Jaguar XJ6 Maintenance Questions

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I may be about to "inherit" a 1993 XJ6 sedan. I have been told that I must use premium fuel in it. Is this true?

Also, are there any other maintenance tips, such as tire, oil types to use and a general maintenance plan? I'd appreciate any help or guidance to where I can find it. I'm willing to be diligent, but need a plan in place!



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    I have a 1993 XJ6, Premium Fuel is what it's supposed to have in it. Just take care of it on all intervals, don't miss any intervals because Jags in general are notorious for having problems. Currently I am having transmission problems and will probably end up getting rid of it. I also don't have A/C because it will cost about $2,000 to fix. The owner's manual should be good enough to tell you when you should have something done to it. Or you can ask the previous owner when the last couple of maintenance intervals were.
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    Thanks so much! I will do my best. Haven't gotten the car yet but want to be prepared for taking care of it. Good luck with your transmission...

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    I am Looking to Buy a 1988-1993 Jagauar. The Years I have Been Looking at are 1988-1993 and that is Because of the Prices wich are Between $2,000.00-$8,000.00. I would Like to Know wich XJ 6,XJ8 or XJ12 Models are the Best to Buy and What Maintainance Issues are with These Models and any other Sites that would Be Of Help.Thanks for any Help that is Provided.
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    I have a 1985 XJ6 with a 4.2 L 6 cylinder gasoline engine. One of the valves is noisy and a mechanic told me that what was making the noise was the valve seat had come loose. He said that the seats are cast iron and are pressed into the aluminum engine block and that with time they come loose and make noise and will eventually shatter and cause all kinds of havoc with the engine. He says that he has a bracket that he can install on the engine that will keep the seats in position and eliminate the noise and the need for valve work in the future. he said he will drill and tap 4 1/4 inch holes around each valve to hold the bracket. has anyone ever heard of this procedure, and if so where and when was it done. Thanks
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    I have a '78 XJ6L with 25,00 original miles. I am the second owner...I bought it from the original owner in 1998 when it had 20,000 miles on it. She only drove it to the store and church (I know, a cliche but the truth).

    Everything's original, with many of the hoses (like the fuel injectors) replaced for safety reasons.

    Silver with Chinese Red interior...very elegant.

    Any ideas what it's worth?
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    I have 1988 Jaguar XJ6 and I am told that I have to watch the brake booster reservoir. The problem I have is noone told me what to look for. How do I know when to service it, what do I look for and how much do I service it with when I add the mineral oil ?

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    Hello all,

    i just purchased a 1984 XJ6-- my new project! anyway, it has to be changed (gears) from under the hood due to possibly not being connected to the shifter itself. None of the manuals i purchased has detailed instructions on troubleshooting this or even replacing it--- any and all thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Get use to me, i will be here alot!
    thanks in advance,
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    i have an 85 xj6 and i couldn't change gears either. i put the car on a lift and found a small nut missing on linkage cable. what a relief.
  • Gwiz828Gwiz828 Member Posts: 2
    wow thanks--only if that simple! my cable seems to come through the fire wall only a couple of inches so the life may not help--think i may have to tear the console apart to get to the beginning of the cable and trace it through...

    thanks again,
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    I have XJ 2005 and since last 2 weeks, my navigation touch screen is like rolling up in cold morning for 5 minutes and gets back to normal. What can be the reason?
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    I have a 1994 XJ6 Coupe. I would Like to speak with other owners.
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    I fell in love with the Jag XJS convertible, I think it is the 1995 (last time it was manufactured?) It has a very flat look with the square looking back bumper and the double bulb headlights.

    I'm dying to get one but everything I read about jags seems to be dismal, bad news. Am I looking for trouble here, if I do purchase one?

    I simply hate these new chunky cars.

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    I need to know if there's anyone who can tell me how to run a diagnostic scan on a '93 XJ6?
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    Been looking at buying a 1975 xj6 series 2 in good condition, I know that most classics cost a bit to maintain but was just wondering how much a jag would cost to maintain? are the reliable? are parts hard to get and are they expensive?
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    I need to know if there's anyone who can tell me how to run a diagnostic scan on a '93 XJ6?
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    I've owned a 90 jag, be careful of the load leveler system. If the rear shocks wear out it a big and expensive deal to replace them. the xj8 isn't available in the years you have chosen. The xj6 is a goos engine with plenty of power This is a great site. I have also paid for the alldata sight- its paid for itself many, many times over,especially with Jags because its so easy for shopsto try to burn you.
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    Thanks For The Information. I Am Still Looking at The XJ6's I Think These Go Up To The Years 2000 I May Be Wrong. Is The Jag a Better Car Since Ford Took Them Over? Thanks Again for Your InFormation.
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    My '98 xj8 is a Ford/Jaguar. No electrical issues, so I guess it was better this year. As the years of Ford ownership increases its seems that the engineering and design that made a Jag a Jag will be diluted by Ford concepts. The jag will slowly become like a ford. Maybe? The newest Jags don't seem to have the same character but maybe its me?
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    I Thought From Other Peoples Comments About When Ford Bought Jaguar That It Was a Better Vehicle.I Still Like The Older style Of The Jag But Not The Electrical Issues That Come With The Older Jaguars So I Will Find A Newer Model Like Yours But One With the Older Style Of the Jaguar and Not The Electrical Issues. There Are A Lot Of Newer Jags On Ebay All Of The Time. As Far As The Way For Will Make The Jag A Ford I Agree With This As Longs as What Goes In The Designing Of The Jag From Ford Continues To Work(If It Works Don't Fix It)Then This Is All Fine But When They Make Changes To Something That Works Then This Just Leads To Problems and Possibly Recalls. Thanks For The Advise.
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm considering purchasing a 1990 Jag XJ6 Sov, and the seller has told me that while it runs great otherwise (and "only" has 79 000 miles on it), it needs a new battery and blower motor for the AC/Heating system.

    I live in Canada, and I guess I'm just wondering how difficult/costly it will be to replace/repair those two items. Also, with the battery in particular, I'm curious if there are any special restrictions in terms of voltage I should keep in mind while getting a new one.

    I am going to look at the vehicle myself today, but I wanted to see if anyone here had anything to say about this.

    Thanks for your time and your help :)
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    The battery should not cost anymore than a battery for almost any car. I would ask a mechanic how much it would cost to replace the blower motor, unless you are doing it your self. does the dash have to be dismantled to access the blower motor. I have an 85 XJ^ and i think my dash has to be torn down for access. Carl Salem
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    Hey Folks!!! My son is thinking about buying an 85 XJ6 with 97,000 mi. on it. It has a 4.2 V6 motor. I was wondering (since I've never owned a Jag) if there's ANY common issues or concerns that I should be aware of with this vehicle? I've been reading ALOT of "high" maintenance issues with Jaguars in general. My son doesn't have alot of $$$ to keep this vehicle on the road, so I'm a little concerned about "maintenance" $$$$. Also, this vehicle is about a 6 hr. drive from here and will have to be driven home. The current owner "says" it runs and handles good??
    Thanks in advance for ANY info. that you can provide. :shades:
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    I have an 85 XJ6 and my biggest problem is electrical. the fuse contacts seem to get corroded and things stop or work intermittent. engine seems to be fine as well as brakes, transmission etc. my gas gauge has a problem along with speedometer. when speedometer (has a transmitter, not a cable) stops working so does cruise control. gas mileage is not the greatest, but not bad if you drive speed limit. also this is a heavy car and not good for jack rabbit starts
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