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Hyundai Veracruz Real World MPG

tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
Report your gas mileage here!

tidester, host
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  • ilitilit Member Posts: 71
    Mine is a SE model. It got 1,600 miles and 22 mpg from mix driving at 75 mph on freeway and in city. I'm happy!
  • ilitilit Member Posts: 71
    May I suggest you guys calculate the actual gas mileage instead reading off the trip gauge? I don't know how accurate the gas mileage recorded in the trip gauge.
  • bipsterbipster Member Posts: 5
    There's so much to like about the 'cruz and I'm v close to buying, but really need to know what I'm in for on mileage. Anyone have numbers? Thanks.
  • egrippegripp Member Posts: 3
    Love my Veracruz Limited in Black Diamond with Ultimate Package w/ Premium Black/Saddle Interior, fully loaded. Over 2000 miles, 60% Hwy and 40% City, 7 fillups, 21.8 mph, calculated the actual gas mileage. If I would drive half way decent, and keep the lead foot off, I can get over 23 mph.
  • albanyjetalbanyjet Member Posts: 9
    We've had our Limited for 2 weeks. I haven't actually calculated MPG yet, but the on-board calc. reads 19. My wife primarily drives stop and go so that seems okay. With just 250 miles on a brand new engine, shouldn't the MPG improve a bit as it breaks in?
  • egrippegripp Member Posts: 3
    Here is the numbers of my "3 fillup rolling average" MPG of the Veracruz. I will be waiting to see where it stops.
    I am 60% hwy and 40% city, driving 73 mph on hwy. Remember, it is your driving habits and tire air pressure. I will try the synthetic oil angle after the breakin of the engine. I am very happy with the Veracruz MPG.
  • charlatainscharlatains Member Posts: 16
    The MPG on the Veracruz is a joke.
    Moreover, it's pretty insulting, in my mostly worthless opinion, to deliver such vehicles to the public given what we are up against with impending fuel shortages. But the buying public just proceeds on......... with their blinders apparently fully intact.
    No offense intended, but the manuf's and the public need to wake up. Times, they are a-changin.......
  • arumagearumage Member Posts: 922
    If you are in a situation where you need to seat 7 on a regular basis, then this or a van is the way to go (vans don't really deliver any better mileage). It's not economical to drive two vehicles given your impact on the environment would be even higher doing that. If you don't need the extra seating then then you can chalk it up to personal indulgence. Either way, your opinion is worthless because I don't think you've changed anyone's mind. ;)
  • joe131joe131 Member Posts: 998
    Veracruz seems like a great vehicle for a family with 3 to 6 children of varying sizes. Good for a car pooler or scout leader or team coach who helps in transporting groups too, even over uneven, muddy, wet or snowy roads, especially with the all wheel drive option and some good tires. Really good mileage for all that too, and with over 260 horsepower.
    A Sienna or Odyssey or Entourage/Sedona would be fine if it was always on pretty smooth roads.
  • carbuyer11carbuyer11 Member Posts: 114
    Only 520 miles on my AWD Limited. Achieved 16.2 MPG (true calculation- not trip computer) on the first fillup. A little disappointing although most of the miles were city vs. highway so I guess it's not shocking since the city rating is only 17. I'll be happy if the highway rating of 24 is realistic.
  • ultcarultcar Member Posts: 24
    (Purely based on the trip computer, resetting it after each refuel...) My fwd GLS was around 14-15mpg, in city only at first. After passing around 400 miles, mileage started getting better. Right now, city is about 18-19 mpg. Just took a 7-hr trip on the highway over the weekend, and highway mileage was 23-24mpg (75mph, w/air conditioning on & a bunch of cargo).
  • outbackjoutbackj Member Posts: 1
    Wondering if anyone has an idea as to why the new Veracruz is NOT advertised in any of the papers or on tv? I would of never know about it if I hadnt gone to the NY Auto Show.
  • joe97joe97 Member Posts: 2,248
    There is a Veracruz commercial coming to a TV set near you, if it hadn't already.
  • mjb56mjb56 Member Posts: 170
    Mixed 50/50 city / hwy driving. 18.6 mpg. Very pleased.
  • nxs138nxs138 Member Posts: 481
    To tell the truth, the only commercials I remember seeing on TV for the new bunch of CUVs out there is for the Mazda CX-9.

