Lexus ES 350 Extended Warranty

devon_gadevon_ga Member Posts: 8
Has anyone purchased an extended warranty for their ES 350? I hear that it is probably worth purchasing an extended warranty if you have the navigation system, since it is computer driven and anything can go wrong as it gets older.

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?


  • atl_buyeratl_buyer Member Posts: 3
    I am also considering the extended warranty, and would be interested in hearing what kind of price flexibility people have seen in their negotiations on the warranty.
  • twq83twq83 Member Posts: 19
    2 things I get asked everytime someone buys a vehicle from me is just that......... How much should I pay and is it worth it????

    To the first one I answer: How much is "peace of mind" worth to you???? the normal response is not that much! I tell them they can go on line and get an aftercare package for as low as $699.00 for out to 7 years and 100,000 miles. Only problem is that there not backed buy the manufacture and usally use used and rebuilt parts for replacement among other short cuts that end up costing you in the long run. You can also spend $3,000.00 at a dealership with an uninformed client. The simplest way to handle this is to call a couple of dealership in the area and ask ...... "how much for a 7 yr/100,000 Mile Extended Warranty WITH A ZERO DEDUCTIBLE!!!! If you call up and ask for a warranty they will give you the lowest price they can sell with a hugh deductible. Now you'll get a Price range between $1,800.00 and $2,700.00 ALL ARE ESSENTIALLY THE SAME. Depending on what else you buy, financing plan, after market option purchased and so on..... they will give you some sort of discount.

    Answer to question 2....... "Is it worth it??????" that is a question you have to ask yourself...... for me I'll tell you this ........ I have a GS 450h with Navigation and I found out that the MFD ( Multi Functional Display ) the big screen ...... is only covered 4 Years/50,000 Miles! After that if anything goes wrong with it then it's $1,830.00 just to have someone diagonistic it. Then they have to fix it. Well that was it for me....... I figuared that for $170.00 more I can protect everything on the car ( Minus wearable parts) out to 7 years/100,000 miles with a Zero Deductable. I may have nothing happen to the car for the next 10 years like a Lexus should ....... but what if???? That's the question you have to be able to answer and live with. $2K for peace of mind for 7 years works out to $23.37 a month .......... I can handle that. Same Question you need to ask yourself. :confuse:

  • ilovetrailersilovetrailers Member Posts: 27
    Purchased ES 350 last week. My best quote for 6 year/100,000
    with 0 deductible is 1140.00 for platinum coverage. I found it on the net through a Toyota and Lexus Dealer.
  • 10041004 Member Posts: 4
    Hi ilovetrailers
    can you tell me which website that you found for the extended warranty???
  • ilovetrailersilovetrailers Member Posts: 27
    Found it at or you can call Troy at 413-772-0989

    This is a Toyota Dealer in Maine I think.
  • devon_gadevon_ga Member Posts: 8
    I may have to contact Troy. I researched the price on the Platinum warranty online back in May and the best price I found was from a lexus dealer Park Place. But now the online quote is higher than what I was quoted back in May. I know the longer you wait the chance you take on getting a good price, but it seems like the price jumped a few hundred in two months. Thanks for sharing the website and contact person.
  • jmouse888jmouse888 Member Posts: 2
    I just got a New 09 ES 350 w/ Nav today. The Biz Mgr is trying to sell me ext warranty now. But he said I can also buy it before the standard wrty runs out (before 4yr/50k). However he is trying to get me to buy now, saying something about "better value". Not very convincing.

    I want to buy, but not sure if I should do it now or later. I'm picking up the car in two days and want to decide before then. Please help! Thanks much.
  • sanishsanish Member Posts: 66
    $1,250 for 7 year/75,000 mile w/$0 deductible for PLATINUM
  • gjfes350gjfes350 Member Posts: 7
    Why is a car dealer in Maine selling a Warranty? How can that be used elsewhere in the country. Are they really a legitmate warranty provider?

  • shakmshakm Member Posts: 3
    Need help in deciding to buy extended warranty - Last week I bought Certified pre-owned Lexus ES350 - 2007 model w/Nav has 23000 miles. Comes with 3yr/100k miles bumper to bumper coverage from Lexus. The dealer is trying to sell extended warranty for $2500 which will cover 6yrs/125k miles. Is it worth? any advice from existing Lexus 350 owners will be great.
  • 11oops11oops Member Posts: 2
    Well, on 4/11 I bought a CPO 2006 ES330 with 25000 miles and extended the CPO warranty to 6yrs, 100K on the odometer for $1,310. The actual price was $2,070 or so, but the salesman sold it at cost. All the 'at cost' prices were on a page towards the back of the warranty binder he had, so I'm sure this is commonly done by the dealerships when requested. That page was Lexus printed and as far as I could tell it was definitely part of the original binder and not just a cheat cheat of his.

