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2007 Acura TL vs. Nissan Altima



  • mf15mf15 Posts: 158
    Jaeger; That is one of my problems with the Altima, it can be over 32000, I know they are pricing them up with Camry, and Accord, but loaded for about 26000 is more in line for a V6. Also the 30000 Jetta was a joke VW found they could just not sell at those high prices. They are selling a lot of Altimas, but they are the cheaper ones, my dealer stocks very few V6's. the rest are the four cylinders for much less money.
    Might have to at least look at an is250 AWD but that too is more than I wish to spend. But it does have slightly more power than the TSX.
    Old Mike
  • jaeger1jaeger1 Posts: 43
    Pricing on the Altima is right in line with Camry and (presumably) the new Accord. You may feel that all these cars are overpriced and you may have a point, but it is the going fare. Germans cost more, Japanese premium brands cost more, Americans cost less. You may want to look at Hyundai as they tend to undercut CamAccAlt by a couple grand.

    Keep in mind that while the IS250 AWD does have a bit more power than the TSX, it is also carrying a LOT more weight - as in 300lb. more. That is the rough equivalent of having a defensive lineman as a passenger all day every day.


    Edit:- When I was looking up the stats on TSX / IS250 I was reminded about something else that bothered me about the Acura - the boatlike 40ft. turning circle. It is something I have seen owners gripe about on Acura boards. My substantially larger Altima turns a significantly tighter circle - an important feature where urban manouevering and tight parking are part of your driving reality.
  • mf15mf15 Posts: 158
    No not really interested in a Hyundai or even american cars, I will of course pay the piper like everyone else for what they really want, if I can decide what I really want.
    If I do end up with an Altima it will be because I can get a very good price through the Nissan VPP program.

    Old Mike
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Infinity G35 AWD - nice car (I have an I30 now that I will trade in). This is definitely a contender. Nice power and luxury, but it didn't seem to have the immediate pick-up that my I30 has. Perhaps the test model needs to be broken in more or perhaps it's the AWD model over the rear wheel drive???

    I have an 07 G35x and low end acceleration is not a problem... maybe it was your particular loaner. With the adaptive learning tranny, maybe your test car was babied.
    Put it in DS mode and you'll see a major difference in acceleration.
    First gear is 'sink you in the seat' quick, but when second gear kicks in, holy cow!

    I came up behind an 07 Altima yesterday on the highway and I have to say, it's actually very nice looking on the road.
    I like the newly designed back end, and the rear/side angle view is also very nice.
    The front end though... not too sure I like that.
  • jeffatljeffatl Posts: 12
    I will be picking up the TL for the night and will test the turning circle and pay close attention to the comfort. I will be paying close attention to both and if they don't measure up, will look at the Maxima and Altima yet again. The Maxima looks classier than the Altima, but less HP and $3500 (approx) more.
  • bv050506bv050506 Posts: 97
    Just giving you a heads up. I had the newly designed Maxima in '04. A very nice car! It had a turning circle just shy of a aircraft carrier, and horrible torque steer. I now have an '07 AltimaSE 3.5 No torque steer and turns fine. I'm not sure when they added the CVT to the Maxima if they corrected the torque steer problem. Enjoy the shopping/hunt it's half the fun! I do love the Altima by the way!
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,097
    '05 TL owner here. Very wide turning radius (like the aforementioned aircraft carrier...!). One of my only dislikes of the TL. And for me, was not a factor in deciding to buy the TL. So, you know going in...

    '13 Jaguar XF, possibly my favorite of all the cars I've owned. But, my '09 Jag XK was a beauty, as was my '05 Acura TL, '88 Acura Integra, '84 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo & '78 VW Scirocco (my first!). And, of course, the '92 Nissan Sentra SE-R and '95 Saab 900s I bought for the ex... Ok, I like a lot of the cars in my life.

  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    05 TL owner here as well. Turning radius was at the bottom if at all on my list of deciding factors. Since, I don't live in a very congested area like Manhatten, NY or do u-turns more than once a month ( more like 2 months), the boat like turning radius of the TL was a non-factor. It is horrendous though.
    Car shopping sure is fun ;)
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    If you put a 6MT in reverse, turn the wheel all the way to one side, get the RPMs up to 6,000 and drop the clutch, I hear they turn on a dime! ;)
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    I now have an '07 AltimaSE 3.5 No torque steer and turns fine. I'm not sure when they added the CVT to the Maxima if they corrected the torque steer problem.