    I understand that the internet is a happening place for advertising, but I almost never glance at the ad, and if I do it's for just a few seconds. TV forces you to see it for 30 seconds.

    I have this theory that the Veracruz didn't have a "full" launch, i.e. the dealers around me only have a couple on hand, never the Limited models. So it makes sense not to waste a lot of money on advertising if you don't have the inventory...
  • mkc99phdmkc99phd Member Posts: 5
    I saw my first ad on hte weekend here in Canada. Hyundai is sponsoring the World Cup under 20 soccer tournament. I have to admit that the commercial didn't make me want to run out and get one. Good thing I already have one!!
  • himi1himi1 Member Posts: 25
    The only advertising happening since the launch of the Veracruz was the word of mouth and internet web sites such as this one! And still the sales has increased to 1500 units in June.
    When we see some TV commercials in next few months sales numbers should be even higher.
    I hope Hyundai will ship enough VCs to US till then to satisfy the demand for it.
  • scott613scott613 Member Posts: 14
    In mostly city driving my fwd Limited is getting about 16.5 mpg. Just did a 3600 mile road trip from South Florida to NY, NH and back and averaged 23.6 mpg doing about 75 on the interstates with AC on all the time. Max on 1 tank was 25.6 mpg. :D

    Over a total of 5k miles I'm getting 20.9 mpg - 70% highway/30% city.

    I find the trip computer to be fairly accurate, usually within .5 mpg of actual, sometimes high, sometimes low.
  • mjb56mjb56 Member Posts: 170
    The first leg of the trip was on rural roads through small towns, going between 55-60 mph. Avg. 26.0 mpg. Second leg on interstate going 65, no A/C. 25.5 mpg. Very pleased. Even better than the previous vehicle, a Chrysler T&C.
  • mjb56mjb56 Member Posts: 170
    Sorry, this was in a GLS AWD.
  • albanyjetalbanyjet Member Posts: 9
    WOW! We just took a 400 mile round trip this weekend. 70% highway, 30% small town/ backroads. Trip comp. read 21.7 MPG, actual was 20.4MPG. We were using A/C, but I still can't imagine the mileage you got.
  • mjb56mjb56 Member Posts: 170
    Just got done with another mini road trip with about the same mix as you're describing - 70/30 Hwy/City. Trip computer read 23.5 mpg. Now, admittedly, I've been driving very easy, trying to get good mileage. No A/C necessary. Light foot, good roads. 1 passenger, no luggage. But it can be done. I will be taking several other trips this week and will report. Next trip is all freeway, passing through one large city. I'm very curious to see what that brings.
  • goochgooch Member Posts: 13
    My wife averages 18.5 - 19.0 MPG every fill-up w/ typical PHX driving (75% city, 25% highway) w/ the AC always on. Right after we got the vehicle, we took a family trip - 4 passengers (but the kids can probably count as one with their combined weight) and light luggage running 75 - 80 MPH. 24.5 MPG, which I am very happy about.

    Still running strong with 2700 miles racked up so far.
  • mjb56mjb56 Member Posts: 170
    Return home trip. 149 mi. 5.6 gal used. 26.6 mpg. Trip computer showed 25.7. One passenger with me. This trip was 100% highway of which 90% was rural roads at speed limit or within 5 thereof. Needless to say, I'm extremely pleased. Today I ran the A/C and was expecting a significant drop. Tomorrow's trip is all freeway through a rush hour. Veracruz GLS AWD. And this should get better after break in? (Just passed 1K) Yikes, I can't wait.
  • arumagearumage Member Posts: 922
    If you notice, mjb56's speeds ranged between 55-65 mph. That's the mpg sweet spot of most vehicles.
  • mjb56mjb56 Member Posts: 170
    Today's leg was all freeway through Milwaukee rush hour, round trip. 25.6 mpg. Again, all at speed limits. Some stop and go but not much. Had to run the A/C today. (Too hot.) But my little "break in" experiment has proven, to me, that you can get very good mileage with this vehicle if you treat it right. Next time I might just "put the coals to her" just to see the difference. Nontheless, I'm quite surprised at this. I wasn't expecting it.
  • nrzjagonrzjago Member Posts: 17
    We have had our Veracruz for under a week....the tank was full when we got it....NOW it is nearing time for me to fill 'er up....

