Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra General Shopping Questions

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Does anybody know why the invoice price the dealer showed me was roughly $500 higher than the dealer price listed on Edmunds and KBB? I added the $900 destination charge, but the dealer invoice was not even close. Can the dealer mark up the invoice price? Of course the salesman said it was because the web was wrong. Uh huh, right.


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    Edmunds specifically leaves out certain local and regional advertising charges that will appear on the actual vehicle invoice from the manufacturer. This is because these charges can vary widely, even as tight as county by county. Depending on where you are, $500 is probably about right for these ad fees.

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    Thanks for your reply. So this is a fee the dealership must pay to GM and therefore is non-negotiable?
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    According to my dealer, that fee goes to the "Regional Marketing Group" which pays for the advertisements, etc. They do not charge GM Family members with this fee, so you may be able to negotiate on it.
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    I flat out told the dealer I wouldn't pay it, he said he couldn't "waive" the fee but gave me 500 more on my trade.
    Press them, they will work with you, if not go somewhere else.
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    Does anyone know when Chevy is supposed to begin production on their 08 3/4 tons. About two months ago I ordered an 07, but dealer called two weeks ago and said that I ordered too late for an 07, that I was going to get an 08 for the same price (we'll see). As salesmen are usually kept out of the loop, and tend to keep info that they do know close to the vest, I wanted to know if anyone knows any specifics.

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    I placed an order for a 2007 Silverado 1500 Crew LTZ on 17 June. The dealer notified me that the truck will be a 2008 model. I have a 23 July build date, with an approximate delivery date of 5 August. I am told that any incentives available for the 07 will be applied for the 08. I do not have any indication that the price will be the same, or increase by 1-3%. Based on todays article in the Wall Street Journal GM will continue with incentives as truck sales were down 21% in June. I'll keep you posted.
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    I talked to the dealer yesterday, and have an identical build date. The salesman told me that the price would be the same, but we'll have to see. I'd appreciate it if you could let me know if they change the price on your half-ton, and I'll keep you posted on price differences in my 3/4.
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  • flinchlockflinchlock Member Posts: 13
    I am looking at the 2007 Silverado 1500 Regular Cab Long Box 4x4.

    When I configure it as a "1LT MSRP $27,805.00", the following option IS available:

    Air bags, head curtain side-impact, front and rear outboard seating positions, with rollover sensor (ASF) $395.00

    When I configure it as a "1WT MSRP $22,155.00", the option is NOT available.

    I really want the WT with side curtains... I do not need/want all the chrome/fancy stuff in the extra $4000 LT package.

    I also notice the side curtain option IS available in the 2007 1500 Classic models.

    Why in the world are side curtains not an option in the 2007 1500 WT?

    Anyone know if the 2008 WT will or will not have side curtains?

    I also assume I am too late to order a 2007 Silverado... right?

    Thanks, Mike
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    I'll keep you posted on the any price increase I receive. I will know as soon as I receive a VIN should be late next week, or early the following week.
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    Has anyone heard if GM plans on equipping the 1500 Sierras with Bluetooth technology or 6-speed automatic transmissions?
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    not sure about the bluetooth, the 6 speed is already available for the Heavy Duties and will be available in the 1500's in the 2009 model year.
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    I doubt that GM will put bluetooth into their cars or trucks. They have a deal with Onstar/Verizon. If you were able to use bluetooth... then there would be no need to purchase the Onstar/Verizon phone service.

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    Thanks for the quick responses. I confirmed that at least for the 2008 model there will be no 6-Speed transmission or Bluetooth. A local dealer had told me that the 2008 models would have Bluetooth is why I asked.

    What would be the benefits or detriments of a 6-speed transmission over the current 4-speed transmission?
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    Well one of the obvious and main benefits of a six speed is gas milage at highway speeds. With the two extra overdrive gears, your engine will be working less thus saving gas. Also, the six speed will be geared differently most likely allowing a lower first gear, which will give you a little extra grunt off the line. As far as the four speed goes, well the main benefit is that it has been around for a very long time in GM trucks. So this has allowed GM to tweak and refine it over the years yeilding a very dependable unit especially the 4L80E.

