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2007 LaCrosse CX

markfncmarkfnc Posts: 12
edited July 2014 in Buick
I just got a 2007 LaCrosse CX for a company car. Silver with a sunroof. It drives nice, smooth & quiet. cloth seats.

Anythings to watch out for? Cleaning products to recommend? Real life milage history. I drive 40,000 miles a year 65% hwy.

Glad to be here.


  • markfncmarkfnc Posts: 12
    2 month update.

    Total miles 6319
    Total gallons used = 243.16
    Overall MPG = 25.99
    Best tank MPG = 27.279
    Worst tank MPG = 23.495

    changed oil @ 4132

    No problems

    We were on vacation last week, so the car was not driven that week as this is a company car, and we took the wives Freestar. So actually the miles driven per week is about 702.
  • buickboy92buickboy92 Posts: 19
    Does The LaCrosse have real wood in it?
  • hitman1970hitman1970 Posts: 33
    No, but I believe they changed the pattern compared to 2005/2006 LaCrosse. The plastic wood finish takes on lot of heat on the web forums. Sit in one and judge for yourself. Lots of over reacting from import fanboys as far as I am concerned about it.
  • hitman1970hitman1970 Posts: 33
    I have a Black 2006 CXS. I have found the paint to be softer than I would want. I have done at least ten touch up paintings on chips after nine months on the the road. I use IBIZ car care products on my Buick. I am sure Maguires will work great. Just make sure your wash mitt or sponge is completely rinsed and particle free before touching the clear coat.
  • buickboy92buickboy92 Posts: 19
    Oh well then I will have to go and sit in one.
  • markfncmarkfnc Posts: 12
    3 month update
    Total miles = 9516
    Total gallons used = 368.50
    overall mpg = 25.82
    best tank mpg = 27.279
    worst tank mpg = 23.495

    changed oil 4132, then 8275

    no problems. The transmission shifts smooth, the engine is quiet. Of course I have never been in a Lexus so can't compare. But for the cars / SUV / Mini vans I have driven this is the quietest, and smoothest. As stated before the driver seat needs lumbar control.
  • 4 month update

    Total Miles = 13475
    Toal gallons = 524.24
    overall mpg = 25.70
    best tank = 27.279
    worst tank = 23.475

    Driving a little faster, and not being a slave to the trip computer mpg as much, so I think this is why my overall mileage has went down, but i think it has leveled off in that range of 25-26 every tank. I changed the oil and rotated the tires this morning. No further comments than those listed above positve or negative. I have recommended the car to others in that type car.
  • tbcrvtbcrv Posts: 3
    I purchased a new 2007 LaCrosse and it is the worst car I ever owned. The steering was never right, and we took it to the dealer multiple times but always got the blowoff. It felt like the power steering never worked, and the car would start shaking at about 55+ mph; was difficult to maneuver into a parking spot; the overall response was terrible at slower speeds. My husband and son agreed that the car was hard to steer.
    At 16,000 miles the car was shaking badly again and the dealer told me the tires were defective and replaced the rear tires; I asked if they weren't all defective, and he assured me it was just the rear ones. 4000 miles later the car was shaking again,brought it to the dealer, sat there for 4 hours; and was told that the car needed a new front end alignment and new tires -- they were basically destroyed.
    "didn't you check the alignment the other 5 times I had it here? No, and it's not covered under warranty; $350 for an alignment and two new tires. The car was less than two years old and I took meticulous care of it, including tire rotations.

    "See ya." Drove two blocks and traded it in for a Honda,have had it for a year and I love it. The dealer is open on saturdays for service, and I can get an oil change/rotation as long as I get there by 6:00 on a weeknight. Don't have to take vacation for service anymore. And I feel 20 years younger.Yippee.
  • blimpyblimpy Posts: 8
    I am sorry to hear about your misfortune with your Lacrosse. My 2007 still drives like new and my only complaint is road/engine noise. Noise isn't abnormal for this level of vehicle but I like it real quiet.

    In the future when your not happy with the service your receiving, change dealerships and let GM know about it. It is important to handle these types of matters correctly, you can not underestimate the stupidity of others. Document everything, be professional and have a plan.
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