    I would like to know what fuel VC owners are using? I read the manual and the regular unleaded is high enough octane...but, should I buy the higher octane gas?

    Thanx for ANY advice.

  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Use what the manual recommends - engines perform best when they use the gas (octane) they were designed for. Premium may even mess up your emissions system in a car designed for regular. See What about fuel types & gas mileage? for more.

    As Shifty says around here, premium gas is not a doggy treat for your car. :shades:
  • nrzjagonrzjago Member Posts: 17
    We just took our first road trip in our VC (about 500 miles). Some travel was thru some small towns...hi-way speeds averaged 65-70. Our overall mileage was 19.9 mpg. Tonight it hit 1000 mark....does anybody think this will be the average mpg? or will it possibly improve? This was using a/c the entire time....

    Also, the a/c has a couple of features I would like some opinions on...first, there is the circle with an "A" (read up and it is to help keep air pollutants out)..then just the circle/arrows (recycled air)..and then just a/c with outside air flowing. Is one better than the other to improve gas mileage?

  • nrzjagonrzjago Member Posts: 17
    What kind of MPG is everybody getting in the city? We have about 1200 miles and only get 12-13 in town. A/C is going because it is 90 plus degrees here.

    I know the sticker says 18/25 for VC FWD....and I anticipate closer to 15 or 16 and 23-24.....but NOT 12 or 13. Could this be a mechanic problem causing the poor gas mileage....or does it need to BREAK IN?

  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Find out what kind of mileage everyone is getting in Hyundai Veracruz Real World MPG.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • ehtpineyehtpiney Member Posts: 25
    Our MPG averages 18-19 in what I consider our city driving. Our city driving experience is more suburb than urban where traffic lights are more or less a mile apart. Not a lot of stop and go like you would have in say New York City. Your MPG will be greatly affected by how much stop and go, how fast you accelerate and how much time your car sits idle and running. Sit in your driveway with your engine running and see how fast your mpg meter runs down.
  • mjb56mjb56 Member Posts: 170
    My most recent reading has been 19.9 in mostly city driving with an AWD GLS. That's with the A/C running. A lot of it may relate to driving style. A light foot rewards you with better mileage. My wife drives with jackrabbit starts and tends to get worse mileage than I do.
  • selooseloo Member Posts: 606
    This is very disappointing. Does anyone else have any MPG numbers?
  • mjb56mjb56 Member Posts: 170
    Actually, I'm pretty happy with the 19.9 in town. That's about what my old minivan got. If I get the same with AWD, I can't complain. I've measured this with the trip computer and manual calculation. The trip comp actually turns out slightly worse.
  • scott613scott613 Member Posts: 14
    My avg thru 5200 miles is 20.6. Best on one tank is 25.6 on the hwy at about 80 mph, worst is 15.8 on my 4 mile trek to work, with a lot of stop & go. Based on what I read in other forums, this is as good as, if not better than, all the other new CUVs/SUVs on the market.

    You can also go to

    and you can search mpg my make and model as reported by actual drivers.
  • mkc99phdmkc99phd Member Posts: 5
    Entirely city driving, AC on almost all of the time and about 2000 miles on the vehicle. I'm consistently getting between 17-18 mpg. Better than my minivan was getting (16-17 mpg with no AC). Will be going on a trip this weekend that will involve mostly highway driving so we'll see if that MPG number improves.


  • mjb56mjb56 Member Posts: 170
    Just got back from a week long trip to northern WI. 24.7 mpg with 5 passengers and a full load in the back, running A/C. Avg speed was about 60-65. That 6 speed tranny does wonders.
  • jimmyz4jimmyz4 Member Posts: 25
    My VC has 2100 miles on it.

    Took a long trip and got 23.5 MPG, and I get 19 around town. I cruise at 75 in a 70 and 70 in a 65 mile zone. AC running and outside temps in the 90s. I predict 24 and 25 in milder climates.

