2008 Mercedes R-Class

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Looks like 2008 R-Class has been announced for European market. Is there any word on US launch? Are we likely to get the same updates, changes like 7 seat setup, long and short chassis, etc? Please share your thoughts here.


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    My MB Dealer has again informed me that R-Class Model offerings for the 2008 Model Year will be limited to R-350 two-wheel and 4Matic versions and the R320CDI but no R500/R550 or R63.

    If true, you'd better get your V8 now!
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Member Posts: 252
    Not getting a V8 is just ok with me. I am more keen on getting a higher mpg all state diesel. What would be even more sweet is to get 280CDI which will likely have even better mpg compared to 320CDI.
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    From autoextremist:"We previously called the ungainly R class one of this industry's outstanding examples of "The Answer to the Question that Absolutely No One is Asking" upon its debut. We also said it was a perfect example of how, left to their own devices, Mercedes-Benz executives will find a way to screw things up in the U.S. market. Let's review, shall we? First it was the fatally-flawed strategy to make Mercedes-Benz "more approachable" in the U.S. market (a strategy that M-B and Chrysler Group alum Joltin' Joe Eberhardt had a hand in, by the way), which unleashed a series of not-ready-for-prime-time cars on the U.S. market that did nothing but cheapen the brand's image. That was followed-up by M-B's blind embracing of electronic overkill technology for technology's sake, which subjected a series of underdeveloped, mind-numbing electronic technologies on the unsuspecting American consumer - which then proceeded to not work at an alarming rate - delivering a near-fatal blow to M-B's already shaky reputation for quality. Now, basically admitting the R class has been an abject failure in the U.S. market (sales are down a whopping 38 percent in the first quarter over '06 numbers according to Automotive News), M-B is aggressively retuning the car in terms of interior packaging and exterior design elements for a July debut in which they hope to turn things around for The Car Without a Segment. Memo to M-B executives: You have demonstrated repeatedly that your command of the U.S. market is suspect, at best. As a matter of fact, we're having trouble believing you have even the first clue about marketing - even if we spotted you the "mark" and the "ting." So what makes you think you're going to be able to convince American consumers that the R class is worth looking at now? Oh, we forgot - you have all the answers, right? Right."
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    You are entitled to your opinion but I for one have altogether different take on this car. I actually like it and I believe it is a viable alternate to traditional SUV and Minivan. With diesel engine, it also delivers reasonably high mpg. And for what it is worth, it has same mechanics as ML and GL and I am not sure how "they missed the mark on this one" but not for the other two.
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    We have been looking for a SUV for quite a while now. Like the Audi Q7 and Volvo XC90. Q7 is too expensive and the Volvo XC90 is just boring and both get poor gas mileage.

    The R Class is getting a good update and gets great mileage. At 21 city and 28 hwy and range of about 600 miles. You have to watch the gas money more than the monthly payment. We just checked the gas prices and the diesel gas was almost 40 cents cheaper than premium gas. That's a lot of money per gallon.

    check out the pictures of the new 2008 at 2008 Mercedes R Class.

    It has new front and rear fascias and new electronic toys inside.
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    Interesting comment. Perhaps there is a "butt" for every seat. I love the R Class. It's the perfect vehicle for my needs. I don't care if some people think it's ungainly. I love it just the way it is and there's a lot of people just like me...perhaps not as many as initially thought.

    And I know someone with a R63 that says it's the best car he's ever had and plans to get another one in 3 years. Hopefully, he'll be able to...

    A great car for a Yuppie that's want a "lowered" SUV because of need problems, elderly parents, always has lots of guests and also have my first grand kid...
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    Last week I special ordered the 2008 R350. Production is scheduled for Sept '07 and delivery in Oct '07.
    For '08 you can choose RWD or AWD. AMG body styling is standard for '08. Panorama roof is not included in the Premium packages - its a separate option. Also, you can choose 7-seat setup as an option.
    (The short wheelbase is not for the US market)
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    This is good to know. Did they mention pricing? Apparently, prices are expected to go down a bit from 2007 model (at least in Europe). And did they mention if 2008 CDI is 50 state compliant? Did they have brochures printed for 2008?
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    No, dealers don't yet have pricing info on the '08. I would expect pricing to be lower for '08 on similarly spec'd cars, but standard equipment and optional packaging has changed for '08, so its not straightforward to compare and contrast. I don't think the '08 CDI is available in CA/NY/... - I remember reading that it would be for '09. I'll check with my dealer again.
    And, no brochures yet - for the '08.
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    What you have done in ordering a special for Fall delivery this year is EXACTLY what my dealer is trying to persuade me to do. Here are my concerns and I hope you (or anyone else) can help me:

