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Anyone know why the insurance quotes for this car is soo high? Compared to other more sportier cars, luxury cars, 2 doored cars out there. It had more expensive rates.


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    Anyone know why the insurance quotes for this car is soo high? Compared to other more sportier cars, luxury cars, 2 doored cars out there. It had more expensive rates.

    Insurance quotes can vary wildly based on lots of criteria, including your age, location, driving history, length of time with an insurer, crash test results of the car itself, etc.

    The 2008 Lancer may be generating higher rates because it is new and probably hasn't been crash tested yet...there could be other variables at play as well.

    But for me personally, the insurance rate for my 2008 Lancer GTS only increased by about $100 per year compared to my 2002 Hyundai Elantra GT. I thought it would be much higher.
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    as well. The rig I traded in for the Lancer GTS was a 2001 Kia Sportage 4x4. I added gap insurance for the Lancer GTS but it's only $9.60 for 6 months! Overall I'm paying about $8 a month more for the Lancer GTS than the Sportage 4X4 for car insurance with the same company.

    Not really alarming considering the reasons posted above.

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    Hmm what insurance company are you using? Or are you still under maybe a parent's insurance still or ur own? Cuz i got a quote from geico paying 137.41 a month for starting up my own.
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    no, I've been on my own car insurance-wise for decades.

    I have Safeco Insurance and IIRC my monthly payments are around $108 for the Lancer GTS while the Sportage 4x4 was near $100 a month.

    Remember, car insurance prices are different for many reasons, personal driving record, "safe" attributes built in to your car, etc. Also some states just charge more if the insurers have to cover more uninsured motorists claims than another state's insurer's do, etc. Hard to generalize insurance quotes form state to state and person to person and rig to rig, don't ya know.

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    I'm paying $84.73 a month through Travelers via AAA. That amount includes a $5.00 a month service fee for installment payments (i.e. a ripoff), gap coverage, and rental car reimbursement in the event (God forbid!) that my Lancer is incapacitated for a lengthy amount of time. I believe the deductible is $500.
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    Insurance rates very drastically from one company to another for many reasons such as your credit history, type of coverage requested, or the area the car will be driven (garaged). Every company has a different set of rates they assign to these demographics and you will be shocked at how one company doesn't weigh credit history at all and the next charges you $300 extra per year for having bad credit.

    This article does a decent job of explaining what I am saying:

    Why do car insurance rates vary for each insurance company?
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    try getting quotes from this site
    they offer multiple quotes and
    compare them.
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    I'm 24 years old, and a police officer, and I drove a 2000 VW New Beetle before the 08 Lancer ES, and my insurance was 80 dollars under DOUBLING a year when I got this car. YUCK!
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    I bought my Lancer ES (red, sun and sound) in May 07 when I was 26. I went thru Amica Insurance since I saw they were supposed to be really good on the JD Powers website (like comparable to that military insurance). I pay $80/month which includes gap, car rental, etc... I was thinking I might be paying more just because of the quality so I called up some others, they wanted $100+/year!
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