    As far as disadvantages go, well the new six speed is, well, NEW. With anything new, there are going to be problems. When you make something more complicated, there are more things that can go wrong with it. Even the new Tundra six speeds are having various problems. Also with more gears to choose from, you will notice that the 6speed trans will be consantly searching for the right gear to use. Now had GM simply used their bulletproof Allison six speeds, this wouldn't be the case, however, in their infinite wisdom they decided, probably do to cost concerns, to develop a whole new line of six speeds that could be made mostly with robots thus saving money. With the 4speed, the only real main disadvantage is the gas milage.

    It all depends on what you're going to use your truck for. If you're like most people who use their trucks for grocery getters and drive plenty of highway miles, then wait for the new six speed. If you tow over 6,000lbs on a regular basis, get yourself a used 2002-2007 2500HD with the diesel or 8.1L engine. Both come with Allison 6speed trans. Now if your like me, and don't blow a gasket every time you see a new scratch, and actually plan to use the truck for its intended purpose (ie: hauling dirty cargo, playing off road, towing a small ski boat every once and a while) then get yourself a used '96-'98 Chevy/GMC K1500/K2500, lift it and go play! :shades:
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  • blharris77blharris77 Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for the reply 12ozcurls (like the name too). That's kinda what I figured. I hate to admit it but I would probably fall into the grocery getters driving plenty of Hwy miles category 98% of the time. Maybe three times a year do I tow a trailer that weighs more than 2,500 lbs. May one day get a boat but can't bet on that! In the grand scheme of things it probably won't make a huge difference for me. Thanks for the very informative reply!
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    I just talked to the dealer today. I have the invoice in hand. The good news is that the invoice price actually dropped a little (about $100) from what they quoted me in May for an 07 vs. the 08 I'm getting. The bad news is that they're not honoring 07 rebates for the 08's. Instead of the new $2500 rebate, the 08's have a $500 rebate. The rebate was only $1000 at the time that I ordered the pickup, so I'm only spending $400 more than I originally anticipated, but it's still pretty shady to pay an extra 2k for one different digit on the vin sticker. As far as I know the 07 second generation and 08's are identical trucks. Oh well it's still about $3500 less than a comparable F-250
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    That is consistent with what I learned from my dealer. For the privilege of owning an 08 - I will not receive the 0% financing for the 07's which is worth at least $3500 to me.

    However, I will get a $500 rebate just as you outlined. The dealer told me there is a chance that GM will increase the rebate on 08's due to the lackluster sales as early as 15 August. Perhaps he is trying to make me feel better!

    Contrary to your F250 comparison, my truck is higher priced (about 1.5K) than the F150, which is carrying a larger rebate and 0% financing to boot.

    In any event, I have no complaints, as I am getting precisely the truck I ordered, and will keep it long enough to justify the expense.
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    Picking my truck up this afternoon. Hope it runs for 200,000. Then the $2000 they screwed me out of by delaying my build date into the 08's won't matter.
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    I wouldn't be too upset. First off you have a 2008 as opposed to a 2007. Your 2008 truck is worth more than 2000 bucks more than a 2007. You should have XM radio in your 2008 that is a no charge option - so that saved you another 150 bucks. I'd say you did ok. You got $500 rebate instead of $2000 so it really wasn't a $2000 screwing as you say.

