Hyundai Santa Fe Basic Maintenance Questions

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Anyone know of the approx. expected life of the OEM Bridgestone 18" Tires and the expected life of the OEM brakes for the 07 FWD Limited. I'm trying to get an idea in my mind of what to expect before replacement is necessary. Thanks for any info.


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    I was curious if anyone has ever used the dura vehicle covers that are sold I bought the floor mats and came real close to getting the car cover, but I didn't know how well they worked. I don't have a garage to keep my Santa Fe in and I want to keep it nice for as long as I can. I live in Milwaukee so I always get lots of snow salt dirt on mycar in the winter. Any advice about helping me baby the exterior of my SF in the winter would be greatly appreciated.

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    Here's a new product for you new Santa Fe owners - one I'll bet none of you have seen, heard of, or

     dreamed of! I just read about it in Popular Mechanics yesterday, and just checked out their web site - and found that they do have a paint protection "kit" specifically made for the Santa Fe.

    Basically - it's pieces of custom cut plastic sheeting that you can fairly easily apply to the various 'high wear' areas of your Santa Fe (or many other cars - for that matter!) - which protects your new cars' paint from rock chips, scuffs, & scratches.

    For about $310 - you can cover your Santa Fe.

    I'm no salesman for this product - but I'd buy this product - and I thought maybe all you proud Santa

     Fe owners would love to know of a way to keep your car looking new as long as possible.

     Check it out!!!

     You'll find it at...
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    I have a Galaxy Blue Santa Fe and, tragically, it has already been nicked (what's worse, I did it!). Anyone know where I can get matching touch-up paint?
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    Re: Kim 532
    Hi! I don't know the cover, but over the years I've used evolution 4 nd technalon car cover with mixed results on my classic cars and sports cars. Car covers, especially in winter will lead to surface scratches unless placed on 1) a perfectly clean car (hard to guarantee in winter night after night) and 2)with no wind ('cause wind moves the cover on the car and tiny particles of dirt cause the surfact scratches. Also I've actually had Evolution 4 covers freeeze on my cars, especially after freezing rain or thaws followed by snowfall!! Not good at all for the paint when you need to rip the cover off on cold morning in order to get to work. All things considered, I've keep classic and sports cars outside in the driveway with and without covers over all seasons. My conclusion is stay away from covers for a daily use car regardless of weather conditions. On the other hand, cars not used and parked for an entire winter or on a nice summer day/evening (with little wind and a clean car) marginally benefit from a car cover (prevention of paint fading and cleanliness mostly) Hope this helps Kim. I'd say save your money and give your car frequent waxes with best high quality wax (zymoil, Meguir Gold, Liquid Gold or Mothers Carauba Paste)
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    I'm taking delivery of my new Santa Fe on Saturday. It's about 2 1/2-3 hour drive on a freeway, from where I live. I've read somewhere that one shouldn't drive a brand new car at the same speed. I've also read not to drive it above 55 mph at first.
    Any validity to that?
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    I would like to remove the name Hyundai and 4wd on the back on my sf and only leave "santa fe"
    Has anyone here done that and would this leave a hole?
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    Can someone look in their owners manual and see if the Santa Fe automatic AWD can be towed behind a motorhome with all wheels down. So far, I have only found the Honda CRV automatic can be towed this way. TIA
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    I have leather seats-just wondering if I need some special protector for the leather. there are a ton of things out there ,& I want only the best for my SF-So, what have u used & how did it work for you? Thanks happy driving!
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    I am not good when it comes to towing: However, as the Manual stated that the car should be lift-up in the front. For all the wheels down! I am not sure but if the CRV can then I think the SF can. However, you should contact the dealers for further information.

