Infiniti G35 Clear Plastic Bra

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I am thinking of getting the clear plastic bra (protective film) installed on my Infiniti G35.

Does anyone have pictures of their G35 after the bra has been installed. I can't seem to find any good ones on the web.

Also, I heard the plastic bra can vibrate and scratch the paint underneath at high speeds - is this the same experience for others?



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    Does anyone have pictures of their G35 after the bra has been installed
    Now come on, if there is a clear plastic bra installed, do you really think you can see it in a picture? :D

    Seriously, if you go to the G35 Care & Maintenance forum on this board, search on 3M, you'll get a number of postings addressing the 3M clear plastic.

    I heard the plastic bra can vibrate and scratch the paint underneath at high speeds - is this the same experience for others

    I believe what you've heard relates to the solid material which is usually black maybe vibrating if it's not attached tightly with the velcro, causing some rubbing. Besides looking like hell, I would NEVER put something like that on my car due to the possibility of paint fading and/or the friction. The clear material, made by 3M and other manufacturers, is far superior and virtually invisible. Personally, I opted for it installed aftermarket since a dealer is going to charge way too much, throwing in his markup, since he either takes it to an installer (like you could) or the installer comes to the dealership. Cut the dealer out and save yourself $.
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    The clear bra I had installed on the entire front end + covered headlights & mirrors - product used was Venture Shield...highly recommended over 3M. This is the 2nd car I've had covered with Venture Shield and am totally pleased with the results; cost approx $550, I believe.
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    I have the 3M on my front bumper on my 04 G35 Coupe since 03. Looks as good today as the day it was installed. Very expensive but worth every penny. Some clear bra products do not have a protective film on top and although look great upon installation, lose the finish after a year in the sun. I'm very please with the protection and the durability.
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    I too have a clear shield on the hood only. It is not the 3M product but looks as shiny today as it did two years ago. I keep a coating of wax on it. The bumper has lots of spots on it from pebbles and stones thrown up on it. The hood looks like it did when we picked the car up in 05.
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    I'm very happy with the 3M on my 07.
    It covers the hood, fenders, entire front bumper and side mirrors.

    Another great thing about the film is how easy dead bugs wipe off. :D
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    I am lookng for an installer of the 3M in Louisiana....this is off the subject but what products do you use for your sealant and wax if you top off the sealant........ :surprise:
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    I'm not sure what you mean by topping off the sealant, but I use Liquid Glass for my paint. I use Plexus for the clear bra.
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    I have used Poorbooy's EX as a sealant and then top it with a coat of P21s wax.I have a 07 G35 on order... Blue Slate in color and debating if I should use FMJ on it. Not sure how this product will look on the slate blue...... :confuse:
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    I "Dawn" and clay my car twice a year... Spring and Fall.
    I then layer my Zaino products.
    Z-5, Z-6, Z-2, Z-6, Z-2, Z-6, Z-2, Z-6 and then I just keep it looking great with coats of wax until I strip and clay again.
    I treat the film like all other parts of the car, no special products.
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    That will keep your car in great shape....I finally found someone to put the 3M clear bra on my car. Did you have your entire hood done or did they go about 24" up the hood? You used the Zaino and wax on the clear bra itself?If they went 24" up the hood does the line show that car will be the blue slate in color.
    Also when you wax your is the wax product around the clear bra edges?
    Sorry..for all the questions but I do not know anyone locally who has the clear bra........
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    I nevered liked that look of the clear bra line accross the front of the hood. It looked really bad. I don't see many of the hoods done anymore. Mostly front bumpers.
  • tang2tang2 Member Posts: 12's like a guy told can buy the cloth bra's that look like hell from a mile away and beat up the front of the car, don't put anything on the front and let the rocks, gravel and bugs tear the front up or get the clear bra....I am leaning to the clear bra :confuse:
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    If kept clean and if you are careful to not allow wax build up, the seam is virtually invisible.
    My coverage is also 24" on the hood, in the center.
    It offers great coverage without coming up too far.

    I also have Blue Slate.
    You're going to love your car!!!

    When waxing, run along the seam and not against it so wax does not build up.
    Buff off the same way.
    I only do this along the seams, since all other application and removal lines should be horizontal, and front to back.

