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Aveo and Ethanol

cseibertcseibert Member Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Chevrolet
Anybody have issues with the Aveo running the 10% ethanol mix? Had one time where engine stopped with ethanol blend in the tank and this morning would not start right away with the blend in there.

Any tips?


  • randydriverrandydriver Member Posts: 262
    I havent but my mileage sure has sunk since we swithch over to the stuff here in Dallas.....when I got the car got great mileage now with the 10% crap...dropped from 27-30 city down to 25-28 and highway from 37-40 to 34-37...it sucks. The car is running rough now also... I put a bottle of RXP in it and it helped get all the carbon build up out of it....Ethanol cause lots of carbon build up in a very short time.
  • richard1hainesrichard1haines Member Posts: 41
    Here in Canada we have a gasoline company called Mohawk and they sell an Ethanol blend that contains about 7% Ethanol. I've been using this in my new AVEO on and off for the past month since I took delivery of my car and there's been no issues with this fuel. I find that the AVEO seems to get slighty better fuel economy when I use the Ethanol blended gasoline.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Member Posts: 161
    Long story short. I JUST noticed that at my local Hess station, that I usually get me gas from, best price around me. BUT I just noticed a small sign on the pump saying that 'this gasoline contains no more than 10% ethanol', or something like that. I swear I never noticed it in 2 years of getting gas there! I could swear that the owner manual says to NEVER put ANY ethanol in the car. I have the 2006 5 door LS. Have I ruined some parts of the fuel system? Is this why I get crappy mileage? I sometime fill up at other stations and I get a whopping 2-3 extra miles per gallon. I always thought it was because of me driving SUPER careful. One time of pushing the gas pedal, and NOT driving like a little old lady, and I get 2-3 mpg less! So..does using this ethanol gas hurt it, has it already ruined parts? Or does it matter? It isnt a 'flex fuel car thats for sure. So when that type of gas turns up everywhere, they better make it work in ALL cars.
  • poncho167poncho167 Member Posts: 1,178
    I am not sure where you are from but most of the U.S. has 10% ethanol in the gas. All cars are designed to use it.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Member Posts: 161
    Thanks for the information. I never knew that! Well these Hess stations are the only gas stations that I have EVER, in my life, seen a notice that each level of gas contains 10% or less ethanol. I never knew it was in all gas brands. Well as long as it is ok and safe...fine by me. P.S. I am in Fort Lauderdale Fla.
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