    Leather Seats:
    It does not really matter what type of leather protector you are using. Basically they will dry up and and keep it clean. The liquid won't soak into the leather anyway. I like to buy the products that they sell in the Auto Show. I go to Auto Show every year and I usually bought it. Not really remember the name but each year they have better product to introduce.
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    I just bought a Santa Fe from a dealer about 100 miles from my home. I asked the salesman if there was any breakin or precautions to take for a while and he said no and that I should hold it under 75 on my drive back to my home. After getting home I read in the owners manual to not drive above 55 for the first 1000 miles. Since I drove it at about 70mph for the first 75 miles does anyone have any thoughts on any problems that may arise?
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    I drove my SF from day 1 (only 5Km in odometer) at 120km/hr, occasionally reach 160km/hr, now reach almost 12,000km, engine still run at excellent condition, much smoother after 10,000km notice significant power boost end of break-in period may be the reason.
    I used synthetic oil at my 1st oil changed (at 6000km recommended in owner manual).
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    Kennyh2- You can order touch-up paint from your local dealer. I also have a small nick on my SF. It only took several days to get it in stock. It cost $6.95 give or take.
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    Does anybody have experience to share? I wonder whether fixing a child car seat to leather upholstery deforms/damages leather permanently.

  • billtungbilltung Member Posts: 255
    I placed a thick blanket between the child's car seat & the leather seat, the leater is still in brand new condition even after 6 months.
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    1 800 221-4875

    also try these websites for additional toys :) (GREAT prices on tires and rims)

    *proud owner of a 2002 Santa Fe GLS
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    Yes you should try to avoid using cruise control on the car for the first 1,000 or so miles if possible. Using cruise constantly will "train" your engine and transmission to peform in that horsepower range vs. using different speeds and gears as you drive. You should also avoid pushing the engine into the higher speed ranges (70mph+) if at all possible for the first 1,000 miles. The reason I say these things is #1: three different cars that i've owned has taught me this #2: any car mechanic would recommend it #3: it says the same thing in my car and driver magazine :):):)

    I owned a Chrysler Sebring and used cruise constantly whenever I drove it. This was after
    10,000 miles of use. By 40,000 miles the transmission performed better on 3rd gear at 65-75 mph (same speed as my local interstate, which I used for 90% of my trips to/from work and college) than at any other speed.Coincidence? Stay safe and drive smart. Love your Hyundai ;)
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    If you are offered paint protection by your Hyundai dealer I would generally avoid it. They really use nothing special whatsoever! They do not put an extra coat of paint on your car or anything close at all. More than one dealer and mechanic admitted that a paint protectant that costs about $20 is put on the car and an equally low cost finish is used. This does several hours of labor but comes nowhere near the cost of $300-$500 that some dealers charge. If you are looking to take car of your car's finish I would recommend PolyGlycoat as soon as you can wash your car after buying it. DO NOT wax your car before applying your special paint protectant. Good luck in keeping your new Santa Fe looking beautiful.
  • xhardc0rexxhardc0rex Member Posts: 5
    Try any good auto parts store (which is NOT Walmart by the way..LOL)
    They can match up the paint you need with what's available. If you
    need more than an ounce you'll save a ton of money too. Remember that
    any car dealer makes more on maintenance and upkeep of a car than
    on the original car sale.
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    Do I have to have my oil changes done by a Hyundai dealer? If I take it to a "Jiffy Lube" type of service center, they will not use genuine Hyundai oil filters - will that be a problem for my warranty?

    Perhaps I can buy a Hyundai oil filter and ask the "Jiffy Lube" to use my filter?

    Thank you,
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    One has to be careful with certain Oil change shops. Some of the places use a vacuum to suck the oil out which can leave a lot of things that you want out of your oil pan still there.... sludge, acids, small particles. The other part is the oil filters ... some stores have cheap oil filters with a low pressure bypass that does little to filter your oil when it starts to break down or get dirty.
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    You can get your oil changed anywhere as long as the oil meets the specs. Any name brand place should do it. Just keep your receipts in case of a warranty problem.
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    Love my new 02 SF GLS, and have 500 miles on it already driving at all different speeds. I have a trip coming up that will require 250 miles at freeway (65 mph) speed.

