Cooling Fan Problems

cassielee1982cassielee1982 Member Posts: 1
ok I am having problems with my 1995 Grand Prix Se Special Edition, the fans will not come on at all, even when you have the A/C on... We replaced the fuses under the hood on the passenger side and still nothing... it gets pretty warm it gets to about 213 or 214 and the fans still dont come on..(but the temp will drop back down to 210) what could be the problem here?? is there sensors that might need changed???
Another ? we added more anti freeze and followed what it said in the owners manual and started the car and now the check engine light wont go off.. whats up with that??? someone please help me I am used to older cars with out all this fancy computer stuff :)


  • 96jewprix96jewprix Member Posts: 1
    try replacing the fan relays under the hood
  • holeshotholeshot Member Posts: 3
    Try this it works on fords not sure on a pontiac. Take the battery terminals off and turn on the lights and hit the brakes a few times turn the key on this will take all the power out of the system and will make the computer reset itself. You have to leave the cables off the battery for about five minutes. This will turn off the check engine light most of the time. Ford has you bring it in to push a button under the dash for 750 bucks on the f150's back in 1997. Good luck.
  • gpgtownergpgtowner Member Posts: 2
    I just bought a 97 GT. I quite like it and I got it at a good price because I knew there were a few problems with it as described below:

    It has a manual climate control system. It is not automatic or dual zone!

    1) Fan motor does not work at setting 1, but does work at 2, 3, 4 and 5

    Is this the resistor as I am reading here?

    2) The air flows out of the floor, dash and defog vents and does not change no matter what the setting.

    Where do I look to fix this problem? I am guessing it will have something to do with a direction panel of some sort?
  • wilburn61wilburn61 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 Grand Prix with 3800 series III. Drivers side cooloing fan not coming on. Checked conector with voltage meter, no power. Checked relays by switching them and the seem to be fine. 30 amp J-fuse is also ok. Are there other sensors that could be problem. Also if ac is turned on will or should both fans come on?
  • wilburn61wilburn61 Member Posts: 2
    The 2007 Grand Prix update: Direct wired fan. It is ok. Disconected coolant temp sensor still no fan movement. All relays and fuses are good. Followed wire to fuse block and found no power in fuse terminal. Completely stumped. ??? Every thing else on the panel seems to be working.
  • oldirty_rabbitoldirty_rabbit Member Posts: 7
    Yes when your A/C is on both fans should run but only part time. Passenger side fan should run constant while A/C is on drivers side fan off and on when thermostat opens.
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