500,000 Mile Accord

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Come watch as my car turns a 500,000 mile milestone. Ouch.



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    I watched all four of them... pretty darn cool. Good luck on your way back from the moon!! My 95 Accord is sitting on the moon. My son drives it now... I hope he makes it back home. My 06 Accord has a long way to go. :shades:
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    Welcome aboard. I'm having fun and enjoying the company.

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    Just checked out your vids, man. Rock on!

    I thought my 1996 4-cyl Accord was getting up there in miles, but sheesh!

    I'll be watching your progress!

    173,200 miles
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    Thanks for watching. I'm getting good feedback so I'll keep em coming.

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    I was wondering if you can help me, my accord is about 225,500 miles now, and i was wondering how did u maintain it. All i do is an oil change and a tune up which was done at 100,000.

    Now there is a problem with
    - Steering fluid leak and i just replace the fluid i think my mechanic said it would cost me about $600 or so.
    - And my car always goes to the left i got a wheel alignment and wheel balancing and rotation but still the same.

    Wonder if you can help me out with this problem.

    Thank you,
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    I did the usual servicing. Nothing heroic. The only thing I was insistent on was the timing chain/water pump combo service every 90,000 miles. Other than that, I think most people would think I generally ignore the car, occasionally giving it an oil change.

    As far as your specific issue, I really can't speak to that cuz I'm not a mechanic, I do Photoshop retouching as my videos would suggest. But get a second opinion if you aren't sure about spending the dough on fixing the car.

    How's the rest of the car? Does it run well? Is it worth fixing? Is it paid off? All worthy considerations when spending money to fix a car.

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    the car runs well, i get about 30mpg no other problems with it. Paid in full few minor dents but nothing major. I am assuming that it will last to about 500k if not longer.

    I am just worried about the timing belt, last time i changed it in my nissan at 200K and after that it died at 250K. and all the problems started after the timing belt. i don't mind spending if it is worth it.
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    My Honda mechanic said that was the most important item, then in his sternest voice he said, change it every 90,000 miles. Your car wil be all the happier.

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    Roy, if your 86 Honda is running fine I would reccomend holding on to it! Your car is a wonderful vindication to those who buy their cars based on reliability first, and then drive it until it can drive no more!

    I would love for you to continue your video casts, say every 5k miles.

    Let the whole world see how far your baby can go!

    550,000? 600,000? More?

    Another benefit is this:

    The longer you hold on, the sweeter your next accord will be!

    In 2009 an Accord Diesel is coming to the US.

    It will feature a 2.2 liter engine that is the cleanest diesel in the world, and gets 52 mpg combined!

    And since diesels last longer than gas engines, imagine how far a Honda diesl will go!

    1,000,000 miles is not impossible! To the moon and back 2X over!

    And If your diesel accord out lives you? Then you can pass it on the your kids as a kind of family quest to see how many times to the moon and the accord diesel can drive!

    Ironically, the most likely limiting agent for such a car would be that in 42 years, 2049, fossil fuels won't be sold anymore.

    BUT REJOICE! For algea based bio-diesel shall be widely available and so your diesel accord could drive on into the next century!
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    Well I'm planning on driving it further, but the Idea of continuing the series really depends on the response I get. Volume 5 will be up tomorrow afternoon...hopefully.

    But to tell the truth, I was planning on a car that flys in the future. I mean that's what the movies in the sixties suggested.


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    Roy here is something else to consider:

    1. Once you pass 500,000 miles send a communique to Honda Corporation. Your car would make a great series of commercials. Perhaps you could be sponsored by them: IE they will pay you for your video cast coopoeration in future with free Future Accord when your 86 model finally dies.

    2. If you can hold out till 2009 and get a Diesel Accord, try to run it on the highest concentration of Bio-diesel you can. Here's why:

    1. Where you live, San Fran, doesn't get cold enough to make gelling an issue, ie, no need to mix bio-diesel with any petro diesel to gurantee start up in cold weather, sub 30 degree F.

    2. Diesel acts as natural lubricant, which is why oil changes with diesel are more rare than gas and why diesel engines naturally outlive gas versions.

    BUT Bio-diesel is a much better lubricant than regular diesel. For example, when low sulfur diesel was mandated in 2008, oil companies had to find way of increasing lubricity of diesel, which, with lower sulfur would decrease.

    They discovered that mixing just 2% bio-diesel replaced all the lubricity lost when decreasing sulfur from 500 ppm, to 15 ppm.

    Bio-diesel is much better for your engine than regular diesel which is better than gas.

    In fact filling up on too high a grade of biodiesel in a cr that has used petro diesel can cause the filter to become clogged with gunk that the bio-diesel cleans from the engine!

    So if you run 100% biodiesel from the start, then you will prevent almost all of the build up of gunk in your engine, and provide crazy lubrication that will extend the life of your engine even longer!

