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ALL the new pickups have inadequate headroom!!!

joeshmowjoeshmow Posts: 9
edited March 2014 in Toyota
I'm 6' tall but I have a long upper body about like that of someone 6'6". The new Tundra doesn't work for me at all. No head clearance and my eyes are almost level with the top of the windshield. I thought that this was just a new Tundra problem until I started looking around at all the other new pickups. None of them fit me nearly as well as my 1997 Ford 150, including the new Fords. it seems that they are making them more "aerodynamically" now with more steeply sloping windshields, not that they get any better gas mileage than they did in '97. I have now tried all of the big pickup trucks. Headroomwise, the Tundra is the worst of them. Windshieldwise the Titan is the worst. My eyes are about level with the top of the windshield in the Titan. The only way I could deal with these vehicles would be to learn to drive in a reclined position, but that idea does not appeal to me. Ironically the compact pickups have better windshield and even headroom space, and double-ironically I can fit better into a little compact car than I can into the new giant pickup trucks - all of them! So I think I'll just have to keep my '97 F150 running forever, even tho it has almost 300,000 miles on it. I don't know what really tall people, basketball players, do now if they want a new pickup truck. All of the salesmen in the dealers I visited agreed with me too. One guy said his father is 6'8" and only solves the problem by driving in the reclined position. All except the Dodge salesman, that is. He seemed to be on cloud nine and just kept repeating salesman school mantras like "How close are we to completing the deal?" - but then his boss was looking at him funny too...


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