    My 3M is not noticable until pointed out and I'm 100% happy with it.
    Would you rather a slightly noticable line when the cars dirty,or a hood covered in chips, as some have complained of?
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    Thanks for the info...I am going to get the clear bra...I am fanatical about cleaning my clear bra it is...I would hate to have the front end a mess of chips..

    Now I have to wait about 35 more days for my G35 :cry: ...I feel like a kid waiting to open his Christmas presents...can't wait to hear that low growl as I pull out of the driveway ;)
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    Don't make the mistake that many owners make. Get the clear bra immediately upon purchasing your car. Even the ride home on the congested highway can lead to a nasty chip.
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    The wait for my car to arrive was incredibly painful.
    I finally got the car that it was in and I was then given the unfortunate news that their 3M Certified installer was on vacation. :cry:
    I had to then wait another week for my car to be ready, or drive it home without the 3M protection.
    I opted to wait the additional week.

    My brother-in-law has a new black Honda Accord.
    I noticed this weekend, a pea sized chip on his hood... already rusting.

    I'm so happy I got the protection.
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    Please let me know.
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    I found an installer but not in NYC. The installer I found is in Mahopac, NY. I plan to have them install a bra on my G35x in two weeks. They use the 3M product.

    Putnam Window Tint
    25 Miller Road
    Mahopac, NY 10541
    Tel: 845-628-7582
    Fax: 845-628-0048
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    Did you get it installed at Putnam Window Tint? How's the quality of the job and what did they charge? I am in SouthWestern CT and am also looking for a certified 3M installer. Does Putnam Window Tint have certified 3M installers?

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    If you're up for a 2 1/2 hour drive, I highly suggest driving to Warwick, RI and paying a visit to Inskip Infiniti.
    They have a 3m certified installer on staff, Alejandro Creamer.
    He did my car before I took delivery and the job is absolutely perfect... and I'm near impossible to please.

    I paid $695 for the entire front end (entended coverage if looking at xpel's website)
    Front bumper (including lower spoiler), Hood, Fenders and Mirrors.
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    I'm going to be buying an 08 in a few weeks and I'm trying to figure out if I need this.

    Specifically, I'm wondering whether you are doing this because 1. you are all "car guys" (or gals) and fanatical about even the smallest chips in your cars, or 2. the G35 specifically is more prone to chips than other vehicles.

    Keep in mind I am not a "car guy," both my wife and I work long hours, and we have three young kids. The extra step of getting this installed is going to be a big hassle. How necessary is it for someone like me?
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    For myself, I'm not fanatical about the smallest chips in the car, it's a matter of protecting the investment, although it's a depreciating investment. The G is no more prone to chips than any other cars; some might say the G has issues with the paint flaking off easier than others, but I haven't found that to be true.

    Guess you have to ask yourself whether you care about what your $30K+ car looks like. If you're so busy that you wash your car infrequently and/or you allow your kids to trash the interior, I would recommend you save the $ and take a pass on the clear bra. Since you characterize getting it installed as a big hassle, maybe there's a better place to spend the cash.
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    both my wife and I work long hours, and we have three young kids. The extra step of getting this installed is going to be a big hassle

    Hassle of having it installed?
    Have it done at the dealership before you take delivery... what hassle it that?

    To answer your question, I did it for both reasons.
    I'm the guy who carries water, detailer's spray and micro-fiber towels in my trunk's cargo net, in case there's a bird dropping on my car when I come out.
    I would NEVER let it sit there for 24 hours.

    I also would not want my car covered in paint ships.
    It's not Infiniti paint, but the newer paints in general... yes, they chip very easily.

    I also have a long commute, kids and a very busy schedule.
    I would rather spend my time doing necessary things rather than spending a day filling chips and buffing them in.
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    It depends where, how much you drive, and the conditions of the road. I've found that my daily driving commute, mainly on the highway (28 miles each way) easily leads to quite a few stone chips. As it happens, I didn't get it installed at the dealer, and had the car a week before getting this done. Already there were a couple of small chips! Seems well worth it to me! Definitely wouldn't say I was quite a fanatic (like Scottm123). ;) I'm more of a practical enthusiast. :shades:

    If you can find someone to come and install this at your house, rather than doing it before taking delivery at the dealer, it's still very convenient. You might save a significant pile of $$ going directly to a certified installer too. I used the same guy my dealer does and saved myself $145 (when compared to the dealer "discounted" price) on the full package. It was lucky that in my area (Chicagoland) there are a number of certified installers to choose between.
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    Thanks much for the thoughtful replies. Will most likely have the installer come to my house and apply it there.
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    Maybe it's the fanatic in me... but I had it done at the dealer before delivery for a reason.
    It's a 1.5 hour drive to the dealer, and it's mostly all highway...highway that's seen better days.

