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  • rafidahmed01rafidahmed01 Member Posts: 1
    Honestly, the MDX is better. It really is best in class, and not all Pilot's have what the MDX has. For example, leather and sunroof are standard in a luxury car like that, but the Pilot? Its an SUV that is just bigger and boxier. The MDX has bucket 3rd row seats that fold flat into the floor, (not sure about the Pilot). In most MDX's, you will find navigation, memory seats, and entertainment system. The MDX will last longer, and it is a much better deal than the Pilot. If you have a couple more thousands, why not?
  • citivascitivas Member Posts: 144
    rafidahmed, it sounds like you are comparing the two vehicles without having investigated one of them. You admit now even knowing what features are in the Pilot, and all the features you mentioned – leather, sunroof, entertainment system, navigation, memory seats, stowable third row, etc. – are available in the Pilot and standard on some models. Statistically, your comment that the MDX will last longer is not true. As some of us have written, there are plenty of reasons to prefer the Pilot that have nothing to do with price. Three years ago I would have paid more for the Pilot than the MDX if necessary because it had the features I prioritized most. This year I’m looking at the MDX again and still struggling to accept all the benefits of the Pilot I would have to give up to move to it. I personally like the styling, finish and drive of the MDX more than the Pilot, but that is subjective to the driver. What’s not subjective is that the Pilot has more seating capacity, more comfortable (okay, that is subjective but hardly if you have ever sat in the middle seat of the MDX) and roomier second and third row seats and more storage capacity and still gets better gas mileage from cheaper fuel.
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    citivas - what did you decide?
    i am in a similar situation and your points are dead on with my thoughts as well. i do like the style of the MDX much better and since this will be used for other things other than just the family - a little style is important, just not sure if it's practical. afterall, pilot is less expensive and (very importantly) is roomier. i am pretty loyal to the honda/acura brand as i've never had a bad experience with any of their cars i owned, so i am keeping the decision on the mid-size SUV to only honda & acura. i'm not overlooking the price differential between the MDX and Pilot but it's pretty marginal and not a big concern of mine.

    im interested to hear what you decided.
  • 72blackbird72blackbird Member Posts: 4
    We just bought a Certified 08 Pilot EX- there was also an 08 MDX at the dealer when we bought the Pilot. There's no question the MDX is more luxurious, powerful, refined, etc. than the Pilot- but I see the Pilot as more economical, practical, roomy and really in a different market than the MDX.

    Both SUV's have their strengths and weaknesses, and an EX-L w/ Navi 4wd Pilot blurrs the line even more, but in reality I can't see either vehicle doing all tasks the best. Clearly a Pilot will better haul bulky items and furniture, the family, dogs, and all the stuff that comes with that to the beach, park, or long distance destination- I don't think you'd want wet kids and dogs all over that buttery MDX leather and the MDX is just not built to haul as much gear. The MDX is far more suited than the Pilot to shuttling retired empty-nesters to their golf game, arriving at a black-tie event or that power business lunch - it's clearly the more expensive and upscale SUV. But both vehicles are both built by the same manufacturer and share the reliability and value Honda is known for- the Acura also gives you the added status and luxury of an upmarket marque.

    Saying the MDX is better than the Pilot is like saying the Pilot is better than the MDX- both will shine and fail at different tasks. The solution is to own one of each-lol.
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    I'm having to replace a vehicle due to a wreck. The only vehicles I'm interested in are the 2007 Pilot, 2007 Highlander, and 2007 MDX. These 3 are on the list due to my budget and what I want. The 2007 MDX is on this list because a dealer has a MDX base model with minor hail damage that has forced them to lower the price.

    After reading many posts on edmunds about torque-converter and leather seat problems on the MDX I'm wondering if I should walk away from the MDX and get the pilot. The Highlanders are nice but they are more money especially to get leather which is what I want.
  • stevesouthgastevesouthga Member Posts: 1
    I know this is an old thread, but in case anyone is still interested in this topic, here is my input – I was trying to decide between a used 2008 Acura MDX and a new 2011 Honda Pilot last year. The prices for the two, at the time were close. I paid $29,999 for the MDX with 53K miles (dealer sticker was $31k) and a new Pilot, was I think about around $32000. I went with the MDX because my research and test drives indicated the MDX was much more vehicle, had significantly enhanced performance, handling, acceleration, breaking, etc., plus about every all the luxury features I think of and looked cooler than the Pilot. The two are not all the same mechanicals or performance. The MDX handles like a heavy sports car (or police package for that matter) not at all like an SUV, Pilot, Kia Sorrento, etc. The recommended premium gas is an issue/expense for the MDX, but when driving around town, I fill up every third or fourth fill up with midgrade but always use premium for highway. I have no “knocking” or noticeable performance issues after 30k miles. I expect this to be a 15 year plus car for me and while Honda quality is excellent on Pilots and all their other models, Acura appear to me, to a cut or two higher (paint, leather, etc.). I must admit hoever, that the the leather seats on the 2008 are not in keeping with the high qulaity of the rest of the vehicle..
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    I bought a 2008 MDX when they came out. I test drove the Pilot, too. My decision came down to a simple fact. I am a mom with 3 kids but I did not want to be in a mini van, which the Pilot felt and drove like one. I wanted a sports car but in reality, I have 3 kids. So what better way to compromise! I also LOVE the AWD and have felt it in use in many terrains here in Texas. I think the Pilot has a lot to offer and is more inexpensive...I just wanted the sports car and AWD. My kiddos fit just fine. One in the front, one in the middle and one in the back for road trips.
  • mahlstrommahlstrom Member Posts: 2
    Any one else have problems? Thought it was just a $99 headlight (!!!) but turned out it was the ignitor for the halogen bulb. It cost $700 to replace. My car had 63,000 miles on it. NOT covered under warranty.

    I, too, think the leather seats are not lasting the quality of the Acura name.

    I have also had battery issues and have had the emergency service to come jump start me. Right after the warranty expired I had to pay $350 for a corroded battery cable. Didn't maintenance see that coming?

    I LOVE my car, needless to say, and have taken it to the dealership for every maintenance. I am just surprised at some of the issues...
  • lar14lar14 Member Posts: 2
    I have had battery problems also and have been extremely upset with the quality of leather on my seats. My car is immaculate, but the quality of leather on the seats (especially the passenger seat which is not used often) is awful. I would think twice about buying such an expensive car for this reason. These are the 2 major complaints I have about my car. I would expect this of lower end car, not an Acura. I take great care of my car, and can honestly say that this has really diss appointed me.
  • lar14lar14 Member Posts: 2
    My Bluetooth stopped working also. After reading more complaints about these things form others, I am even more dissapointed.
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