Hyundai Azera vs Hyundai Sonata

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I currently am leasing a 2004 Audi A6 2.7T. The lease is up in October. Since the A6 equiped the way I want it is now $55,000( was $45,000 last time) I am probably going to buy either the Sonata or the Azera. I have been unable to really find comparisons. I do like the looks of the Azera more. are the seats more comfortable than the Sonata(many reviews say the Sonata seats are bad on long drives).I know the gas milage will be less but probably no worse than my A6.I am more into luxury than sportyness.Like a real quite car with no rattles. Also I have heard that the servicing required is frequent and costly. I have been unable to find the reccommended services anywhere.what kind of combined gas milage are you getting? does this car corner any better than the Sonata?Are the radio controls easier to reach?


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    Coming from an A6 and based on your criteria, I would go with the Azera, based on your criteria. Both cars are super quite, based on my test drives, Azera, as expected, is better. Take a test drive of both, and then find out which one would fit you the best.

    Comparisons - try, or here on Edmunds for starters. I am sure current owners will chime in and give you their reports. Also, there are other related Sonata/Azera forums regarding the questions you have, such as fuel economy. Take a look around.

    Good luck and keep us updated.
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    All you have to do is drive the two, back to back.
    We walked into the Hyundai dealership with three vehicles on our list: Sonata, Sante Fe, and Azera.
    I had seen the first two on the road, but had never seen an Azera. We were blown away by Azera's interior design and materials, only the fake wood on the steering wheel and door pulls was anything but top notch.
    After test drives in all ( with the Azera last ), we drove away with an Azera - no contest. So quiet, luxurious and smooth. Absolutely unbelievable to most of us who equate the name Hyundai with econobox.
    Our trade was a Jaguar X-Type and the Azera flat blows it away in every regard but the snob appeal nameplate. 7000 miles later and happier every day with this car.
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    We have an 06 Azera with 22K miles on it. The dealer required service is not until 30K miles. It did go to the dealer for the first two oil changes because there was no aftermarket filters were yet available. Now the local Valvoline oil change has aftermarket filters so the oil change every 3 to 4 thousand miles is the same as for our Jeep. I believe a tuneup and transmission flush is due at 30K but my dealer, Suntrup Hyundai, has competitive pricing. I'm not sure why a tuneup is due and I will ask if they can put in platinum tipped plugs.
    We love the car and have had no problems. We have had it on several trips and gotten close to 30 mpg on these highway trips, a little over and a little under on all the trips. For the luxury at the price I think you will find it a great value and be pleased with the car. My boss had a BMW 5 series and the Azera impresses me much more, especially the interior. The seat belt bracket that you buckle into was broken on his beamer when it was less than one year old and I was not at all impressed with the interior. It looked cheap for a BMW, cheaper looking than what you would even find in a Chrysler 300, more like the leather interior in the Chevy HHR I recently rented on a business trip.
    Drive them both and see what you think.
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    I have both, an 06 Sonata LX6 and an 06 Azera Limited. We are seniors and still desire to have 2 cars. I previously leased Acura TL's (6 in all over the years). When my lease on my 03 TL was coming to an end we decided that it would not be advisable to have leased automobiles anymore. I did my due diligence, tested the 06 TL, Camry,Accord all fully equipped. Not being swayed by badge snobbery, it was a no brain-er to purchase the Sonata. 6 months later my wife's TL was coming off lease and I test drove the Avalon, Chrysler 300 and a Lexus. Again a no brain-er and purchased the Azera. The cars are two distinctly different vehicles. The Sonata is like a "mustang" in its energy level. Yes my wife found the passenger seat less than ideally comfortable (leather seats but only the driver's seat is electric. I drive that car mostly during the week. Our Azera is the "family" car. It is a true "boulevard" car. Rides like a dream, has all the bells and whistles, and is thousands less than our friends Lexus and handles just as well. By the way it is the first car that we have owned that my wife doesn't find fault with as regards comfort. Some folks have an extreme case of "badge snobbery" and so they never give Hyundai a chance.
    As an aside my son whose Honda CRV just came off lease was adamant in leasing another CRV, but finally succumbed to my pleas to test drive a Santa Fe. The results are that he now has a beautiful Santa Fe.
    Bottom line, I think you would probably be happier with the Azera if it's the only car that you will be driving. We just took a trip to Boston and back from Westchester, north of NYC, and we averaged 26 mpg on regular gas. If you are as fortunate to find a dealer as good as mine, have a talk with the service manager and tell them you don't want the "full menu" that they present. Know what is required for warranty, and I do not think the servicing requirements are any more costly than say your Audi. All in all having 2 Hyundai automobiles has been a pleasure for me. Quality, comfort, all the inclusive options, and an exceptional price point, make the choice easy to make. Go with the Azera if you are a one car family.
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    Since your lease isn't up until October, I think you should consider the Hyundai's new top of the line model due for an '08 launch, the Genesis, RWD luxury sedan.