    It wasn't the cvt that ended the dreaded torque steer problem. The lowered the engine so the half shafts would be level.
  • jaeger1jaeger1 Posts: 43
    It wasn't the cvt that ended the dreaded torque steer problem. The lowered the engine so the half shafts would be level

    Correct. The transmission had nothing to with it. The fix came via and all-new platform which the Altim rides on, but the Maxima doesn't. It still wiggles and squirms.
  • bv050506bv050506 Posts: 97
    Probably said it wrong. When they added the CVT tranny to the Altima, they also corrected they torque steer problem that annoyed it in prior models. They are not related, i just wondered if they addressed that problem on the Max at the same time they made the tranny move to CVT?!?!? So, did they lower the engine on the Max too or leave it the same?!?!?
  • jaeger1jaeger1 Posts: 43
    It's not that they simply lowered the engine on the Altima, although that (and equal length half-shafts) is the primary reason for the near elimination of torque steer. It's that those changes were all incorporated into Nissan's all new "D" platform which the Altima rides on.

    The Maxima does not share this new platform and hence has not benefitted from those commendable changes. The Maxima is pretty much as it was in terms of torque steer. One more reason it is becoming an increasingly hard sell against the Altima.
  • kennyg8kennyg8 Posts: 225
    "The Maxima does not share this new platform and hence has not benefitted from those commendable changes. The Maxima is pretty much as it was in terms of torque steer. One more reason it is becoming an increasingly hard sell against the Altima."

    If this is indeed true, there isn't a whole of reason in spending more $$ on a Maxima than an Altima. Although Maxima is Nissan's flagship car, it seems like the Altima is better, at least from a technology perspective. Do I see an imminent demise of the Maxima since it is a slow selling car, despite hefty discounts. Nissan had always wanted the Maxima to compete with the TL, but it has consistently failed. Potential buyers usually cross shop Maxima with Avalon, Camry and Accord (and even Altima).
  • jaeger1jaeger1 Posts: 43
    The Maxima's main strength is a high level of model-specific brand loyalty. Lots of Maxima drivers will ONLY consider a new Maxima when the time comes and not cross-shop anything else at all. Says a lot for what the car has deliverd over the years.

    The Maxima's biggest weakness is a lack of self-definition. We are WAY to hell and gone from the 4DSC ( four door sports car) days with the current model. So what is it, exactly? I would LOVE to see Nissan return to its performance roots with this model and make the new Maxima a smaller, higher-performance offering than the current Altima.

    The world does not need any more bloated limos, with transparent sporting pretensions - which is what the current Maxima has become IMHO.

  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    The Altima's redesign is more recent than that of the Maxima.

    I would not be surprised if the next gen Maxima puts the Altima to shame... in all categories.
  • jaeger1jaeger1 Posts: 43
    "I would not be surprised if the next gen Maxima puts the Altima to shame... in all categories."

    I hope it does - and as Nissan's flagship, it should. But not if Nissan's idea of "better" is to simply keep making it bigger and heavier as they have done with each successive generation of the Maxima.
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    The Altima's redesign is more recent than that of the Maxima.

    I think, its 2009.
  • kennyg8kennyg8 Posts: 225
    "The Maxima's main strength is a high level of model-specific brand loyalty. Lots of Maxima drivers will ONLY consider a new Maxima when the time comes and not cross-shop anything else at all. Says a lot for what the car has deliverd over the years."

    I know the Maxima very well, as I owned three of them - 92, 97 and 03, which were all reliable and performed well. After the 03 version, Maximas have become bloated and less sporty. More importantly, I believe quality control has declined, as they are no longer made in Japan. I am not trashing the Max by any means. I think it is still a fairly respectable car, but it isn't the same 4DSC that Max fans used to know and identify with. I hope Nissan finds a way to revive this flagship to its glory, instead of hiding in the shadow of its little sister Altima.