    The extended CPO warranty is still bumper to bumper with all the original CPO warranty features, with the exception of roadside assistance (which is still good for 3 years). Also, you should note that your warranty wouldn't be for 6yr/125K, but rather for 6yr/102K since it goes by total odometer reading and not the milage you put on it.

    Since you already purchased the vehicle, it's probably too late to get the discounted rate -- I used it as an incentive to get me to purchase (even though I had already decided I wasn't walking out the door without that vehicle).
  • shakmshakm Member Posts: 3
    Thank you for the response. This is good information. I was not aware they could break the package (w/o roadside assistance). The dealer is asking $2500 for 6yrs/125k bumper to bumper coverage. Do you have Nav in your 2006 ES330? is the cost different for cars w/Navs?
  • 11oops11oops Member Posts: 2
    For the '06 the 6yr/125K advertised cost was $2,370 and the 'at cost' cost was roughly $1,500. Mine did have the Nav, and I didn't see all the pages he was flipping through, but I believe the warranty extension was listed only by year and model, and that features were not variables in the pricing structure.
  • sanishsanish Member Posts: 66
    As long as the car is within 4 years of first sale date, the pricing should be as follows per

    ES 350
    $0 deductible $50 deductible
    6 years/70,000 miles $1,375 $1,325
    7 years/75,000 miles $1,750 $1,700
    5 years/100,000 miles $1,625 $1,575
    6 years/100,000 miles $1,750 $1,700
    7 years/100,000 miles $2,025 $1,975

    The above pricing are MSRP or maximum one can pay but they are marked up 25-30%. You can get one at any dealership that can sell you for 30% less than MSRP.
  • shopsavyshopsavy Member Posts: 1
    ok, i've done some homework for my ES 350 (2007) platinum extended warranty; 7yr/100K, i called 5 dealerships btwn VA and NC and found every finance person to quote me a different rate (i guess depending on how much commission they felt like they wanted to make that day); i got quotes from $2225 - $1775---my understanding is that as long as you are under 4yr/50K you are eligible to buy the warranty and it doesn't figure into the price, except if they want to use it as a marketing ploy---

    Here are my question:
    1. has anyone found a better price than 1775$ for the platinum, no deductible; if so, where and who do i talk to

    2. does anyone have real life experience w/ buying a platinum plan on line, are they legit and is a reputable company---you can suggest

    3. has anyone had anything go wrong w/ their ES 350 (2007 and above models) where they are happy they had the ext warranty???

    please advise, i am at 49,500; so i have to decide this week, savvy shopper
  • norman79norman79 Member Posts: 1
    Hi Shopsavy: What response did you get on ALL THE THREE of your important questions? I am also looking for a BOTTOM PRICED warranty and comfy with a dealership in Maryland, DC or northern VA so that I can knock on their door if I need them. I have 2007 ES 350 with only 11,000 miles. Thanks.
  • sanishsanish Member Posts: 66
    Lexus Platinum Program Suggested Retail Pricing [2]

    ES 350
    $0 deductible $50 deductible
    6 years/70,000 miles
    $1,375 $1,325
    7 years/75,000 miles
    $1,750 $1,700
    5 years/100,000 miles
    $1,625 $1,575
    6 years/100,000 miles
    $1,750 $1,700
    7 years/100,000 miles
    $2,025 $1,975

    Dealer mark 30-35%.....
  • garsarnogarsarno Member Posts: 72
    Just paid $1,290 for the zero deductible 7 year / 75,000 miles Platinum warranty that had a MSRP of $1750. Added to my off lease purchase of our '07 ES350 Ultra with 30,550 miles.
  • gangesganges Member Posts: 2
    Interested in Extended Warranty for Lexus 350, 2009 model without Navigation system. Patinum 7yr/75000 miles offered by Lexus/Toyota dealers with 0 dollars deductible with MSRP of $ being bought for $1250. Sanish Feb.16,2009 and for $1290. garsano Oct.14,2009.Is it possible for sanish or garsano to provide Dealers name and phone number for me to contact?Any help is well appreciated. ganges
  • gluckgluck Member Posts: 23
    shopsavy: I am at 47,900 and the same thing is bothering me. I am split on the warranty part. No issues with the car but the electronics because of pus button etc. is pretty expensive. I heard lexus/toyota techs are the only ones who fix the electronics in these cars even if you go with a non dealer service station. The cheapest quote I got is $14XX for platinum 7yrs/100K. Google "warranty shack" - I think I can't give out the persons name. He sells both lexus and toyota warranty - cheapest quotes for sure.
  • sanishsanish Member Posts: 66
    Bell Lexus, Phoenix, Arizona
  • bill11783bill11783 Member Posts: 38
    I went to the the lexus page to enter info....however it only gives you the option to choose a Toyota ES350 on the drop down menu.
    There is also no phone number to contact a live person (very unusual....questionable business practice).