    rockylee, "2008-2009 Hyundai Genesis" #1, 6 Apr 2007 9:13 pm
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    I just got promoted to a senior and need your honest advice since you own a 06 Sonata and a 06 Azera for close to 3 years. I test-drove a 09 Sonata L-4 Limited with nav and liked it a lot but my wife did not like it. She likes the 08 Azera Limited with nav better. I like the Azera too but concern about its 3.8 engine (not good on gas) and the easy chipping on the wood steering wheel. So, my wife gave me 3 choices: Acura RL with nav, Mercedes E350 4matic with nav or Audi 6 with nav. We had ownership or leasing experience with all 3 cars. I still have a 2002 Acura RL in addition to a 05 Montego and a 97 Pathfinder (cannot get rid of it).

    Reliability, durability, and comfort are the main concerns of my wife, but I want to add fuel efficiency to my preferred list. Somehow I have a tough time convincing my wife a Sonata (or any Korean car for that matter) is a car good enough for us. I would settle for an Azera if it gets 26 mpg (highway) and 18 mpg (local), and the chipping problem is resolved.
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    I have a 2007 Azera with about 9500 miles on it & it has been my best car buy ever. No rattles, squeaks or anything. No wood-chipping at all. I am quite active on this & other Azera forums & I honestly can count on my fingers the number of people who claim to have had the wood chipping issue. I think it may be their wedding bands scratching & it would happen in a lowly accent to a Rolls Royce.

    Considering your criteria, I would go with a 2009 Azera with Nav rather than Sonata. Azera is luxurious, fit & finish is fantastic, loaded with tech goodies. I get 19-20 in city traffic (Houston traffic!!!) and easily get 27-30 on highway. And I don't drive gingerly either!!

    Another very very important differentiation between Sonata, Camry, Accords and Azera is safety. Among all these, only Azera has Side Thorax airbags for rear seat passengers. All others only have roof mounted air bags for rear passengers.

    If you happen to carry passenegrs in your rear seats, I think this extra set of airbags alone should convince you.

    And, as for your other choices, going with Azera would save you atleast 10k in savings! (Btw, this is totally offtopic, but what is your opinion on the Acura's new grill design?)
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    Our Azera has 6K miles now. Our average fuel economy is 27.4 mpg and occasionally bumps up to 27.5 mpg. We are seniors too and I drive pretty conservatively. Most of our driving is about 25 miles one way over farm to market roads plus some state and US highways at 60 mph. or so. Our best mpg. was on a 150 mile trip at around 4K miles and we got 29.3 mpg. After we have about 10K miles on the car I plan to change to synthetic 5W20 oil.

    The '09 Sonata has either an I-4 or a V-6. The '09 I-4 is now available with a 5-speed automatic and has better acceleration than the older models with 4-speed automatic transmissions. Our decision to go with the Azera was based partly on more comfort features (passenger side power seat, heated seats, more comfortable seats etc.).

    Drive them both and decide. You will both want to be happy with your decision. Good luck. :)

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    We've got both an Azera and Sonata here. I've never driven the Azera, but riding in it is certainly a comfortable and smooth experience. Personally I would have voted for having two 2009 sonata's now instead for the extra fuel economy and money savings, but at the time that wasn't an option. It would certainly be one now though. I feel the Sonata is a much bigger bang for the buck, but the Azera is a good car nonetheless.
    Based on your criteria, both cars would suit. Really a matter of wanting the car for your wife it seems. Sonata's got a pretty large fuel economy advantage though. And both are large interiors, so I would assume space and comfort won't be an issue.
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    You and I are in complete agreement on the Sonata (..a much bigger bang for the buck.) However, when one is married (especially married for a long time) buying a big item is usually NOT one person's decision. That's why I am still undecided on which car to buy. I need more ammunition from this forum to convince my wife the Sonata or Azera is as good as Accord, Camry, Audi 6, Acura RL or E 4matic, because we both had ownership or leasing experience with all 5 cars.