    I heard that you can vary the speed every 15-20 minutes to avoid problems with breaking it in. Anyone else heard of this or have any suggestions for long trips during the break in period?
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    In a review within edmunds.....

    GREAT CAR LOVE IT By anthony vazquez

    Does anyone know any more about this? I'm considering the sunroof option right now. Has anyone had any other bad experience with them as well?

  • tsberkey4tsberkey4 Member Posts: 40
    (ejappl: This is a re-post of a message I wrote on the main Santa Fe page a week ago.) I just bought my 2002.5 Santa Fe GLS and I had an aftermarket inbuilt sunroof put in. It is a Solaire 5300 and it is fabulous. It is made by Webasto-Hollandia, which is a major supplier to the big 3. They have a nationwide network of glass dealers that can install them. Our price was $1100, but there is a $100 coupon on the Webasto website. This is probably more than the factory will charge, but for those of us who didn't want to wait another 6 months for our Santa Fe, it was a fair price to pay. The website is and it has an application guide for all vehicles. You will want to be aware that due to pressure differences, you might have to close the sunroof slightly to avoid that horrible popping feeling in your head! Other than this minor detail, I love my new roof!

    (Since this post, I have nothing but positives to say about this product. Feel free to e-mail me if you have further questions.)
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    My teenage age son wants to change the oil on my suv.I've alway's taken it to the dealer for oil change. Can someone show us step-by step on oil change on my suv.Please help!!!
    Thanks for your advice.
  • tsberkey4tsberkey4 Member Posts: 40

    It's just my opinion, but when you are talking about the best warranty in the business, the last thing you want to do is mess with it by having ANY uncertified technician change the oil. If there are any problems down the road, it will be very easy for a Hyundai rep to say that your warranty is void. Again, it's just my opinion.

    Good luck with your Hyundai. I hope you love it as much as I do mine!!!
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    Boinker, I have to agree with tsberkey4, at least while your Santa Fe is still under warranty.

    Years ago, I had an AMC Alliance. I did the oil changes myself as scheduled, but the head gasket blew just before the 30,000 mile warranty expired. The dealer refused to honor the warranty despite the fact that I had good documentation. The regional rep was of no help. They only backed down after I filed a law suit. Everything worked out in the end, but the hassle was definitely not worth whatever I had saved on the oil changes.

    This is not to say that your son wouldn't do just as good a job as the dealership. The point is only to avoid giving the dealership a plausible excuse for avoiding an expensive warranty repair at some future time. But hopefully you'll never have any problems!
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    Here is something for Santa Fe owners to check. I have had my 2001 Black Santa Fe for 2 years and have almost 30,000 trouble free miles on it. However, I got out the polish and wax the other day and went to work and when I got up to start on the roof I was amazed at how many nicks and paint scratches were there. I normally use a wash mop to wash the roof and have not inspected it closely until now. I guess I just assumed the roof would look as good as the rest of the paint does. While there were nicks scattered all around the roof area, there seemed to be a higher concentration 2-5 inches behind the front and back rack rails. If any of you folkes have found this on your SF or if you have one a couple of years old and have no similar problem please post.(Especially if your paint is black.) Thanks.
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    I don't own a Hyundai but thought about it because of the warranty.Then I read peoples buying experiences where they have to pay for the warranty.Someone please explain why you have to pay for it?
  • jimbeaumijimbeaumi Member Posts: 620
    The Hyundai warranty is this: 10 years/100K miles of powertrain coverage, 5 years/50K miles of bumper-to-bumper coverage. Those of us who paid for additional coverage have paid for 10 years/100K miles of bumper to bumper coverage.
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    I have not had any problems with mine yet. It is a 2002 and is Gold (Sand Stone), so sorry no black. My thoughts about your scratches. First, I am a very particular cleaner of my cars. You use a mop on the top? Do you use this mop for anything else? The mop itself may be doing the scratching. I use only 100% cotton (made in USA) towels and rags on my cars. I was told that 100% cotton will not scratch, and towels that do not say "Made in USA" are not required to have 100% cotton (even if they say it). If you use the mop for anything else (say cleaning a floor) that could be your problem, as dirt or grit could still be trapped in the mop.