    1. How can you order a vehicle for which you don't know the price?

    2. Won't the dealer feel that he has you locked in now and the negotiation of the deal will be very, very difficult now with respect to price?

    3. How much deposit did you have to leave?

    4. Is the deposite refundable?

    5. Do you know if there are any new exterior colors as choices for '08?

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    anyone know if the 08 R diesel will require AdBlue or not?

    Morning-O, it's easy to order a car without knowing the exact price in advance but it will be good to have a discussion in advance about what the price will be relative to msrp or invoice. a pre-sales paper can say "invoice plus $200" or "MSRP minus $500" or anything at all. it's never binding/final until the final deal is signed by the customer. there is never a requirement that customer sign and take delivery on an ordered new car, or any new car, no matter what is written/spoken in advance. there is never any cost to back out of any deal even 0.1 second before signing. In some states there is a 2 or 3 day waiting period after delivery before the deal is final - it can be voided within those first couple days if customer decides the deal was a ripoff or the car sucks, or any reason.
    as for how much deposit, i've ordered a new car with a $10 deposit, but I doubt the Tedster left such a low deposit for a Benz.

    It's nice that they have the panorama roof as a separate option. give me a panorama TV widescreen for the back and never mind the glass roof.
    I'd like to see a photo/layout of the 7 seat vs 6 seat, gotta wait until september/october for that I suppose.
    Probably the 7th seat is best used for the smallest of liederhosen-clad passengers.

    I told the sales-induhvidual that I thought the R class looked like a Pacifica and he positively agreed. I hadn't meant it as a compliment.
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    You are right. R series is complete failure in terms of design and quality. Pecifica looks much better than R-series. Back side of roof of R series is good. It give less inner space also. It cost 2 times of Pecifica for nothing but MB label. Design and quality of manufacturing both are horrible.
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    I must admit, I've never heard of a cars price going DOWN. I'm kinda surprised to read that. By how much is it expected to drop?
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    Please, this is a very late rejoinder but I drove a Chrysler Pacifica for 4 years followed by my Mercedes R-350 now for 1 year. The MB R-Class is everything the Pacifica wanted to be but wasn't.
    The Pacifica had its features which is why I got one when it first came out, but it fell short of almost all of them. The Pacifica is comfortable for 4 adults and 2 midgets, the R -class is comfortable right to the third row seats for adults. This alone makes it a unique vehicle, not matched by any Suburban/ Sequoya/ 7Passenger Japan Vehicle I have tried. Only the Mercedes-GL can claim parity here for adults in the back. The Pacifica felt like you were in a tank closed up peering out little windows, the MB R-Class although larger in space feels like you are in a greenhouse or Vista Dome Liner crossing the Mountains! It is open and bright and cheerful. If you want to travel with 6 adults anywhere, the list of vehicles that you can do this in comfort and safety with AWD is a list of 2. Mercedes Benz R-Class or GL-Class. (And did I mention my Pacifica got 17mpg and the quicker R-350 gets 24 mpg with full time all wheel drive?).
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    Does anyone know where I can get R-Class rear led lights?
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    Hi guys!
    Honest question, Im looking to buy a 2008 R350 or a Buick Enclave. Which do you think is the better buy. Im looking at mechanical, gas, performance and value.
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    As an owner of a 08 R350 you can guess my choice : ) I just checked out the Mercedes Benz USA facebook page, and the stories of crash survivors would be enough for me to make a decision if I were you! Good Luck
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    I heard some noise (humming/buzz) from the audio console panel when I trun on the power..have you ever had seen this problem? Please advise, thanks!
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