    I drive the 06 TL now. It is a great car with lots of techno features, and it is priced very well when compared with cars of similar caliber, such as BMW 3 series, Audi 4 and G35. Like the current Maxima, TL is made in the U.S., and it comes with a few annoying squeaks that the dealer has yet figured out a way to fix. Other than the squeaks, the car performs beautifully, and is a better car than the current Maxima in ALL RESPECTS.
  • keithlkeithl Posts: 106
    Ok so warranty makes a car a luxury car? I have driven 3 TL's last few years and I will say that I love the TL, but for the $4K difference i'm not sure right now, the Altima is not as quiet as the TL, and it is a little light int he steering feel, but it has more features and optiosn thana TL. The backup camera is better, it has push button start and the interior is as roomy or more so. Also to argue the nameplate debate, honda takes a eurpoean Accord and puts an Acura TSX badge on it and charges us Americans more for it, so really what is the difference? The TL is an American Accord with some nicer features and a $3K-$5K premium. What it comes down to is does the vehicle you are looking at have what you want for the price you want.
  • keithlkeithl Posts: 106
    I doubt the next TL will be rear wheel drive, if it is the price will be substantially higher than the current one as the reason current TL is reasonable is it share many components with the Accord. It may have SH-AWD, but again that will drive the price up. And the fire sale won't happen until fall of 08 when the 09 TL starts shipping and I still don't think they will be as cheap as a loaded Altima.
  • mf15mf15 Posts: 158
    Have now taken second test drive in TSX auto and Altima
    3.5SL and I am still confused as to what I want or need.
    This was a high speed test drive no dealer with me on the TSX, but dealer in the Altima but I did not care, told him in advance will be going very fast on four lane.
    TSX really have to rev the engine, could not get it to kick down a gear in regular D, perhaps need to really press the pedal to the floor hard, not sure. What this did was to make the RPM climb slowly never got to vtec, since by then was going too fast,around 80. Problem was getting to 80 seemed like it took to long, also was not real happy with
    on ramp merge, my jeep seems faster. Taking bumps at high speed, suspension rock hard. Air condition nice and cold,
    stereo believe it or not the Bose in the Altima might sound better, not 100% sure on this did not adjust base and treble too much.
    Altima, pure effortless power at any speed up to about 80, did not go faster. Did not notice torque steer,high speed merge no problem, bumps in road OK, drove same route in both cars, tried to find worst parts of road.
    My problem, Altima bigger than I need, not as nice interior,worse MPG,would rather have a key than push button start, belive it or not really like the blue lights in the TSX dash. Did notice Acura salesmen never seem to smile. Almost like why do you want a second test drive, just buy it now, it is of course better than other cars.
    Old Mike
  • keithlkeithl Posts: 106

    I have owned 3 Acura TL (04, 06 and now 07) and driven a TSX routinely as loaner cars. I have taken the 07 Altima 2.5 SL out twice now for a test drive and I can tell you the Bose in the Altima blows away anything int he Acuras. The TSX has the wimpy 360 watt sound system from the Civic. The TL has some fancy under powered muddy sounding ELS DVD-A system. The JBL in the Camry this year and the Altima Bose both run circles around anything Honda offers. Honda is so far behind in offering quality sound systems it isn't funny.
    I have not driven the 3.5 Altima, btu was very impressed with the acceleration in the 2.5 Altima. Most would never know it is a 4 cyl, they would think it is a small 6. The TSX is narrow and cramped for me, but I am 6 foot and 225 lbs. The Altima has at least as much room or more than my TL. The Altima is just about as quiet on the road as my TL. Where the Altima falls short for me is the numb steering. I almost thought I was in a Camry, the lack of center sterring feel and the overly light steering with no feedback were bad in my book. The ride quality was good, the interior materials are as good as my TL or in some instance (dash) better. I do love the TL guage cluster and smoother sleek look to the center instrument pod. One thing Acura offers that I think they all shoudl, is the TPMS is viewable via the info panel and it shows the exact pressure in each tire. I like that becasue I am anal about my tire pressure and don't want my tires all over the plce. Most TPMS will warn when 20% low that could be 6+ PSI under inflated. The backup camera in the Altima is way better the the TL. If the Altmia had better road feel and steering I would be down grading from my TL. A peppey, luxorious big car with all the bells and whistles and better MPG with only small performance (in real world driving) and save $7K is a no brainer. Nissan has a winner if they maybe could offer some sport package that would fix the numb cacoon like steering and feedback. Next up, let's see how Honda does witht he new 08 Accord, the bar is being raised pretty high by Nissan.
  • jaeger1jaeger1 Posts: 43
    I have a feeling Nissan is holding something back for the SE-R versions of the Altima coupe and sedan. No doubt 18" wheels with wider peformance tires and a more dedicated sport suspension will grace those models.

    Thanks for the candid and detailed TL / Altima review.