    So if your 21 year old, gas Accord can go 500,000+ miles, then a 2009 Honda Diesel Accord can probably make 1,000,000+ miles, and a Diesel Accord running pure 100% biodiesel could make 1.5 million+ miles!


    A car that could last generations!

    Imagine buying it for a young driver at 16 and it lasts them their entire life!

    Imagine driving the equivalent of 60 times around the diameter of the earth at the equator!

    Granted, most people will replace their cars every 10-15 years out of pure boredom, but imagine knowing that you could drive it 5 times longer if you wanted!

    That is what awaits you Roy if you hold on and keep your sweet blue Accord!

    Also consider this:

    Having a car that has lasted 550K-600K leads to super bragging rights! It makes you a legend!

    Buying a new car that would take you another 20+ years to reach that same level is ok, but loses the magic of driving a car that you described as a good friend.

    Indeed if your car is older than your teenage kids,(not that you necessarily have them) is just plain cool due to its uniqueness.

    I shall leave you with this image, from the classive Seinfeld episode in which Kramer goes for a test drive and he and the salesmen end up driving till the tank is dry and still make it back to the dealership, a feat both thought would have been impossible, (they had never driven a car with the gas guage stuck at "E" so long) but their initiall goal accomplished, rather than turn off the highway and into the dealership, the episode ends with both men turning to each other, grinning, and the driver gunning the accelerator.

    That episode shows the courage and heroism of driving, literally, into the unkown, pushing the limits for the shear thrill of it.

    You, Roy, are just such a hero. Both for initially holding on to your reliable car, where lesser men would have traded in a long time ago, and for not giving in to temptation once your goal is accomplished.

    For daring to see just how far your 86 Accord can go, and (hopefully) for sharing it with an international audiance, via your video cast, you have earned a special place in the pantheon of automotive gods, along side diesel, Ford, Diamler and Benze.
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    OK agalas,

    If your tongue is any more in cheek it's about to poke through. Like the balloon one exhale till busting. LOL, I love the seinfeld picture. I missed that one.

    But I must be critical of the car that last a generation concept. Your flaw lies in buying the car for any 16 year old. I think the life expectancy hovers around 10 months.

    Now if they could swap out my gas engine for this bio-diesel motor, I'd be all over taking it 2 more times around.

    My name along with Hyundai, Hugo, and Kia

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    My apologies if I come off as a raving lunatic, and I agree that buying a new car for a 16 year old is foolish. My point was simply that a person could drive their entire life in just one vehicle, if its a Honda Diesel running B-100.

    As for my overexuberance, I apologize. I am just so damned excited!

    I have long been a believer in buying the most reliable car available and seeing just how long they can go.

    I personally drive a 94 Corolla with 165K miles and am hoping it lasts me to 250-300K, around 2012-2015.

    I was not really hopefull that it could be done, but now seeing your beutiful blue Accord I find my dreams rekindled! Perhaps my baby can last till 2020 when plug in biodiesel serial hybrids will be available!

    Oh to get 200 mpg on algea diesel, what a dream!

    And if I end up with nothing more wonderous than a Civic or Corolla I will be able to wait for 2 more redesigns!

    Oh what wonders does the future hold?

    Self Parking cars?
    Super advanced voice activiated computer systems?
    Advanced saftey systems tied into a car intelligence network that makes accidents a thing of the past?
    Cars that drive themselves? (How sweet it would be to let my car chauffer me about while sleeping or watching my favorite Tivoed tv shows, downloaded over a super fast and car accessible Hi-fi!)

    But I fear I am rambling, it's getting late and I just finished a 12 hour shift at work and must awake in 6 hours for more.

    So goodnight Roy and keep up your holy quest!

    Your 86 Accord is an inspiration to efficiency lovers everywhere!
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    On Feb 17th, there is a post about an 87 Accord with 634,000 miles, still going strong!

    Google "million mile cars" and you will find that the world record is held by a 66 Volvo 1800P with over 2.5 million miles on it!

    To the moon and back 5X!

    Roy, you must not get rid of your blue baby!

    If a 66 Volvo can last 43 years, and an 87 Accord 634K with no major problems, then surely your car can go another 2-300K!

    Imagine how sweet it would be to wait not only for the current redesign, including the diesel, but wait for the redesign after that!

    Hell, your current accord may end up outlasting the Volvo and last you the rest of your life!

    You must not give up on it Roy!

    It is a rare breed of men/woman who are part of such an exlusive hyper high miler club, and you shall soon be part of it!

    If you trade in your Accord you will regret not daring to discover how far it could go, how long it could faithfully serve you!

    And if you make the right choice and decide to "Kramer it" until the wheels fall off, please keep us updated with future video casts.

    No need for 1 ever 1K miles, or even 5K, but every 10K would be nice, you know to see how your baby's doing.

    At your current rate of 500 miles/week it would mean 1 update every 4 months or so, a reasonable request for such an awe inspiring vehicle.

    Good night Ray, here's hoping you eventually set a new world record in your 86 dream machine!
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    Thanks to all who have jumped in and watched my car rolling past it's miles. The next vid is ready for consumption. In this installment I deal with the issue of speeding.

