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I just got my G35 and I know that it is only possible to play the video on the center console screen when the car is parked and the emergency break is on. I was wondering if there is any way to "hack" the car so it will always play video even when the car is moving?


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    There probably is and if you're successful, you'll probably void your warranty at the same time.
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    I was asking the dealer about this issue of voiding the warranty and he said that it should be no problem as long as the place that is doing the service guarantees it.
    I was just wondering if somebody has actaully done it and knows the details.
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    There is no known soft hack as of yet.
    Soft hacks are ways around the lockout, like hit this button, then this one, and then this one, and so on...

    There are hard hacks, which require the removal of the nav screen and the crossing of wires.
    These DO void all warranties, at least for the electronics attached to the harness you just hacked into.

    When I was close to an IS350 purchase, I already had wiring diagrams for hacking the system.
    Some of the guys who did this purchased a second wiring harness in case they ever needed warranty work done.

    Problem is, months after the hack was done, most started reporting problems with accuracy of navi, and other symtoms as well.

    Find a soft hack, but I do not suggest any wire work.
    That's just a nasty can of worms.
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    Yeah, but will they REALLY guarantee it if something goes wrong.....? Personally, I wouldn't trust an aftermarket outfit on something like that, but that's just me.
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    I guess that's what it means. They guarantee that their services won't cause any problems. Otherwise they would loose a huge customer base. Basically, no one with a new car would use their services.
    I don't know what they do once something actually goes wrong though. And I agree with you. I don't want ANYONE messing with my new car. Especially taking apart the navi.
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