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Suzuki SX4 5-speed in mountain states

itxaaroitxaaro Member Posts: 2
edited May 2014 in Suzuki
Does anyone own a 5-speed SX4 and live in a mountain state like Colorado? I've test driven all the models (Sport, Rally & Convenience) and one thing I've noticed is that it's quite sluggish going up and down mountain sides, which kind of defeats the object of buying one for me. Is this normal or do I just need to downshift a lot sooner than I'm used to? Also, does anyone else find that wider bar around the windshield where the triangular window is really distracting?


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    kmaxine04kmaxine04 Member Posts: 18
    My car isnt a 5sp. But I live in the mountains..WV...its sluggish, deff. when coming through some parts of VA on the interstate. And I loved those windows at first... but they suck now when going around curves (since thats all thats out here) I've came close to wreckin it couple of times due to not being able to see (im only 5 foot lol) I have the first SX4 thats came out... before conv. and sport was avail. I think i've got the most miles too 20,000 since last november :-P
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    squirteesquirtee Member Posts: 15
    I agree with both of you on those little side windows! ( I am under 5' myself) and have even pulled out in front of a cop at an intersection - couldn't see "through" that side support! I also live in the hills of Pittsburgh, and if you get a good running start, she makes the hills just fine ;) Sorry, I also still think its a great little car for the money- its a keeper! :)
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    nace818nace818 Member Posts: 140
    I found the triangular windows distracting also and a bit dorky. I had only those windows limo tinted. It really helps and it looks alot better.
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    machellmachell Member Posts: 5
    I live in Alberta Canada and have a 5 speed. I have had some wonderful drives through to the coast. The car was fast til you reach the highest passes where there is less air to burn. Everybody else was having more trouble making speed than me, well there was this cobra mustang that left me behind 450hp I guess, but other than that. Keep the revs up. The car was surprising me and many others. As for the little windows I think they improve the visibility forward and low. All of the highly raked windcheating cars have this distraction.
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    stapletondocstapletondoc Member Posts: 14
    My experience with my 2009 SX4 crossover touring automatic has been that it has to fight to keep up with traffic while climbing the Rockies (as well as in slight changes in highway grade on I-25)...with the engine growling like a beast....and not in a good way....it guzzles even more gas while climbing.....this car is very much a flatlander best suited for driving around town well under 45mph....perhaps the manual transmission is better...I do not know. What I do know is that I was a huge mistake for me to buy this car. I was much better off with my old car.

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    kennybeeakkennybeeak Member Posts: 21
    I got a 5-spd specifically so that I could downshift for more power when I need it. I find acceleration to be adequate, although granted, I cannot keep up with the Hemi's.
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