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My Land R, discovey II, is showing all these codes, I have found some info in all except the P0734, I ahve the description for the code , but not the possible cause, can somebody help me out. Thank you soo much!!!


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    Suppose you vehicle is discovery 3 :confuse: then,
    P073400 Slip too high between input and output shaft speeds in 4th gear Transmission Control Module.
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    Thank you for your reply,,, one more cuestion: is that something that I can replace (TC module?) or check out, or I need to take it to the dealer? I personaly would like to try something before the dealer. Thank again!!
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    Hi, from fault code, seems you vehicle do not have big issue. For DTC P0171, P0174, P1172, P1175, just cause engine warning lamp (amber)on, due to your vehicle's emission out of the standard. For DTC P0734, it will not affect vehicle drive ability. Do you feel any abnormal from transmission? So for first problem, if you want to do something by yourself, you can check the air intake system first, all pipes should be connected correct and fasten, no air leak. Then, maybe re-flash fuel injectors, if you willing to do, you can choose 3M, CASTROL….. el_Sys_Cleaner/.
    For second problem, the transmission of your vehicle should be ZF 4HP22, it is a very old transmission, you can check the transmission oil level& quality first, especially notice any metal material in oil, that means transmission internal damage. good luck!
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    Thanks so much for your advice Tomy!!!
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    Hi, was just wondering if you ever found out what was wrong with your vehicle. My 2000 Range Rover SE is throwing up the exact same error codes and so far new O2 sensors and cleaning MAF sensor is not helping.

    Any insight you have into the problem would be appreciated.

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    Sorry Matt, but I haven't fix it yet. If I get, I'll let you know .

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    Dose anyone know what the problem is when you get codes P0171 & P0174. The book says bank 1 & and bank 2 running lean what dose that mean? What do I have to replace?
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    Did you ever find out what the problems were when you had codes P0171 & P0174 because I have the same problems? Please reply
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    Finally I found that the MAF sensor is the one that causes all these codes. Cleaning the maf sensor doesn't help, actually you damage the sensor when you try to clean it. It has a couple of filaments too "delicate". I hope you can fix yours.
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