Lincoln MKX Real World MPG

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Please tell us about your MKX mpg. Please include any details that may help others compare their mileage to yours, such as your commute, etc.


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    It's not as bad as I figured. 21-22 on trip; 19-20 around town. Had rx 330 before, thought I would be disappointed in the mileage on the mkx...but after 3 months of driving, its just about the same. Hope this helps
  • texasestexases Member Posts: 10,309
    Thanks for the info - FWD or AWD?
  • townhometownhome Member Posts: 104
    Combined we get about 18 mpg from our FWD MKX. Both my wife and I drive pretty aggressively, so it is probably a mile or so below what a "good" driver could expect. Luickly, unlike the Lexus RX350, it uses regular not premium.
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    My MKX w/AWD: 2 hours Parkway driving at approx average of 70mph with cruise control on about 1/4 of the time... Approx 21.5 mpg... My 2004 Grand Marquis (v8/224hp) for the same stretch/same driving habits, 24 - 24.5mpg .. Oh well... Still love this CUV... Best decision I've made in a long time ... And, remember, all other competitor CUVs (I'm thinking Lexus 350, Pacifica and Murano) use premium gas .... And by the way... The longer the trip and more time you spend in the seat the more you realize the firmness of the "seating area" works to your benefit physically. The body remains loose not feeling like you're tied up in a knot at he end of the ride.. Don't be put off by the firmness of the "seating area"... Just a reminder.. It's not the entire seat that is firm. The bolsters around the seating area are soft and very comfortable...
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    WOW, what an intelligent post.
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    I have had min almost a month. I got 22 on a trip and seem to be around 19 in town.
  • bigtbigt Member Posts: 412
    I own the MKZ and am trying to figure out how you guys are getting better mileage then me. I am only averaging around 16-17 in the city and around 25 on the highway.
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    I've had my Lexus RX350 for almost two years and have been putting regular unleaded in it almost from the getgo. I've had no problems at all!!
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    Once again, this is incorrect information. I'm not sure about the Murano, but you do not have to put premium unleaded in the RX.
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    According to the EPA, the Lexus RX-350 and the 2009 Nissan Murano require premium fuel. This means that the EPA tested these vehicles with Premium Fuel and the fuel economy figures on the window sticker are based on using premium fuel.

    Not using Premium fuel lowers your fuel economy. Most people find that the savings they get from buying regular instead of Premium is not enough to make up for the loss of fuel economy. Premium Fuel or Regular Fuel, the costs ends up the same per 100 miles driven.

    NOW if you have an MKX this car is not programed to get better fuel economy out of Premium so its just throwing money away to put premium gas in it.

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    I have only had my new 2009 MKX AWD for 4 1/2 days. So far I have just driven it locally. I have done ALOT of sitting in the driveway with the engine and a/c on playing with the nav,sat radio, travel link and everything else. That's probably why I'm only getting 9.4 mpg (according to the display on the dash). I sure hope the mpg gets better as I stop playing with the system.
  • krehmkekrehmke Member Posts: 3
    I am gettting 21.5 MPG in my new MKX. It is not even broke in yet! I just love this SUV! I traded in my 2007 Edge SEL+ AWD for it. The Edge averaged 25 HWY and 221 combined.
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    I am so jealous.....I ordered my car in was in production for over two
    weeks. It's been produced, but still waiting to be shipped. I am so glad to hear that you love your new MKX and that you are getting good gas mileage. What color did you get?
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