    I knew that it would be just my luck to get the car, and even with the film being installed a day or 2 later, the finish would not be flawless.

    If you have it done by a certified installer at the dealership, the job is done before you take delivery.
    Now you have a car with film already installed before you put any miles on it, and a film that's covered by both 3m and the dealership.

    I understand the benefit of saving a few bucks.
    I also called around and then explained to the dealer that I could save $100 by having them do it elsewhere.
    The dealership came down to meet my price and the job was done the morning of my delivery.
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    "I paid $695 for the entire front end (entended coverage if looking at xpel's website)
    Front bumper (including lower spoiler), Hood, Fenders and Mirrors."

    Scott - sorry, xpel's website? What is the URL? - wanted to check out the extent of coverage you got for the $695.
  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501

    If you go to their website and choose Products and then Clear Bra Paint Protection... you can search for the available kits for the 07 G35.
    I posted a direct link to the kits here but the link wouldn't work from the Edmunds post.. not sure why, but I think it was due to their link being https.
    Anyway, choose to view the pics of each kit to get an idea of coverage.

    I went with the Hood, Fender, Mirror kit with Extended Coverage (2nd down from top) and the Bumper Kit with Grille Piece with Extended Coverage (6th down from top)

    I used this site to go back and forth with the installer, so we were on the same page with what I wanted for coverage.
    The prices on Xpel's site are for the 3M film kits, laser cut with XPel's software.
    Don't go by these prices... they're inflated to take advantage of the do-it-yourself'ers.

    My installed used this info for reference, but used his own laser cutter to make each individual piece.
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    I think it was due to their link being https

    Bingo. That's a bug I've reported several times and I'm pretty sure it's on a list to be fixed, but who knows when that will be. One thing you can do is use the tinyurl site and then post the tinyurl link here.
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    Fair enough, especially considering the distance you traveled to the dealer. The dealer I used is only 15 minutes away for me, so I can see it was perfect sense for you to do it before getting the car. In all honesty I didn't seriously think about having it done there and then, when finalizing the deal and the accessories guy was talking about it. I was still sort of on the fence at that point and trying to avoid extra expense on top of the final sales charges.

    Just to clarify, it wasn't my intention to imply fanatic as a negative quality. You are very helpful on this forum. :blush:
  • cadreamncadreamn Member Posts: 56

    Any reason why you didn't go for P1514AB on the hood/fender? - looks like it might cover the entire hood and thus eliminate any line midway up. Too costly? No real added benefit? Other?

    Also, do these things look great for years and years? Should I factor in having to replace it during lifetime of car? If it is removed, does the car look good as new?
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    None to worry.
    I'm a fanatic and enjoy being one.

    The wife hates it though.
    She feels like I love the car more than her and hopes the affair will be over soon. ;)
  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    I can't stand the thought of covering my entire hood or fender in plastic. :cry:

    I didn't want to do this at all but felt that it had to be done.
    I went with the coverage necessary to keep it clear of dings, without going overboard.
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    No I didn't. When I showed up at the installer's establishment I was informed they didn't have enough material and I would have to wait another two week. I lost confidence in them. If you can't manage your inventory chances are you can't do a professional job. I picked up my car and decided to save the money. Sorry but I cant recommend them.
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    For that region, I recommend Chris of Pristine Autowerk, a 3M Certified Installer. He got me started in this biz 2 yrs ago. I cover Pa, Del, S.NJ Glen
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    Just had a clear bra intalled on my car by
    Owner-Daniel provides a mobile service that is efficient, on time and delivers what he promises. Got the hood, fenders, mirrors, bumper, headlights done. Barely visible from almost all angles.
    Give them a call if you are in northern Cal.
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    Has anyone done the installation themselves? (3M or Invisi-Mask film)

    These guys have the hood kit (includes mirrors) for $114.24, the bumper kit for $230.92, and a light kit for $58.30. With that you get Free Installation Kit, Free Shipping, Free door edge guard kit, and Free door handle cup kit.

