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2006 Jeep Commander Brush Guard

blkcommanderblkcommander Posts: 6
edited March 2014 in Jeep
I have a 2006 Commander that I use on backroads going to fishing spots. My dealer said they didn't know of any front "brush guards" for this truck.
I found a company, Manik, that offers two, one in Polished SS and one in matte black. I bought the SS unit and had it installed, it looks great. You can go to the Manik web-site for a pix, (Not real good) or drop me a note and I'll send yo a pix of mine.
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  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    There's a photo album on your CarSpace page - please post some pics of the brushguard there (plus we'd love to see some snaps of your new rig!). Thanks.
  • Once we bought the 07 Commander.. I was put in charge of seeking out the accessories one needs to official call the Commander Ours. But found it hard going.. due to the fact the Commander is still a pup..

    There are a handful of part suppliers and new parts are being developed as we speak.. I mean if it wasn't for people like you and me asking these parts suppliers to create something we want or need for our jeeps.. we never would have it.. Sure we may never catch up to the extreme parting of the Wranglers.. But one has to figure how long the Wrangler has been around.

    With your addition of the "Brush Guard" that makes three different types of Guards I've been able to find. So the list will continue to grow, as long as there is a demand.

    As for our Commander?.. Just a few simple items, (Floor mats, Cargo Mat, Wind deflectors, Bug Guard, JetChip) and this pup can be call ours.
  • Just an Update On the "brush guards" issue..

    As far as we or I can tell.. None of the major manufactures of "brush guards" are going to even remotely attempt to create some. I have pushed for server years to have them (Bushwacker) create some brush guards for our commanders..

    The only thing you and I can do.. Is keep emailing them and request that they reconsider the Brush guards for our jeep.

    Thou one thing may happen.. Because the Commander will no long be made her ein the states.. we may have to wait even longer for these types of accessories.. Maybe someone in Europe will create these brush guards.. after jeep relocates to UK.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    European pedestrian laws are pretty strict from what I understand so I doubt that many EU companies will rush to make brush guards for the Commander. Although I've heard that some of the new guards do break-away in case of an accident more easily.

    Maybe search some Australian sites - they may be dumping some since the government there intends to introduce new regulations regarding the manufacture and fitment of bull bars. (link).
  • Just got word from Bushwacker, Warn and Bestop (awaiting Rugged Ridge) on the issue of Fender flares.. Seems yet again due tot he fact that the Commander is not going to be produced here in the states, the commander owners may never see any fender flares.. Yet.. I have spoken with my cousin in Tennessee (who works for a tool and die company which in turn can fabricate the Flares him and I created) about creating a line of fender flares. Trouble is we need $50,000 just to have the Molds created.. where is the lotto when you need it..
    So any Commander owner out there that wants or has an interest in Flares for you Commander.. Please post a response here or join: "The XKommunicated" group site.
    "We will only survive In Numbers"
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