530i imported from Germany?

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So i found a Certified pre-owned 2004 530i, which was imported from Germany originally, has 32,000 miles on it and they are asking around $34,000, which sounds like a good deal. Two owners according to CarFax.

But are there any maintenance issues or smog related issues with a car imported from Germany that i need to know about? I am in California.

I am also considering a 2004 530i with 19,000 on it, similarly equiped, but they want $40,000 for it and do not want to come down. Is that mileage difference worth the price? Big gap between the two cars. Looking for advice quickly, want to take advantage of the promotion that ends May 31. Any advice is much appreciated.


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    My bet is that you've got it all wrong. BMW will not certify a car as a CPO if it is a grey market car. That said, what you've probably found is a car that was bought via BMW's European Delivery program and was turned back in at lease end. Every single ED car BMW has ever imported into the U.S.A. was a U.S.A. spec car, complete with all NHTSA, CARB, EPA, DOT and ABC flim-flam certifications in place.

    FWIW, my previous 530i was picked up in Munich via the ED program and resold via the CPO program. No problems, no worries, happens every day.

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    thanks - i wasn't sure, the CarFax said "Exported from Germany and imported to Port Hueneme, CA" in Nov. 2003. It went through US customs.

    between the two cars, do you think the lesser mileage on the one car warrants that price difference?

    the higher mileage one was serviced at 2,000, 7,000 and 8,300 miles - is that a normal service or might the car have issues? thanks.
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    I suggest you try the Edmunds True Market Value calculator. Car prices vary with equipment and location, and since cars like BMWs are configurable in a huge number of ways, you'll have to obtain the equipment lists of the two cars you're looking at before you can accuratly look at proper resale prices.

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    I took delivery of this car new (certified US standards, through US customs, not a grey market car, 3.0L, 6 cyl., 4-speed stickshift, power steering, power brakes, air conditioning) from BMW's Munich headquarters in 1975. Personally maintained with occasional deeper maintenance by local dealers. Added gauges for voltage and oil pressure in dash. It had a complete (down to bare metal) paint job (original colour paint: metallic brown) in 2004, complete reupholstering and headliner $5000. Recent sideswipe fender bender repaired $3500. Replaced cylinder head $6000. New a/c compressor $1100. Mileage: 191,000 mi. Web search yielded two comparables $10,500 and $22,000. Does this car qualify as a "classic" and what is its worth?
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    WHere I live, a 25-year old car qualifies for an antique plate...but, that is with restrictions on how much it can be driven; otherwise, it must be registered as a 'normal' vehicle. Not sure that helps.
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