    Now there is a small family feud among us. Our son, who still lives with us, is neutral. But our daughter, who works and lives in NY City (she cannot afford a car in the city) sides with her mother. My wife passed her message to me: "why would dad want a Korean car at his age?"

    While I appreciate my daughter's thought (she wants me to enjoy life) I am a guy not so easy to pass up on good value when I see one. Here I mean the Sonata, but I would settle for an Azera, because she would drive the car more than I would. She does not like the 05 Montego (my car) that much. Am I selfish & stubborn?
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    Well, my eye opened on the Sonata while reading a Motor Trend comparison for the '06 model year, comparing the Sonata, the Accord, the Fusion, and the Camry.

    The Accord won this comparison, but the shocker was that the Camry came in dead last. I was looking more at the Fusion in this comparo, as I was at that time eventually going to replace the '94 Sable I had, and wanted something, maybe a bit more comparable to the '93 SHO I had {still have}. The Fusion did fairly well, but the Sonata did too, in fact, the Sonata out accelerated the Fusion {all were V6s}.

    This year, I wound up with an 08 Sonata GLS V6. Its more car than the Sable it replaced in every way. And in town {very heavy stop and go here in the Kent valley} gets 25% better gas mileage {17 vs 21}, and where I haven't done a straight freeway run, the one time I had 40% highway driving on the fillup, netted a bit over 27mpg.

    The Sonata doesn't have the power to run away from the SHO once both cars are moving, but the 0 to 30, its much better. Its not the "handling" machine the SHO is either, but then its a GLS, not a Sonata SE.

    The Sonata isn't really a Korean car anymore. Its a Korean nameplate, but its assembled in Montgomery Ala. And the engine is entirely made in the USA.

    Today, this particular platform is in its fourth year. The 09 has cleaned up all of the problems that once were brought up as issues. It has more power, and gets a bit better mileage than the 06 thru 08s do.

    A recent Motor Trend comparo, 10 midsize cars with the I4's, the Sonata came in second. Ahead of both Camry and Accord. And the reviewers said it made more sense than the winner, a turbo Passat, that actually won on handling and power.....

    Its possible, its a stretch that the Sonata is a better car today than the Camry and Accord {though its my considered opinion that it is}, but its definitely comparable, and checking the "Real World MPG" threads on all three forums will give the impression that both the I4 and V6 Sonata gets better mileage than the 08 Accord and new Camry.

    My suggestion is to get your wife to sit in, and test drive a fully loaded Sonata. It'll probably surprise her. It may not win her over, after all, it doesn't have the "status" the other nametags you mentioned do. But the quality, and the "value", might just decide the issue........
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    Njalan, you're trying to deal with a problem no rational man can deal with. The female mind works quite differently.

    Your son is neutral (probably just wants to stay out of it) and your daughter who doesn't own a car (probably hasn't looked at new cars for a while) has decided that Korean cars are inferior.

    Have your wife test drive both the Sonata & Azera (although she may also have a built-in biasis). At Towne Hyundai you can get an '08 Azera for $4500 under invoice ($5500 under if you qualifiy for owner loyalty).

    The Sonata is a great car, although the Azera is better. The question is how much better in $$.