    Lets hope you love the truck and never need to use the warranty.
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    It is a nice truck, save the automatic locks locking whenever I take it out of park. I plan on driving it until the wheels fall off, so the additonial resale really doesn't matter. The rebate in my area for 07's is $2500 so I did lose $2000 for an identical truck built literally weeks later. Could care less about satellite radio. I'm not going to pay $12 a month to listen to the radio. When the free period expires so does my sattelite radio experience. I shouldn't sound too negative, It is a really comfortable truck to drive, we'll see how it handles truck duty to come.
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  • 2007denali2007denali Member Posts: 16
    Does anyone know how many or what percentage of all 1500 series trucks that GM produces each model year are Silverado SS models for Chevrolet and Sierra Denali models for GMC? I'm guessing less than 1%, but I'd like something more definitive. Thanks.
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    I am all set to buy a new 2008 Sierra Z71. When I went to look at it last night on the lot, I saw that there was a 2008 All Terrain marked down to the same price as the other z71. I saw where it had originally cost 4000 more. What are the benefits of having the All Terrain as opposed to the regular Z71?
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    Saving $4 K?
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    when ordering a truck and is identified by the Z71 sticker on the truck. Not sure what an All Terrain is as its not listed as an option with the Silverado/Sierra. It could be something that is dealer specific. I would compare the Monroney sticker to be sure on what you're getting.
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    All Terrain package includes a bunch of dress up options inside and out, along with Rancho shocks, Z71, and Z82 trailering package. If it is a color you like, go for it.
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    I'm looking for a used ('01-'05) Silverado 1500, extended cab, under 70K miles, hopefully for around $15K. I rarely will load the truck to capacity, and tow a small trailer ocassionally. I drive mostly flat terrain in NJ, no off-road. Is the 2WD and/or V6 under powered for this full size truck? Is the 4WD recommended? LT vs LS?

    Anyone familiar with that range of years have suggestions on which years were better than others?

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    I'm looking at a 2002 Silverado z71. The truck itself has 146,000 miles on it. It just recently had the engine and transmission replaced. Has anyone had trouble with this model in the future. I'm no car expert and i'm not sure if this is going to be worth it in the long run. I expect for be driving this truck for the next couple years and i'm only a kid. I do not want to buy a truck that is just going to stall out on me in the near future. Can anyone give me advice?
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    Hey I have a 2004 Chevy Z71, basically they are the same truck, if the 2002 had the engine and transmission replaced you should be in pretty good shape, your main question to the seller should be who and when was this done? Make sure this was not done by some back yard mechanic. The only thing I've found to be a issue with these trucks is the speedometer not working all the time, my truck has been in 5 times to try to get fixed. Other than that they are great trucks. Chevy are the only Truck makers that have Full time 4x4. Most chevy trucks will go places in 2wd that other trucks like "Ford" need 4x4 for. A stock Chevy depending on engine get 18 mpg stock hwy. Good Luck
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    Alright thanks for the advice. Yea i'm going to have it looked at by a reliable mechanic first for sure.
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    I'm lookin at a 2003 GMC Sierra with 121200 miles on it. I took it for a test drive and it stalled twice on me. I look at the tach it it was idling low. Also the driver side window would now go all the way up and close tightly. I told the saleman about it and he said that they would repair the faults. It has a 5.3 vortec engine. Well deal or no deal?
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    Based on the history of the GMC Sierra I'd say your problems are just beginning. I wouldn't touch that thing with a 10 foot pole. 121K miles is a bit high for a 5 year old truck. However, if they would sell you that truck for under $5K that might just work.
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  • knuckbusterknuckbuster Member Posts: 3
    Tks obyone yeah I forgot to mention that it's been on the lot for over three months got to be something goin on there
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    A dealer in Kellogg, ID Dave Smith sells cars for $200 over invoice however the cars/trucks have no accessories. I am looking for a Silverado LTZ 1500. Is $200 over invoice and then buy the accessories (tubular assist steps, splash guards) worth it or can I get a better deal from another dealer who has what I am looking for with the items already on the truck?
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    I'm guessing this is before rebates? If so that's a fair deal.

    When you start adding dealer add-on accessories, it becomes a much different type of deal.

    1. Deal for Truck
    2. Deal for accessory & installation separately It helps here, if you know what the price is of the accessory ahead of time and the installation time.
    3. Deal for Trade-in (if you have one)
    4. Deal for F*I stuff.

    Personally, for accessories, I tend to get them aftermarket as it is cheaper. Then if I don't feel like doing the install, I'll take it to a local shop to do the install.

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    Looking at purchasing 2500 GMC 4X4, 6.0 with 4.10 ratio. What kind of gas mileage can I expect?
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