Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon General Shopping Questions

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Does anyone know when the '06 model year ended? I just purchased an '06 with a June '06 build date and was just wondering. Thanks.


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    about a year ago July. MOst GM plants shut down for the first 2 weeks of July and then come back and either start up or within a week start up the next years production. My guess yours was near the end.
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    Several dealers in my area have '06 GMC Canyons and '06 Chevy Colorado still on their lots. Am I crazy to buy one. I think I can purchase a 4WD Crew Cab for about $20,000. about $6000 off the sticker. My wife love the look of the Ridgeline and the Avalance. That will also cost me over $30,000. Any feedback would be great.
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    I've had a Avalance and there is no way that a Colorado can compare to the A. But then 10K more does buy something. The Colorado will get better gas mileage but the 07 Colorado if it is the 6 cyl. will have about 22 more horsepower. The 06 and older 6 was complained about alot by some people who wanted more HP. I have a 04 Crewcab 4x4 and used to be a hot rodder but am satified with the power but yes I would also be happy if it had more. First things first, you have to keep the wife happy, so buy the Avalance as the conversion available with it will really come in handy. With the back open you have over 8 feet of load space which the Ridgeline can't compare to. It's up to you in the end.
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    I have had the same problem in regards to making a decision. One can assume that there has to be a reason why they have leftovers, but after doing the the math and factoring in the real or imagined aggravation factor, i can't help but wonder if any of the negative reviews concerning the colorado were from people that actually test drove them. why would someone buy a piece of junk from the start? i felt the same way about performance until i looked at the speedometer and realized that the truck moves quicker than it feels. anyway, the truck is nice for a sale price of 14.000.00
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    I, too have been antisapating the purchase of a Crew Cab Colorado. All of the reading and research I have done tells me the way to go is getting the '07. This is the I-5 I'm referring to, if you want a four cyl, disregard this information.
    There was a lot of head failure from the 04's through the 06's. In 07 they completely changed the head and increased the displacement. The 07 has had no problems with the head, and has 22 more HP than the 06.
    If the discount can make you forget missing 22 HP, then your only worry is having an expensive head problem down the road a piece. That issue could also be overcome, depending on the warrantee it comes with. If they will give you a 100 K warrantee that would completely cover any head problems you might experience, then the 06 is the way to go.
    Personally I am going to wait until the 08's are introduced and see if there is any reason to buy one of them.
  • catkencatken Member Posts: 6 read That the 5 Speed man. Will only be found in the 2.9. The 2009 brochures are not out yet. Have you herd the same.Don.t want to be under powered yet I want the man. trans.. Ken
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    I currently have an '05 Canyon 4x4, with 24,500 miles on it. I did receive a letter from GM stating that I have an extended warranty on the engine, due to sporadic reports of cylinder head issues. So far, knock on wood, mine has run like a champ.

    A couple of years ago, when the problem started appearing, and owners were on this site talking about it, I asked a few questions about how these people drove/serviced their trucks. I was curious if there was some sort of common denominator. Although there were a number of irate comments about the truck or dealersip, nobody ever commented on how they drove their trucks, ie. mostly city, or highway, empty of loaded, towing, etc. So, I guess we'll never know....
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