though they did say that the chances better now that they din't detect a leak. Also they are willing to do the kit for half what the other guys were asking. I'm holding off till I get some more opinions. Thanks for your reply.
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    It is a interference engine, you had it towed so it won't run?
    Can't really check for bent valves with timing chain problem, it times the valves.
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    Thanks for the reply but as it turns out it wasn't the timing chain at all, but the starter. The first mechanic was trying to rip me off, big time. I had it towed to the dealer and after they blow compressed air through the spark plug holes, oked them to replace the chain. They remove the gasket and get to the timing chain and find the chain is neither broken or loose. They then discover that all I need is a starter.
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    Too bad for the unneeded work, but glad to see it is fixed.
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