    DCitis is running wild.
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    njalan, before I bought my Hyundai cars I leased several Acuras, from the Legend to 6 TL's over the past several years. My wife and I are both in our 70's and my days of sports sedans has begun to fade. It took a big move on my part to purchase my 06 Sonata (we were no longer going to lease) which was to replace my 03 Acura TL. My wife had a big case of badge snobbery and found the car not comfortable just as she found the TL's not comfortable (she drives close to the steering wheel and in a stark upright position). When our 2nd TL was coming off lease (her car) I had looked at the Avalon, entry level Lexus, and also the Azera. I found it a very comfortable car, had all of the bells and whistles and was several thousands less than the other comparable cars. She wanted a white car, the dealer had an Azera Limited in pearl white on the floor and offered me an excellent deal. When my wife came home from her office (travel consultant) she was driving my Sonata and her first words were "oh, another Hyundai". Fortunately my son was standing in the driveway and he said that she should take a drive in it. Long story short, she thinks it's one of the most comfortable cars she has ever driven, does not make an issue of its a Hyundai and I love to drive it which is mostly on weekends and it is our "together" car. Yes, I have had my steering wheel replaced, twice, had new front shocks installed (all under warranty) and had the timing chain tensioner replaced (under warranty). That being said the Azera which now has 16,000+ miles and is approaching its' 2nd year has been just fabulous. It has never had one squeak, is still as tight as when new. On the highway the gas mileage is satisfactory, in local stop and go traffic (live in the suburbs north of NYC) the mileage is not what you get with an 4 banger, but I like a 6 in spite of the gas situation. I have not driven the new 09 Sonata but it appears to be even better than my 06. If I was in the market for a car now, wanted an entry luxury, I would look at the Genesis with the 6 cylinder engine or the Azera. By the way my son who leases 2 cars, and had to replace his Honda CRV was convinced, by me, to at least try the Santa Fe, and I had spoken to the sales manager to let him know that he was going to have a tough time convincing him not to stay with Honda. He ended up leasing the Santa Fe. You have to convince your wife that the flying H is not a step down. Good luck! :)
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    Posting numbers 8 thru 14 all gave down-to-earth advice for which I am grateful. However, Dr. Don (#14 drdonrs) pointed out his 06 Azera had "...steering wheel replaced twice, front shocks installed, ... timing chain tensioner replaced" all in less than 2 years and under 16,000 miles. That raises the issue of reliability and/or durability. At the same time, there was no such issue mentioned in his 06 Sonata.

    My wife actually sat in an 09 Sonata back seat when I test-drove it last month in a nearby Hyundai dealership. She declined to test-drive the car. She expressed some interest when she saw the 08 Azera in the showroom later. I have to admit that I never heard the name Azera (until I participated in this forum) and was surprised to see such a beautiful car in a Hyundai dealership, Sorrrrrrrrry. We just came in to see the Sonata.

    If we ever have a chance of owning a Korean car, I think my wife would pick the Azera over Sonata, although I very much would like to buy the latter. For me the fuel efficiency factor alone on the Sonata scores a lot of points. Since I am a senior citizen already and she is not too far behind, we are not in a hurry to go anywhere (especialy in no rush to go to the cemetery, a wishful thinking).

    Now I have a tall order for you folks out there. Just in terms of reliability and durability, which is a better car to own in the next 5 plus years?



    p.s. Did I hear that the Azera might be discontinued in 2010 or 2011 after the all new RWD is out? (My wife and I have no interest in a RWD car.)
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    njalan, actually my Sonata had the timing chain tensioner replaced (these were all issued TSB's) and because I had an exce4llent relationship with the service manager he also authorised replacement of the rear shocks. The shock situation is a factor that creates, for some, a suspension that is somewhat noisier than some individuals like. It happens going over "rippled' pavement at around 35 to 40 mph. You can look up the postings regarding suspension here at Edmund's and at the other web-site, Hyundai Forums. It absolutely doesn't detract from the overall ambiance of the Azera or the Sonata.
    If you look up the distress some new car owners have with other models, and that includes Honda, Toyota, and some of the luxury names, you will come to realize that the Hyundai product is, in most cases , equal to or better than many others.
    As an aside if you want to give your wife a treat then buy the Azera with all the toys except maybe a built in GPS which is a waste. I have a Garmin which I can move between the 2 cars and it's next to foolproof. You should be able to save a goodly amount of money on the purchase price as compared to other comparable models. Take your spouse out for a ride in both cars over the type of roads that you normally drive on. The difference between the Sonata and Azera is more luxury and more room. I love my Sonata but if we are driving anyplace of any distance from home, it's a no brain er. It is the Azera.
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    Actually, the Sonata had the timing chain tensioner and "thunking" problem {front suspension} in 06 too. Both issues taken care of long before the 09 model year came out.

    The 09 Azera is out now, and these two issues are also history in the Azera. I haven't heard about the steering wheel issue, that I'm not sure of..........