    Does anyone have any experience actually purchasing a warranty from these guys?
  • bill11783bill11783 Member Posts: 38
    Called them (Bell Lexus). They are the highest I have found. Charging MSRP! for there warranties (or at least the one I was looking into).
    I do not see any benefit in calling these guys (actually a gal who gave me the quote).
  • gluckgluck Member Posts: 23
    Google Toyota of Greenfield, Massachusetts and extended warranty. The guy's name is Txxx (can't name him) He has sold tons of people prius warranties. From what I have heard it is the exact original warranty from Lexus or Toyota. I spoke to him. He even told me to look up the warranty on Lexus Financial for details and get back to him for questions.
  • best_grandpabest_grandpa Member Posts: 5
    I bought Lexus 7 year 100,000 miles Platinum Zero deductible for my 07 ES 350 for
    $1,375.00 from Midwest Superstore in Hutchinson Kansas
    found out last month when I bought ford warranty for my Fusion they are a Ford and Toyota Dealer ship they gave me a good deal then so I called back and bought for my ES 350 Jerry is very nice to work with
  • bill11783bill11783 Member Posts: 38
    I also bought from Jerry (Midwest Superstore in Hutchinson Kansas). Process was quick and easy. Jerry is a very nice guy. He gave me the best price on a Platinum ($0 ded). 8 yr/100k warranty for my 2010 ES. Based on my positive experience....I would definately recommend giving Jerry a call.
  • msj09msj09 Member Posts: 32
    Well...HOW MUCH did he charge you?
  • bill11783bill11783 Member Posts: 38
    $1,665 for 8yr / 100k $0 ded. Platinum. Received confirmation from Lexus Financial ( via. USPS) last week.
  • mynuacctmynuacct Member Posts: 21
    I just signed off on an 07 ES 350. The finance manager told me that I can only buy the new car Lexus warranty through them and now reading through the forum I realize that $1875 for 7 yrs/100k is about $500 bucks more. Couple of questions to you guys -
    1. Does anybody have the actual costs for used car warranties to compare against new car warranties? e.g. in my case first 3.5 years of a new car warranty are already gone. I see the new car warranty prices on lexus financial website but it doesn't list proces for used car warranties.
    2. Can I only buy the new car warranty from the dealer when I am buying the car or can I buy it before the 4 years 50k (as I am the second owner) form any dealer.
    The vehicle in question has about $31k miles.
    Any links/references in this regard will be appreciated.
  • dketchamdketcham Member Posts: 13
    From reading the posts on extended warranties, it sounds like there are differences in the warranties for new Lexus versus used or CPO. Here is what my dealer quoted me Saturday on my new 2010 ES:
    6 years/70,000 miles $1635
    7 years/75,000 miles $1990
    8 years/75,000 miles $2120
    I didn't pursue it with him because I wasn't sure I wanted to buy the warranty right away. The dealer said I can buy a warranty anytime before my factory warranty runs out. I'm guessing these are the list prices. I wasn't aware that different dealerships sold the same warranties at reduced prices. Has anyone gotten new Lexus extended warranty prices within the past 90 days and if so, what were they and where was the dealership?
  • lei1lei1 Member Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    I need some advice. We just purchased a 2010 ES 350. We do have NAV. The dealer sold us the following:

    7 year / 100k Extended Warranty: 2,732

    5 year protection:
    Crystal Fusion (windshield) 1,056
    Ding Protection 1,129
    Paint protection 595

    Chip protection 1,396

    We are located in Washington State and plan to keep this car permanently. We did get 1.9% finance for 5 years but this all add's up.

    I'm not sure if I should keep all this or cancel... Any advice is appreciated!
  • ansjoeansjoe Member Posts: 8
    Bill - what price did you pay for this 2010 ES 350 8y/100k warranty; I am looking for exactly the same.
  • ansjoeansjoe Member Posts: 8
    edited October 2010
    Just for fun:

    See equation below:
    ax^i + by^j = z

    where z=estimated quote for extended warranty
    x= # of years of coverage needed
    y= # of miles (in thousands) of coverage needed (125 for 125,000 miles)
    a= 4.025
    ^=to the power of (i.e.: for 8 years it will be 8 raised to the power of 2.553)

    Take a calculator and do the math above for your coverage
    if your dealer quotes you less than z then take it, else negotiate.

    Hope this helps.
  • lt1234lt1234 Member Posts: 1
    you have to puy it before the 50,000 and the four year. i just got mine for 08 es350 7 years 100K fr 1375 from Jerry
  • ryan_houstonryan_houston Member Posts: 1
    How did you determine the below variables?

    a= 4.025
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