    Did your car sit through any hailstorms. This can also cause problems to the roof only.

    Last, have you transported anything on the roof. Maybe something touched the top.

    Just my thoughts.

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    Using something - anything - more than once to wash your car has potential to leave scratches. Your mop or sponge picks up grit from the vehicle surface, get embedded in the material, and the next thing you know you are effectively dragging sand paper over the paint.

    I never use those brush wands at the local car wash. I've seen too many people scrubbing down four wheelers and trucks that have been out in the mud with them. Which leads to a question:

    Since the water at a car wash is recycled, do you think that the water would contain small particulates that would act as an abrasive when shot out of a high pressure gun? I know they filter the water, but how well is it filtered?

    At least for a few years, I'll use a clean bucket of water and elbow grease. If I go to the car wash, it's just to pre-rinse the car and I don't get close to the paint with the nozzle.
  • wxjonwxjon Member Posts: 4

    You do bring up an interesting question. I almost never use any automated or self wash car place. I also never use the brush wand as that WILL scratch your car. I do not know whether the filtration system is good enough to remove dirt and grit. (My thought is no). I do not use automated brushless car washes either, because what "really" is that soap or "special" stuff that shoots on your car? Is it extra strong to help clean your car so it will look as good as hand washing? What will the stuff to your current wax or worse paint?

    I only use a commercial car wash when it is too cold to do it myself, and there is a ton of salt on the cars.

    Best advice I can give anyone is wash by hand and wash often.

    Just my two cents

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    Nothing new since July?
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    Last night while I'm sitting at the light in a snowstorm my lights on the radio buttons and the instrument panel lights started blinking then next the abs and the tcs light flash on,then when the light change gave it gas everything lit up then it tcs flash on again made it home thank God back into the driveway went to started it this morning , its dead. I don't know what has happen but I can't get my 2001 santa fe in till Wed.of course when I called I hadn't tried to started then,since we had a storm their weren't all in so now I have not car till Wed. Has anyone else had a problem with these lights and what are they I do know the abs is the brakes but I don't know what cause them to come on. Any info would be appreciated.
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    I have a 2003 Santa Fe with 5,000 miles on it. I bought it new. When I start the engine for the first time each day the engine immediately revs to 2,500 rpm's. I am wondering if that high of rev's on a cold engine will not have enough lubricant for the first few seconds and cause damage? Does anyone know.

    My grandaughter has the same year and model and hers does not race upon first starting.

    I would appreciate any advice.


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    I recently took my 6 cyl 2002 Sante Fe in for a required oil change, which I do every 3,000 to 3,500 miles There was about 39,500 miles on the vehicle at this time and the service manager told me that Hyundai suggested an engine flush at about $99 and an electronic fuel injector flush at about $149. I couldn't understand why these services would be required on a vehicle with relatively low mileage, so I told him to just do the oil change and I would think about these additional services. On the invoice, he indicated that he suggested these services and I refused.

    I'm inclined to go for the electronic fuel injector flush, but not at the dealer. A local nationwide oil change shop will do the three part flush for $75, and the owner told me it probably would increase my gas mileage. But, no one can explain why I would need an engine flush at this time. I always use national brand gas and my tank never goes below a quarter.

    Does anyone have any input as to whether these services are required on this vehicle at this time? Even if not required, any suggestions as to whether I should do them at this time?
  • cjb2486cjb2486 Member Posts: 26
    Unless the owner's manual dictates the service, I wouldn't do it. The old saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" comes to mind. In other words, anytime anyone starts messing with things, there is a chance that something will be messed up. Assuming you bought your Hyundai new, it came with a 100,000 mile warranty. In the very unlikely event that the engine has some failure before then, and you got regular oil changes, the repairs will come courtesy of Hyundai. So, why bother with the engine flush? As far as the fuel injector cleaning goes, if the car is running well, and getting the gas mileage it's supposed to, what exactly is the point of cleaning something that appears to be functioning fine?
    Just my 2 cents.
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Member Posts: 804
    what exactly is the point of cleaning something that appears to be functioning fine?