    Even all dressed out, the Sonata will cost less to own over the next five years, taking things like fuel costs {which will probably continue to rise} into account. Whether a Sonata will be any more durable is a question, the Azera too has improved.........

    Good luck on the "badge" question. When I made the decision to go with the Sonata, I wound up getting a lot of static over the decision from my g/f {now ex}. An Acura TL would probably have been ok, an Accord maybe... but a Hyundai? Even sharing my research, and letting her see the the issues raised on the Accord forum over the 08s wasn't as important to her as the "badge" issue........

    Good luck..........
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    We have owned an '06 Azera for 16K miles and a bit over a year and a half, and also have chipping on the steering wheel which consists of 3 or 4 spots of about 1/8" diameter where the shiny outer layer has chipped off from a ring or keys. It shouldn't happen, but is not even worth a trip to the dealer to fix.
    The suspension, except for some minor harshness and noise on very rough pavement, suits us very well with good control and a smooth and quiet ride. We could get the struts replaced under warranty, but again, not worth a trip to the dealer, IMO.
    I guess it all depends on whether you expect your car to be absolutely perfect. If we had spent $40K-$50K, we'd expect perfection, but not at the $25K we spent for ours. The Azera is worlds better than the $42K Jag we traded, though.
    Bottom line: our Azera has been to the dealer twice - for oil changes. Who knows what the future holds, but just in case, there's the 10 year/100K warranty.
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    Njalan, I went through this same process a couple years ago. We went in looking at the Sonata, ended up saying, "what it that" when we saw the Azera. After over two years and 17000 miles, the only things repaired have been the rear shade screen was crooked ( fixed by dealer under warranty) and a piece of the under car cladding came loose ( there was a TSB about this, fixed under warranty.) My steering whell has a few chips, but I just never seem to need to take the Azera in for service, so I'll get around to having it replaced one of these days.

    In the meantime, the Azera has proven to be so comformtable, mileage ranging from about 18-19 in all town driving and high 20's on highway. It is quiet and very comfortable. It is my wife's car to drive, and she greatly appreciates the comfort and looks of the car.

    My suggestion: go with the Azera, if it will make her happy. The difference in mileage and upkeep isn't worth mentioning.

    PS, Because of my Azera experience, we now also have a Santa Fe and an Elantra in the family. Hyundai, much to mine and others suprise, has it's act together on quality and my dealer has been just fine to work with.
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    Not only do I have the 2009 Azera Limited (preferably with no option package, although tough to find) on my radar screen, so is the 2009 Sonata Limited V6 and, to a lesser degree, the Honda Accord EX-L 4-cylinder.

    As for the Sonata Limited V6, is the Azera Limited worth the extra money over it? Is the Azera significantly quieter and smoother? Are there are other attributes to the Azera that make it worth the extra money and 3 mpg less than the V6 Sonata?

    I admit one appeal to the Azera is how few of them you see on the road.

    And any comments comparing to the Accord would also be appreciated.

    Bud H
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    Probably too late now, but here goes:

    I initially passed on a 2007 Sonata because of the short seats which were not as supportive as what I needed for long drives.
    But ended up getting one mainly for my wife who loves it. Limited 6 Cyl 3.5 .
    I like it too, and the seats are ok for about a 1 hour drive in the NY metro area.
    We get about 21mpg around town, and up to 31 with steady high speed driving.

    Later, I got a 2007 Azera for myself, as I needed the more solid seating for long (4+ hours) trips. I get 30 mpg at steady highway speeds 60-65 mph, slightly less if I go 70-75. 16-20 mpg in town, depending on traffic, roads taken, time of day, etc.
    I got the 3.8 l but the 3.5 motor is probably would have been adequate. The 3.8 has about 34 more HP .

    I'd have done bettter with a 2008 because they tightened up the front end a bit. The 2007 does lean a bit in corners as you observed.

    Any dealer service will be costly, compared to non-dealer. I haven't had any real service issues (except tires had to be replaced when new on the Azera, and brake rotors on the Sonata had rusted on the lot - had to be re-ground)

    Hal in NJ
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    The recent posts from a few owners on how their new 640 shocks are not working out for them is making me greatly reconsider my 2009 Azera Limited purchase. It would be nice to know if the 2009 models have similar issues, but it might be awhile before I find out about anyone with similar issues on a 2009 model.