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    LOL... Too funny. I won't spoil the surprise even though I have a few questions (and they would spoil the surprise.)

    Loved your new speedo at the end.... I truly laughed out loud.
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    Thanks for the view. I've got to get the speedometer altered from the inside, and make that a running bit. But the paper was ...er...subtle.
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    Glad you enjoyed it, but my curiosity is peaked, what are your questions? I'm an open book, ask away.

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    I was just curious about the police officer. A friend of yours?
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    My 89 Accord LXi had 214K miles before I gave
    it to a co-worker. It still had an original
    tranny & engine, P/S pump, starter, etc.
    The steering fluid was slowly leaked.
    I just kept filling when the fluid in the
    reservoir went near the low mark.
    New set of tires may fix the pulling to one
    Last time I checked the car still runs great.
    Oh, don't forget to keep draining & filling the
    tranny fluid every 24K miles.
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    All police officers are friends. But this one in particular. It's unfortunate he had to perform his duties regardless of any friendships. Wink, wink.

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    I'm pretty horrible when it comes to taking care of it. The car is just so well built. It does leak a little oil, maybe two drops a year. No power steering leaks, a/c still kicks and the manual tranny solid.
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    Volume 6 is on tap 495,000 miles. I'm a baaaad boy.

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    Pushing that speed again, Roy!
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    Oh you noticed? Teehee. %D
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    Sorry about this folks but I needed to edit the vid so a new one is up as a replacement. Thanks again for the views and posts.

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    Wow! Roy pushed his baby all the way to 100 MPH! Watch out man, if you exceed 2X the posted speed limit they can charge you with attempted manslaughter, or some such, although I feel your need for speed.

    One lonely night while coming home from North Dakota, on a straight stretch of road, with no cars in sight I pushed my 94 Corolla to its limit of 110 MPH!

    What a rush! Of course as I was slowing past 85 mph I approached a car from the back and i turned out to be a cop!

    Lucky for me I had never had a speeding ticket in my life and so got off with a warning.

    But since you have a history and you know the fuzz are watching, you may not wish to push your blue baby that hard.

    Just some friendly advice.
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    Last time I swear. I just did that to annoy some dear friends. And it worked.
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    Last time I swear.

    lol.... I think we've heard that before!
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    Here's the latest vid. Has your car every broken down? No! that's right you own a Honda.

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    I can safely say that neither my 95 Accord at over 220k or my 06 has ever left me stranded on the side of the road. Uh, I can also say that I've never made stops like your friend in the video either.
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    If you're driving a Honda and stop on the road have a look over your shoulder for me and my camera.

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    Need a Moon and Back fix? Episode 8, is great.

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    Ohhh, ouch. That hurts.

    Did I hear you say 410,000 miles at some point?
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    410,000 miles. That's when the hose blew and I had to drop in a rebuilt motor. Ouch is an acurate expression.

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    Oh, I thought it happened in between 496k and 497k!
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    Yeah I'm get that a lot. People have asked if I had the original motor so in order to have full disclosure I decided to present the history of the car. The "incident" happened 3 years ago, but it does add to the stories concerning the car, but not in a chronological way. had to tell the story, sorry about the confusion.
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    Here's the latest offering on my way to 500,000 miles


    Thanks for watching

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    Now, Roy... we know you like to speed a bit so get those seatbelts replaced. I know you have lasted over 498K, but we want you around for the last 2000!
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    MAybe some duct tape would do the trick :sick:
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    Eh, that's one thing I would'nt wait on fixing right. Enjoyed this installment, as always!
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    So what could get in the way of making it to 500,000?

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    I loved that homage to that classic Tubes song from 1975! Hilarious!
    2018 Acura TLX 2.4 Tech 4WS (mine), 2018 Honda CR-V EX AWD (wife's)
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    Doing the parody was a bigger task than I had intended. Took many hours to do on a schedule of few. But It's been part of the scheme so I had to complete it. Glad you liked it.

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    Just when I was getting ready to offer a hearty congrats! You make me wait... I'll make you wait. ;)
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    And it's going to be a wait, I'm afraid. The last one will take some doing to produce. Couple that with a very heavy work load and a vacation for a week and we're talking 3 to 4 weeks. Sorry...

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    No problem... we all know what that odometer really says by now. :)
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    Hi all you Moon and Backers,

    Need a break from all the election tension? Then you need a Moon and Back fix my friend. Remember last time I spoiled the end of the great 500,000 mile roll when the battery died just at that most critical moment? Well, I’ve been able, through the amazing technical prowess of my friends at Lumeralis Digital, turn a disaster into... well another sort of disaster ready to assault your eyes and ears. So sit back and try and enjoy the last installment of the Moon and Back Chronicles vol. 12

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    Cool video, and a great car. Nice to see someone getting the full use out of their Accord. Were you ever tempted to sell or trade it?
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