  • mf15mf15 Posts: 158
    Keith if you were impressed with the 2.5 try the 3.5.
    Glad to see I was not hearing things when I thought the Bose sounded better than the TSX stereo. I was so occupied
    with the 3.5 power I did not pay too much attention to steering and road manners, will need another test drive.
    Yes the 08 accord may set the bar higher will have to wait and see. If Honda has not done what Nissan has done it will still have torque steer, where the Altima has eliminated it.
    I am leaning towards the Altima right now, even with the things I do not like about it. I have also checked online inventory at 4 local dealers not one has a bare bones Sl,
    they all have about 4000 in additional options I dont want which brings it up over 32000.
    The TSX drove very nice, good steering feel, with connection to the road, but I thought the suspension was perhaps harsh transmitted bumps or holes in the road quite well/perhaps too well. Old Mike
  • mf15mf15 Posts: 158
    Went up to the Nissan and Acura and even Lincoln dealers today Sunday so I could look at colors without being bothered. Looked at milan and mkz, no thanks don't like the dash,reminds me too much of my sons 89 F250.
    Liked the blue or sunset altima with charcoal interior
    I guess I might have to live with the orange dash lights, but if I buy they could be changed to blue. Tl interior nicer than Altima but probably not worth the price difference to me. Pretty much ruled out the TSX for lack of torque although I love the car. As I was looking at the TL's
    out in front of the Acura dealer I noticed one sitting up on blocks with no wheels, someone must have got the wheels last night.
    The question is to wait on the 08 Accord, not sure I like the pictures of it on the web, but I am sure they will raise the bar mechanically and on the interior.
    I have now checked online inventory of Altima barbones SL's
    for about 50 miles out of Philly, perhaps one or two, I do not want navi. But the good thing is that the rebates have started on the Altima. Perhaps they want to get rid of the 07's before the 08's start to roll in, or they are not meeting sales goals, they still have not caught the Accord, let alone Camry.
    Old Mike
  • mf15mf15 Posts: 158
    Perhaps I spoke too soon, I see that there now is 1000 cash to dealer on the 07 TSX, so if you can get it at invoice -1000 that is 25761 +TTl, not bad. I guess will have to take it on one more test drive and really push hard on the pedal to get it to kick down then check the passing power at high speeds, will also take a tire pressure gauge and see if the tires are at 40 psig which might have made the bumps on my last test drive seem rock hard.
    I also think the Altima once you add options is priced too high compared to camcords. So might be back to square 1 for a little while,still have time.
    Will no more when the media embargo ends on Aug 21st for the 08 accord. Old Mike
  • keithlkeithl Posts: 106
    08 will be last year fo rthe current body styles of the TSX and TL, my guess is by May 08 the TSX will be replaced witht he 09 and then by October the TL gets replaced. I have driven TSX and TL, the TSX is a firmer and shoppier ride, but well controlled. I run my TL tires at 37 PSI and they still ride decent. The Altima is a little noisier on the road than the TL and a bit less behaved over the bumps, more jittery. But the Altima is a nice ride, very comfortable and the Bose blows the doors off the TL and TSX audio. The TL interior ergonomics are one of the best in any car I have seen, the guages and control layouts are nice and the flow of the center pod with the nav and controls is seamless and very pleasing to the eyes. The Altima guages are a tad cheapy looking. Also one thing I love about the TL that I have not seen on anything else is the way they light the guages. They are at full brightness when the headlights are off, then when you put the headlights on they are where ever you had them adjusted to and with a simple push button (during twilight) you can MAX the brightness then when it gets darker hit the button again and they go back. Guage lights shoudl not be a distraction at nitgh and many people run theirs too bright casuing them to take away from detail ont he road, I hate having to constantly adjust the guage brightness and the TL has the perfect solution.
  • jaeger1jaeger1 Posts: 43
    Just my opinion, but that $1,000 in your pocket isn't going to make the TSX any torquier. How many times have you test-driven it now and found the torque lacking each time? Having already ruled the car out for lack of torque, trying to talk yourself back into it because somebody dangled a $1k carrot in front of your nose seems like a recipe for buyers remorse to me.

  • mf15mf15 Posts: 158
    Jaeger1: You are probably right, it seems that I am really looking for power over refinement at this price point.
    I also see that there now is 1500 cash to dealer on the TL.
    I stil have time and can wait to see what else develops, really dont think Tl will get any better but the Altima could have higher rebates even though Nissan has stated that they do not intend to use rebates much anymore.
    Anyhow I have now looked about 100 miles out from Philly
    found two blue SL's but with blond interior without tech package and I think one or two slate with charcoal interior.
    Really would like the blue/charcoal. I keep telling myself
    no grey/silver cars.
    Old Mike
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