    Perhaps back to the drawing board on what car to buy: Accord, Sonata, Azera, all on my list, but it would be great to get a somewhat luxurious car with good headroom and moderately decent gas mileage for close to $30K or less!

    Any other choices out there if not the Azera?

    Bud H
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    recent posts from a few owners on how their new 640 shocks are not working out for them
    It has been rehashed many times that the Azera suspension is not by any means "sporty", but that does not mean it is considered to be inadequate or junk by the vast majority of Azera owners. I'm sure that there are thousands of owners like myself that are quite pleased with our cars.
    My '06 Azera ( 20K miles, and original shocks ) is a fabulous freeway cruiser, and the soft ride keeps me from being beaten up by the horrible backroads on which I drive. The car is driven at or slightly above the speed limit wherever it goes, and the suspension works just fine. Take a test drive in the car on the roads and speeds on which you will drive, then decide for yourself. :)

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    Overall, I like the car. Seats are more comfortable than my Audi A6 (too hard). The high seat position has eliminated the leg pain I experienced in the A6. The car is quiter. It gets better gas milage. I like the Cruise control lay out better.The dealer service is far superior.The price was great.

    All that said, test driving this car will do you no good because the way it rides new is not the way it rides after 5000 miles. This is the damest thing I have ever heard of.95% of the time the ride is ok but if you drive allot over over passes, elevated roads or bridges you will be annoyed by the float and will be forced to drive no faster than 60 to keep control of the car.I can live with it if it does not get any worse.

    Even if an after market shock were available , I would be reluctant to buy it until I had evidence that the Springs would not destroy them after 5000 miles.

    I would look at other cars if I were in the market now but I really don't know what could comapre. I hate small cars and anything big is too expensive.I bought the car to reduce my costs so I would not consider the Genesis.My brother in law bough one so I will report back on that because he drives allot of miles and will soon be beyond the 5000 mile barrier.
  • budhbudh Member Posts: 109
    But is there some chance Hyundai may have fixed this for the 2009 models?
  • donna388donna388 Member Posts: 69
    "Even if an after market shock were available , I would be reluctant to buy it until
    I had evidence that the Springs would not destroy them after 5000 miles."

    What makes you think that your poor quality shocks are being ruined by the front springs?
  • donna388donna388 Member Posts: 69
    "But is there some chance Hyundai may have fixed this for the 2009 models?"

    In a word NO! All shocks still have the same part numbers beginning 10/20/07.
  • oskidunker1oskidunker1 Member Posts: 213
    I am guessing because I have never heard of a shock only lasting 5000 miles.
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Member Posts: 576
    It's not just the shocks, it's the whole suspension system. That's why the shocks alone cannot solve the problem, unless Hyundai comes up with a better one than they have now.
    If you can find a rental or used one with 5,000 miles on it, try it. Be sure to go on back roads, city streets and so forth where dips, rises and uneven pavement exist. It the ride does not bother you, go for it as everything else is excellent - at least on mine.
  • cobrazeracobrazera Member Posts: 352
    I have seen shocks with 5000 miles fail, but usually with evidence of a blown seal and visible oil leakage. With no evidence of oil leakage, IMO, the shock has not " worn out ", but has reached its normal condition ( after a breakin, which could last up to 500 miles or more ).

    If one assumes that the quality control on these " bad " shocks allows a failure of even 1 per 100 shocks, the odds of having both front shocks fail, and then having the shocks replaced twice, and then those failing - is astronomical.

    I contend that the suspension is working as designed, and no amount of replacement with essentially the same shock is going to fix it. The shocks, given the symptoms described ( floating, wallowing ) appear to have been designed with insufficient return damping and are unable to properly dampen/control the springs. One person suggested that a stiffer spring might help, but IMO, that would only make the problem worse. The solution would be a new shock with stiffer damping characteristics ( unavailable as yet ), the coilover aftermarket suspension, or live with it.
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    I have chosen option 3 - live with it. At least until I find something I like enough better to trade.
    It is not the shocks, but the whole suspension system is not right for this particular car. R&D and testing missed the boat somewhere. That is why I am waiting a couple of years before even considering the Genesis.
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    Then this is good news because if it does not get any worse, I can also live with it.
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