    Of course, I am not a leadfoot. I keep tires at exactly 30 PSI and I use the cruise control, stay in middle lane and let all the speed demons go around me. I crank that great stereo, and the miles just roll along.

    I agree, that six speed transmission is superb and probably contributes to the great mileage. You have to concentrate to feel the shift points. It is one of the best transmissions I have ever experienced. It will set the trend for others.
  • fatemifatemi Member Posts: 15
    15 MPG

    almost entirely city driving, AC going full force (it's close to 100 here), and a LOT of stop and go, and also the car was idle for about 15 minutes w/ engine running

    Oh and this was the first tank
  • ssvcssvc Member Posts: 12
    I have a 2008 Limited with FWD. The 2008 EPA sticker says to expect 16 city and 23 highway. I have 700 miles on the vehicle so far and I get ~17-18 in the city and ~23 on the highway. I am very pleased with this mileage for a car that is so roomy, luxurous and peppy. The Veracruz is WONDERFUL - especially the Limited model with all its technology and QUALITY features!!
  • ssvcssvc Member Posts: 12
    I checked several tank fulls manually versus the trip computer. The trip computer was typically a 1% lower mileage reading than the manual calculation. I wonder which is correct? Anyway, the trip computer is VERY accurate.
  • selooseloo Member Posts: 606
    Please share with us the details of your deal on the 08 Limited. Thanks
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Please report on your deals over in Hyundai Veracruz: Prices Paid & Buying Experience. Thanks!
  • jmaulsbyjmaulsby Member Posts: 54
    My first tank yielded 17.6 MPG. A/C running 98% of the time, very careful on startups and braking, watched my speed. The trip computer calculated 17.3 MPG, a respectable estimate.
  • 1trulove1trulove Member Posts: 29
    Just bought our '08 VC SE FWD 3 days ago. The Michelin tires that came with it have a Maximum inflation pressure of 44 psi; the owner's manual says to inflate to 30 psi and the car came with 32-34 psi in the wheels.
    As far as gas mileage goes - inflate to maximum psi and put up witha harsher ride. The best compomise is split the difference at 37 psi, which I did. Will let you know how the first tank does.
    PS - The car was deleved from an out of state location to get the Model, color and features I wanter. It had 365 miles on it and the trip computer read 20.1 mpg. :)
  • selooseloo Member Posts: 606
    Please share the details of your deal on the prices paid board.

  • bigjimd2804bigjimd2804 Member Posts: 34
    1truelove says "The Michelin tires that came with it have a Maximum inflation pressure of 44 psi; the owner's manual says to inflate to 30 psi and the car came with 32-34 psi in the wheels.
    As far as gas mileage goes - inflate to maximum psi and put up with a harsher ride. The best compromise is split the difference at 37 psi, which I did."

    This is really bad advice, and will shorten your tire life, worsen your ride, and compromise your safety. The proper inflation pressure for any vehicle is that which is on the placard on the driver's side door jamb. That is the manufacturer's recommendation and takes into consideration the tires which are installed, the vehicle itself, and the real life loads you will encounter. The owner's manual will back this up, as will EVERY tire manufacturer:
    Michelin's Advice
    Goodyear's Advice
    NHTSA's Advice
    I work in the industry and see first hand just how closely the auto manufacturers and the tire manufacturers work together to arrive at these numbers. The pressures on the vehicle placard will give you what the manufacturer and the tire companies have together developed for your vehicle--don't second guess all their efforts.
  • 1trulove1trulove Member Posts: 29
    Your absolutly right about the use of "recommended pressure" - this is a compromise designed to ballance load and suspension for the best ride, comfot, handeling and economy.
    BUT ... it is not a magic number that does everything. If you want to improve fuel economy, which is the subject of this thread, you can by increasing the tire pressure, but at the (minimal?) expense of one or more of the other design components. How much is up to you, as long as it is below the Maximum stated on the tire. Added pressure will reduce rolling resistance and help your ties run cooler, extending their life. This not only made sense to me, but was recommended by my local Michelin dealer as a way to get the best mileage from my tires.
    The recommend 30 psi works great as an all around setting, but the suspension and ESC features don't make for an unsafe vehicle if you increse pressure to by 7 psi which is also 7 psi under maximum.
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