    They send you a CD with a video and claim it is easy to do....
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    Not easy to do, I have similar product installed on mine by professional and seen the process. You will need a lots of patience to put it in the right place, squeeze all the bubbles, heat gun will be needed in some areas and some tiny bubbles may have to wait couple of weeks under the heated sun to get it completely off. I wouldn't do it to a 35K car unless you have done it before or tried on someone's else car :)
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Member Posts: 422
    Totally agree - I've seen it done as well and patience/skill are key.
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    After reviewing the useful info in the "...Clear Plastic Bra...." section of this forum, and checking with some installers in the Raleigh, NC area I got the clear mask / bra / paint protection film applied to my '08 G35x (white 4 door sedan).
    My observations of the experience follow:
    There are a number of paint protection films out there, but some of the most popular products are made by just a few companies, 3M ( and CP Films ( possibly being the largest.
    In my area 3M sells a product under the Scotchguard name. CP Films has a product called Llumar.
    Sellers of each say theirs is the best. My conclusion is that they area comparable products.
    The two installers I checked were Formula One and 3M Window Tinting (
    I used the latter (3M Window Tinting) because their installer Todd Shields was highly knowledgeable, was willing to provide references, AND had a slot available today.
    The bumper, part of the hood, part of the mirrors, lights, and front fenders were done. It is all but invisible. So far I am very pleased. I am going on a 900 mile trip next week and am glad I was able to get it done before going on the road.
    The total was $740.00. Apparently cost of the job is based on difficulty. At 3M the scale is 1 - 5; with 5 being the most difficult. The 07 / 08 G35 models are rated 4; not counting the headlights. They seem to make it a 5.
    Installation took 3.5 hours.
    One final note. The installer told me not to run the bi-Xenon headlights for 24 hours to allow the film on the headlights to cure. I almost didn't get home before it was dark.
    So far, so good. Should anything post-worthy occur going forward I'll drop a line.
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    The dealer here had it on their demo car and was recommending it to me if I purchased one. They didn't say who made it, but it was an obvious clear bra (car was red) that I saw immediately upon looking at the car. I'm sure it's worth it, but they wanted $650 to install it.
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    I was told by one dealer in Long Island NY that the installation of the Clear Bra would take two full days, claiming they want the film to adhere properly. Is this the normal timeframe to install? I was wondering if some of you could share your opinions on this. - Thanks
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    Mine was done one morning along with window tinting and picked it up in the afternoon. Depends on how much coverage you have - maybe they're just being over cautious.
  • jortunojortuno Member Posts: 2
    Thanks Z, The two days was for the following: Fender Wings, Hood and Front Bumper. To me two days to install these seems a bit long.
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Member Posts: 422
    I had those done plus the backs of both mirrors - I think they're being extra cautious. You might check to see how long they've been in business/experience level. Place I took mine does very high end cars (Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc), so I figured they knew what they're doing.
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    We now have a choice of the traditional clear bra or Armorcoat paint protection which is a spray on clear coat. The advantage of the armorcoat is that the line at the edge of the hood is not noticeable and when anything hits the bumper or hood, it doesn't leave a mark or tear as it does with the clear bra. The cost is about the same for both. You can look it up on line to get more info and even see a video of it's application.
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    I just had mine installed today in BK, in boro park. I have a black BMW 3 series. I bought the front precut online from, bumper only, and had Audio Depot install their own bumper protector on the back. They claimed they used Llumar and that it has a clear coat, but there is a noticeable difference in the shine. The invisimask material i got from was much shinier and looked like it wasnt there, but the one they used was dull. Also, they didnt line up the kit too well, and left a couple of big bubbles. The cost of installation was $150 for the back, and $100 for the front. The kit was $150 from There is another installer who seemed very professional at the Sunoco gas station on 65th st and 8th avenue, named Danny, and he guaranteed his work, but he charged $100 more and only used 3M, scotchguard. If i had known the Audio depot quality was so much worse, i would have gone with him. I am going to recommend my friend to him and see how that turns out. btw, didnt respond to any emails or send my kit until i opened a dispute with American express, 1 week later.
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    I tried to work with these guys. They would not send me the complete order and would not talk to me on the phone. Had to dispute the order to get my money back. Very hard to work with. Use another product.
  • infiniti2002infiniti2002 Member Posts: 2
    These guys would not complete the order and refused to talk to me on the phone. The rear bumper kit was not worth the money. The hardest internet store I have ever worked with. Go with someone else.
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