    The thing you need to keep in mind is that if it is not listed in the owner's manual or warranty manual, the suggested services are nothing but an attempt by the service department to increase their profit margin. The comment that was made about having the notation on the bill that a service was offered but refused is usually a way that a service manager checks that his service writers are offering that service to all customers. I used to work in retail management and add-ons and suggested services beyond a recommended warranty/service schedule are almost all profit for the vendor. Don't fall for it! :(
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    I bought a Santa Fe about 2 years ago brand new. I have had my car in the shop more than not. I have had to have the front wheel bearings replaced twice in one year and then the rear ones to. I have also had the engine light come on multiple times and had to have that serviced. Each time I went in they found something else wrong that needed to be replaced. It was either a gasket or a plug but each time they fixed it. Now I have been hearing a whining noise from my front left tire and brought it in and they found something else wrong. I still have the whining noise. Now this past week my car will not start up. I have to try it 5 or 6 times to get it going. Today was the worst I was out running errands and my car wouldn't start. All that I would get is clicking noises when I turned the key. I am gonna take it in the dealer again in the morning. This will be the third time in less than 3 weeks. I am getting tired of having to take it in. I am glad that I am not having to pay anything for the repairs. I am just tired of taking it in and having to rearrange my schedule to constantly bring my car into the shop. Has anyone had any of these problems? Can anyone give me any suggestions as to what I should do? :sick: :lemon: :confuse:
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    I have a 2002 Santa Fe 2w drive auto 6 cyl. I see in the owners manual that the engine timing belt must be replaced at 60,000 miles for waranty. I would like to do this myself since the dealer wants $725. I have the experience to do this level of work but can any one tell me if they've done it and is it worth the trouble. Also is there anyplace to get the procedure/tips etc.

  • rwolfrwolf Member Posts: 1
    My daughter-in -laws 2001 Sante Fe will buck or hiccup at interstate speeds.has over 100,000 miles but runs okay at in town speeds.
  • emeinkingemeinking Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Santa Fe and like to do some of the maintanence myself, but I'm having a hard time finding a service manual. Does any one know where may I get one or is one in publication.
  • coonkidcoonkid Member Posts: 2
    Don't tow this AWD vehicle! The Owner's Manual specifically states it must be transported on a trailor. BTW, the other very popular towable you will see are Saturn sedan type products.
  • tman16tman16 Member Posts: 4
    U can find a haynes manule in your local car store..

    I have a prob wiyth my 2004 ,sante fe the paint is comming off,,they sau do do bird droppings,,it eats thru thr clear coat :D
  • tman16tman16 Member Posts: 4
    HI .I have a 2004 sante fe..8mths old and I am seeing the paint in spots is gone,,right down to the base..I was told this wa due to bird dropping,,my car is washed every week,,I took to dealer they told me not covered,,at all..I said 26000 car they should do someting but no So I have send a letter stating the fact to HQ.awaiting for a reply :mad:
  • tman16tman16 Member Posts: 4
    To responsed to calaling them I alsready did .there answer was,the only go by what the indviual dealer says :mad:
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    How do you remove radiator cap. it seems not the usual style. Don't want to force it.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • grizzlydudegrizzlydude Member Posts: 6
    In climbing around under my 2004 Santa Fe 4WD, I noticed a grease fitting on the universal joint at the connection to the driveshaft that goes to the rear of the car. This is neither mentioned in the maintenance schedule nor the shop manual (that I can find). Has anyone noticed this and verified if it needs to be lubricated periodically (and if so with what)?
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