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Lexus GS 450h Interior & Passenger Comfort Concerns

jhowjhow Posts: 6
Although I love the way my GS450h performs, I am having a problem with the car that has become serious. While driving the car, I develop tingling sensations in either my hand or foot of forearm. I have worked to rule out any kind of problem with the seat adjustment etc. It happens very consistently whenever I drive for more than a few minutes. Has anyone else noticed anything like this?


  • Has anyone encountered this problem where it was very windy and on opening the door it slammed in the opposite direction and the hinge broke? I have spoken to so many Lexus owners and they have never heard of such a thing. Lexus dealership refuses to acknowledge that it is a fault of their design but I am positive!!! I had to pay almost $1000 from my pocket to get it fixed.
  • Owners:

    Have you had your GS-H in the snow? How does it handle? How is the traction??? Yes, a good driver and snow tires can do anything, however pittsburgh winters can be tricky and work and family suffer when you are stranded. In Pittsburgh, we have plenty of hills, and during snow storms often people get stuck on these hills. You may behind one of these people, forcing the starting and stopping on an incline, which can be difficult with RWD. Anyone have any experience in this realm??
  • I have a 2009 GS450h and have never driven it in the snow or ice. Granted I live in northern California but I have made sure to take a different car to Tahoe during the winter trips. I am just not sure how a car with so much torque and run-flat tires will perform on snow, so not willing to take the chance.
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