Blower Fan Resistor Pack

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My AC/Heat fan speeds up and down, then stops. I have been told that it is the resistor cartridge($20.98 at Dodge). Does anyone know where it is under the dash. I have seen a 2000 Durango, but it doesn't look the same.


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    This is my first posting. I must first admit I am not very savvy with automobiles. My question is : I have a 2000 Durango the engine light came on I was able to determine it wa an error code P1491. In further investigating this I found the error code to be deemed as a problem with the electric fan on the radiator. In looking at the fuse panel sure enough the fuse was charred. This is the second time the fuse has gone in the seven years I have owned it.
    My concern is that where the fuse inserts it appears to be "charred". Will this mean that I will have to obtain a entire new fuse box? Is this a big ticket item?
    Many Thanks in advance.
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    Ok, I've managed to figure out that maybe my blower resistor is bad. Direct power to the blower runs it on high, direct connect the blower's ground lead to chassis ground while leaving the "hot" lead connected as normal and the blower runs on high, but it simply doesn't work through normal wiring. Now the Question is, where the heck is the physical location of the resistor. Darned if I can find it.
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    it is located up under the instrument panel on the right side. as you look up you will see the 2 screws holding it in and a plug, that is plugged into it.
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    The (CHECK ENGINE LIGHT) is on, there isn't any power going to the radiator fan. Checked the relay, NO power. I grounded the relay and the fan worked, but the (CHECK ENGINE LIGHT) stays on. I think its the COMPUTER. Does anyone know how to make the fan work and have the (CHECK ENGINE LIGHT) GO OFF? I'm in Missouri and the light has to be off to pass INSPECTION. Thanks Mike
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    1. I have a 2002 Durango that my wife and I purchased new. The fan has never blown very well. All speeds work but the system is very week. Is there anything I can do to improve the fan size or speed?
    2. I do not have the 2nd row a/c blower does anyone have any experience with adding this feature after purchase?

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    does any one know where the resistor for the blower fan located
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